Is there someone in you wish would just go away? An ex-spouse, co-worker, mother-in-law? This little diddy always works – but be careful how much negative energy you put into it as the person could go away – but die along the way.

Rip up a picture of the person you want to go away over a toliet – imagining that person leaving you alone with no harm done to them. If you do not have a picture – then write down their full name and birthday (if known, if not an approx. age will do) on a piece of paper, and rip the paper up.

After the ripped picture is in the toliet, do your business in the toliet (a good pee will suffice, but if you have the need to do both – by all means go for it).

Tidy up and flush.

As the toliet’s contents are flushing away, wave “bye” and say, “See ya (insert name)”.

Problem solved.

But again – a word of warning – do not put too much malice into the person going away as they could die as a way of leaving — and karma will find it’s way back to you.

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