Screenwriting & Filmmaking Inspiration

Screenwriting & Filmmaking Inspiration

Screenrwriting Filmmaking

Screenwriting – do you live and breathe it? Do you have a story that you need to get out of your head?  Is becoming a paid screenwriter part of your dream?

Maybe you wat creative control over your vision and want to write & direct films?

Either way, there are over 400 links below to screenwriting and filmmaking advice to help guide you along on your  Hollywood or Independant film career.

The Script Magic links below are from my IG account: where I also post Story Prompts & Book Marketing Tips.

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Screenwriting & Filmmaking Links

Script Magic #57
Check out “Anatomy of a Script” on YouTube from the Writers Guild Foundation.

Script Magic #59
Scripts & Scribes: where storytellers share their voices.

Script Magic #66
Check out MovieBytes for screenwriting contests and markets:

Script Magic #73
“Don’t Write Like A Girl!”

Script Magic #82
Check out “Screenwriting Tutorials” for video lessons on screenwriting.

Script Magic #142
Want to write for TV or a web series? Check out Larry Brody’s for tips and online classes/contests.

Script Magic #143
The Inside Pitch: A forum for screenwriters, filmmakers & creative types to ask and answer questions and exchange ideas and information about the craft & business of movie making.

Script Magic #144
“Nobody Wants To Read Your Sh*t!”

Script Magic #145
Official screenwriting blog of the Black List:
Offers insight into developing the craft of screenwriting alongside highlighting events and professional advice that will help scriptwriters get their screenplay picked up.

Script Magic #146
Stage 32: the world’s largest social network and educational hub for film, television & theater creatives.

Script Magic #147
Roadmap Writers
Equipping screenwriters with the tools and training needed to take their projects to the next level.

Script Magic #148
Inside the Actors Studio
Understanding stars, one episode at a time.

Script Magic #149
Screenwriting Advice, in Six Seconds or Less

Script Magic #150
SimplyScripts: The premier resource for scripts, screenplays, and transcripts on the net.

Script Magic #151
RawScripts: Free, online screenwriting software. Screenplays are private, secure, and accessible from any computer.

Script Magic #152
Zoetrope: a global creative community, hosting workshops where writers, filmmakers, and other artists share their work and improve their craft. (relaunched 2016 to include short films)

Script Magic #153
Seventh Sanctum: a source for random generators of ideas, from story concepts to science fiction weapons to incredibly silly spells.

Script Magic #154
Internet Movie Firearms: when you need the right gun for your character’s job.

Script Magic #157
Real-time screenplay collaboration online with WriterDuet:

Script Magic #158
Learn how to write a pilot episode for TV or web series (it’s FREE starts Aug 1st):

Script Magic #159
The 3 Key Psychological Hooks to Creating Compelling Characters:

Script Magic #160
How to Use These 7 Pixar Story Hacks On Your Screenplay:

Script Magic #161
Need a poisonous plant for your story?

Script Magic #162
Act One: The Set-Up

Script Magic #163
Aaron Sorkin on writing dialogue:

Script Magic #164
Confessions of a Screenplay Contest Reader:

Script Magic #165
Need an Expert? FYI Listings:

Script Magic #166

Script Magic #167
Act Two Midpoint:

Script Magic #168
The Internet Movie Script Database

Script Magic #169
ScriptShadow: Reviewing the Latest Scripts in Hollywood

Script Magic #170
John Cleese on Creativity

Script Magic #171
Script Competition For Women-Centric Content!featuring-women-initiative/bbld6

Script Magic #172
How To Be a Fan Of Your Own Work

Script Magic #173
Ten Things TO DO When You Get Your First Writing Deal

Script Magic #174
8 Qualities That Make an Average Screenwriter Great

Script Magic #175
Tweak Your Writing Music To The Right Frequency

Script Magic #176
Six Basic Emotional Arcs of Storytelling

Script Magic #177
The Legend of J.K. Rowling
(never give up)

Script Magic #178
First Draft: 11 Ways Screenwriters Can Avoid Annoying Their Contacts

Script Magic #179
Need your character to hack into a cell phone account?

Script Magic #180
7 Tips for Creating Unforgettable Villains

Script Magic #181
Screenwriters Share Their Top Tips for Career Success

Script Magic #182
48 Hours of Joseph Campbell Lectures Free Online: The Power of Myth & Storytelling

Script Magic #183
(at 1st glance the site might not look like something to bookmark – but trust me – bookmark it)

Script Magic #184
David Lowery On ‘Pete’s Dragon’: How a Microbudget Filmmaker Became Disney’s Secret Weapon

Script Magic #185
Your Screenplay’s True Hero? The Opening Scene.

