Self-Worth and Relationships

Self-Worth and Relationships


How you feel about yourself, and the confidence you have in who you are, directly reflect the people that you attract. If you’re settling for less in your relationships and he or she does not treat you with respect, you need to take an in-depth look at why you allow this treatment in your life. Looking within isn’t always easy, hell, I hate doing it for myself. But it is one of the most rewarding things you can do for yourself, and doing so will have a profound effect on many different areas of your life.

Are your relationships serving you?

Your relationships should leave you feeling loved, energized, and fulfilled! Everyone has arguments and disagreements, but overall, your connections should fill you with positive feelings, not negative ones. And sometimes it’s just time to let go of a relationship that’s not serving your highest self.

How is your identity?

Having a strong identity, and having confidence in that identity, will help you avoid relationships that aren’t good for you, such as those with people who would not treat you the best, are co-dependent or are addicted. Having strong self-worth will attract those to you who also share this confidence. Strong self-worth will help you create and maintain healthy boundaries, trust levels, and balance in your relationships.
Being in a relationship with someone who doesn’t know their value can be frustrating. They may always look to you for evidence of their self-worth, and they may be naturally co-dependent.

Build self-worth

If you are building up your self-worth, it’s important to steer clear of negative personality types, as you are vulnerable. Your self-worth, in the beginning, is a house of cards that can come down at any moment if given the right (wrong) circumstances. It pays to guard your burgeoning self-worth as if you would anything else you greatly value.

Right now, you may be used to being treated badly. If that’s the case – don’t despair! Getting out of your comfortable, but negative, headspace is simply changing habits to replace negative with positive. Coming to realize that you are worth being treated with respect, dignity, and admiration can be somewhat frightening at first…but once you see that it’s true, it will be truly liberating for you, personally, and in your relationships.

The worst possible thing you can do is stay in an unhappy relationship that gives you less than you truly deserve. Deep down, you know you can have better, healthier relationships – so never settle for less!

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