Self-Love: Improve Your Relationship With Yourself

Self-Love: Improve Your Relationship With Yourself


Do you practice self-love? We often neglect ourselves. I usually find myself so caught up in this whirlwind called living that I forget to consider myself & what I need. As it seems, there is always so much to do; you have to care for the family, call your friends, care for the pets, run thousands of errands for your boss at work, help out colleagues ‘who should have known better,’ it can be overwhelming. In the end, there is no time left, and we begin the same process the next day from the moment our feet hit the ground.

I always try to take a break to reassess my decisions and to think about myself. Am I struggling too hard to paint a beautiful picture on the outside while neglecting how I truly feel inside? I once read a book about self-love and I realized that when the background noise fades away, all I will have left is me.

Waiting for someone else to show me love and attention may be too long a time to wait. I should start tending to my needs and innermost desires. This is what I did, and the results have been magical. So let me share some of the tips that have worked so well for me on this path to self-love and self-appreciation.

Take good care of your body

The truth is we know some of the right things to do, but many people don’t care. I can confirm that a lot of satisfaction comes from consciously making an effort to take good care of your body. Go for a medical check-up, eat healthy foods and exercise often. When you feel good and healthy, you will feel better from the inside.

Don’t be too hard on yourself

Give yourself a break, we all make mistakes. What you can do is prevent those mistakes from happening again. It is possible that you have allowed your mind to reach a level where you have no respect or regard for yourself anymore because of past mistakes. Hence you try to punish yourself by pushing too hard. It is time to let go and love yourself.

Accept who you are

Maybe you love comedies when everyone seems to avoid them, or you do things in a certain way that seems different from every other person. It is who you are so you have to accept it, and if these actions have been negatively influencing your life, after accepting them as flaws, you can start making a change.

Find time to be alone

When you spend time alone, you can enjoy a rare time to have some self-reflection. Think about your life, is there anything you would like to change or add? Set goals, in my case, I set vacation goals. I identify a nice place to visit, and I start planning for the trip. It feels so wonderful when I achieve these goals; you should try something similar.

Overall, you need to appreciate your achievements and continue your efforts to achieve more things. Love yourself, get rid of bad habits and practice more good habits.

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