Script Magic #186
10 Ways To Kill Your Writing Career DEAD (And 3 Great Clues To Improving Your Chances)

Script Magic #187
The 10 Best Places to Find Your Favorite Screenplays Online

Script Magic #188
Need NASA research results for your screenplay?

Script Magic #189
13 Things New Filmmakers Should Consider But Rarely Do

Script Magic #190
Five Tips to Make Your Story Shine Through

Script Magic #191
Are all creative people insane?

Script Magic #192
When truth becomes stranger than fiction.

Script Magic #193
Bootleg Universe Short Script and Story Contest
September 5: Early Deadline
October 1: Final Deadline

Script Magic #194
Mike Birbiglia’s 6 Tips for Making It Small in Hollywood. Or Anywhere.

Script Magic #195
Short of sitting at a bar with two talkative screenwriters, the Scriptnotes Podcast is the next best thing.

Script Magic #196
31 Must-Read Screenwriting Lessons From The Twilight Zone Creator Rod Serling

Script Magic #197
Seizure, Midnight Express, and Platoon: An Excerpt from The Oliver Stone Experience

Script Magic #198
Why Research Matters

Script Magic #199
Wave Of The Future? How A Smart Computer Is Helping To Craft A Horror Film

Script Magic #200
Anatomy of a Scene: Using the “Rule of Three” in Action Sequences

Script Magic #201
IndieWire: The Voice of Creative Independence

Script Magic #202
Film Riot: a how-to trip through filmmaking from the mind of Ryan Connolly.

Script Magic #203
John August
(you’re welcome screenwriters)

Script Magic #204
Philip Bloom
Kick ass maker of short films, documentaries, adverts, and much more.

Script Magic #205
Watch: David Fincher Shows How to Create the Ideal Plot Twist

Script Magic #206
GETTING FEEDBACK: The Amazing Power of the Live Read

Script Magic #207
Aaron Sorkin teaches screenwriting:

Script Magic #208
How to write a successful screenplay: Five things to consider before you even begin

Script Magic #209
Read Scripts for the 2016 Emmy-Nominated Shows

Script Magic #210
PAGE International Screenwriting Awards
“to discover the most exciting new scripts by up-and-coming writers from across the country and around the world.”


Script Magic #214

Script Magic #215
Jeff Nichols Screenwriting Process

Script Magic #216
I took Aaron Sorkin’s Masterclass – here’s my cliff’s notes

Script Magic #217
High Concept Could Make You Rich

Script Magic #218
15 Things Wrong With Your Short Film

Script Magic #219
The Best Female Characters Come From Books

Script Magic #220
5 things to learn from the Seinfeld TV spec script that went viral

Script Magic #221
10 Films That Really Nail Story Structure

Script Magic #222
How a Ugandan director is making great action movies on $200 budgets

Script Magic #223
Hollywood Screenwriters Share Their Best Writing Tips

Script Magic #224
Best Screenwriting Tips for Great Dialogue

Script Magic #225
Screenwriting 101: Top 10 No-Budget Screenwriting Techniques

Script Magic #226
Nick Hornby Screenwriters Lecture

Script Magic #227
“Queen of Katwe’s” William Wheeler on the pressure of scripting stories about real people and how he connected with a culture far from his own.

Script Magic #228
How to Write a Screenplay with HEART

Script Magic #229
‘American Psycho’ Screenwriter Guinevere Turner Wants You to Write the Worst Scene Ever Written

Script Magic #230
STORY DEVELOPMENT: The Emotional Glue That Binds Us to Story

Script Magic #231
Why It Took ‘The Girl on The Train’ Screenwriter Erin Cressida Wilson 30 Years To Break Through In Hollywood — Girl Talk

Script Magic #232
Top Hollywood Screenwriter Salaries Rival Studio Chiefs

Script Magic #233
WRITERS ON WRITING: The Script Sale – How The Hell Did You Guys Do It?

Script Magic #234
First Draft: Revealing The Wounds of Your Screenplay’s Hero

Script Magic #235
SCRIPT HACKS: 3 Kick-Ass Methods To Fix A Broken Screenplay Scene

Script Magic #236
Darren Aronofsky on His Private Writing Process, Fighting Financiers and His Mysterious New Film

Script Magic #237
Public Domain ~ Free Media for Creative Projects | Pond5

Script Magic #238
WGA West President Howard A. Rodman on How Hollywood Really Works – Script Magazine

Script Magic #239
A Writer and Three Script Editors Walk Into a Bar

Script Magic #240
Pitch Scripts to Hollywood w/Guaranteed Access

Script Magic #241
Max Landis, The Most Opinionated Screenwriter In Hollywood, Turns To TV

Script Magic #242
How I wrote the script for Groundhog Day in less than a week

Script Magic #243
STORY BROADS: 6 Things I Learned When I Found My Screenwriting Community

Script Magic #244
Sell A Movie To Netflix

Script Magic #245
Chris Sparling, Anne Rapp, and Cindy McCreery Talk Writing For Hollywood Outside of Hollywood

Script Magic #246
Screenplays from top films. –

Script Magic #247
Writing Successful Query Letters

Script Magic #248
From ‘Babadook’ to ‘Raw’: The Rise of the Modern Female Horror Filmmaker

Script Magic #249
BloodList 2016 — The Best Unproduced Dark Genre Screenplays, Pilots, and Shorts

Script Magic #250
How a writer’s first film script inspired Idris Elba to become its star

Script Magic #251
Sony Pictures Classics just made its FYC scripts available on its website.

Script Magic #252
An Opening Scene Is The Hero That Your Screenplay Deserves

Script Magic #253
Shane Black on His Writing Process, Iron Man 3, and Predator

Script Magic #254
Check Out The Pilot Checkride

Script Magic #255
ScriptMag Expert Series: Essential Tips on Story Structure from the Writer of Die Hard 2
(Nov 16, 2016)

Script Magic #256
AFM: Why Female-Centric Films Outnumber Male-Skewing Action Movies

Script Magic #257
The Business of Screenwriting: Celebrate your victories

Script Magic #258
How I Wrote Arrival (and What I Learned Doing It)

Script Magic #259
What Can You Learn From Reading Classic Screenplays

Script Magic #260
8 Famous Screenplays That Were Rejected – Part 1

Script Magic #261
8 Famous Screenplays That Were Rejected – Part 2

Script Magic #262
SITCOM SUCCESS: Create Your Beat-by-Beat Outline

Script Magic #263
J.K. Rowling – Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: The Original Screenplay

Script Magic #264
ScreenCraft’s Screenwriting Fellowships
January 15: Final Deadline

Script Magic #265
“Suddenly the World’s Wider, More Exciting, More Engaging”: Criterion’s Peter Becker on the New FilmStruck and Criterion Channel Streaming Service

Script Magic #266
Charlie Kaufman BAFTA lecture

Script Magic #267
Indie Filmmaking Podcast

Script Magic #268
14 Screenwriters Writing

Script Magic #269
Writing a Screenplay: Using Structure to Develop Your Ideas

Script Magic #270
Adam Skelter shares his techniques on the art of story for screenwriters and novelists.

Script Magic #271
The Warren Beatty Study Guide

Script Magic #272
What is a Log Line?
Watch this video and find out!
(FaceBook wouldn’t let me shorten the URL)

Script Magic #273
5 Reasons Star Wars Is A Story Told From R2-D2’s Perspective

Script Magic #274
Centropolis Grabs ‘Scarletville’ Spec From First-Timer Jason Young

Script Magic #275
Subtext Speaks: How To Write Effective Movie Script Dialogue

Script Magic #276
5 Tech Tools Budding Screenwriters Should Invest In

Script Magic #277
‘Allied’ Screenwriter Steven Knight on Crafting His World War II Romance and the Rules of Hollywood

Script Magic #278
8 Animation Movie Scripts All Screenwriters Should Read

Script Magic #279
How Adaptive Studios Is Hacking “Development Hell” By Buying Abandoned Screenplays

Script Magic #280
SimplyScripts: 2016 – 2017 Oscar contenders for best Original Screenplay and best Adapted Screenplay

Script Magic #281
The Golden Age of the TV Bathroom

Script Magic #282
Writing Movies for the Chinese Box Office

Script Magic #283
David Mamet’s Three Magic Questions

Script Magic #284
THIS is how we read and analyze scripts!

Script Magic #285
Script to Novel: The 6 Biggest Hurdles to Turning Your Screenplay into a Book

Script Magic #286
We look at how HBO’s Westworld acts as an apt allegory for modern-day television

Script Magic #287
The Pitch Meeting

Script Magic #288
The Current State of the Spec Script Market

Script Magic #289
Write The Movie They Won’t Make: “Hell or High Water’s” Taylor Sheridan

Script Magic #290
Writer Roundtable: Tom Ford, Pedro Almodovar and 4 More on a Trump Movie, Dream Projects and When to Kill a Scene

Script Magic #291
Facebook to Start Paying for Original Shows

Script Magic #292
Oscar Shakeup: ‘Moonlight’ & ‘Loving’ Not Eligible For Original Screenplay, Placed In Adapted Script Category

Script Magic #293
What ‘Westworld’ Can Teach Us About Writers

Script Magic #294
These 4 Filmmakers Are Shattering Their Industry’s Gender Barriers

Script Magic #295
Is ‘Arrival’ the Best ‘First Contact’ Film Ever Made?

Script Magic #296
6 Tips From Popular Screenwriters

Script Magic #297
Scripted Originals Hit Record 455 in 2016, FX Study Finds

Script Magic #298
Train Yourself to Be Open to Ideas

Script Magic #299
Epic One-on-One with Literary Manager Scott Carr

Script Magic #300
The 10 Most Inventive Original Screenplays of 2016

Script Magic #301
11 Stages of a Master Screenplay

Script Magic #302
Things I’ve Learned: Paul Haggis

Script Magic #303
7 Reasons to Create a Web Series

Script Magic #304
Top 10 Value Festivals Every Filmmaker Needs to Know About

Script Magic #305
6 things every aspiring female filmmaker should know

Script Magic #305
Anatomy of a Scene: ‘Manchester by the Sea’
(scroll down for more scene videos)

Script Magic #306
5 Essential Types of Powerful Opening Scenes

Script Magic #307
Sundance’s Episodic Storytelling Lab

Script Magic #308
Screenfight at the OK Corral: Taylor Sheridan’s ‘Hell or High Water’

Script Magic #309
Communicating through Fiction: Tom Ford on Nocturnal Animals

Script Magic #310
How to Avoid Bloodshed When Writing a Script With a Partner

Script Magic #311
Apple said to be seriously pursuing Netflix-style scripted TV and movies

Script Magic #312
For Years, No One in Hollywood Wanted to Make La La Land

Script Magic #313
‘Hidden Figures’ scribe Allison Schroeder is used to being the only woman in the room

Script Magic #314
List of Grants for Women Filmmakers & Screenwriters

Script Magic #315
Motion Picture Production Guide 2017: 25 Resources to Get Your Film Made Faster, Cheaper, Better

Script Magic #316
Writing a Web Series — How to Grab Viewers and Keep Them Coming Back

Script Magic #317
ALTERNATE ROUTES: Write Like a Production Manager

Script Magic #318
Got Subtext? There’s Way More Going On When Movie Characters Drink Milk Than You Think

Script Magic #319
The Broken Projector
Vomit Draft 30: The Inside Pitch

Script Magic #320
Scriptspeaker: Reading scripts will never be the same.

Script Magic #321
Amazon’s Film Chief on Sundance Buying Plans, Rival Netflix and Apple’s Possible Movie Play

Script Magic #322
TV Writers, It’s Good to Be Different

Script Magic #323
Screenplays: Download 2017 Oscar Contenders + Over 150 Scripts

Script Magic #324
Moonlight’s Tarell Alvin McCraney on Writing the Original Source Material, Taking Inspiration From Myths, and Creating Heroes With Black Skin

Script Magic #325
Passion Projects Like La La Land Make for Great Stories, but Hollywood’s Not Yet Buying It

Script Magic #326
Watch a ‘Heat’ Script-to-Screen Comparison as Michael Mann Talks His New Cut of ‘Ali’

Script Magic #327
One-on-One with Screenwriter Marc Haimes

Script Magic #328
Inside the Spec Script Market with Agent David Boxerbaum

Script Magic #329
“Dive Deep and Flush Out Your Craft.” Patrick Massett and John Zinman on Gold

Script Magic #330
HBOAccess 2017 Writing Fellowship
Applications open March 1, 2017

Script Magic #331
How a Professional Cinematographer Breaks Down a Script

Script Magic #332
Hatching a Pilot

Script Magic #333
James Moran interview: do screenwriters get short shrift?

Script Magic #334
Time Out: Don’t Write Time Travel (Unless You Do It Right)

Script Magic #335
Virtual Reality Is Here to Stay and It Needs Screenwriters

Script Magic #336
Netflix and Amazon Offer Indie Filmmakers Hope (And Lots of Money)

Script Magic #337
6 Tips for Writing Better Dialogue

Script Magic #338
Oscars: 9 Writing Nominees on How Their Words Changed From Laptop to Big Screen

Script Magic #339
The Top 13 Screenwriting Contests To Enter In 2017

Script Magic #340
Writers Guild Award-Nominated Screenwriters Discuss Their ‘Worst Notes Ever’

Script Magic #341

Script Magic #342
Watch: How Aaron Sorkin’s Famous Dialogue Balances ‘Flash’ and ‘Substance’

Script Magic #343

Script Magic #344
Pixar offers free online lessons in storytelling via Khan Academy

Script Magic #345
The Q&A with 9 Oscar-Nominated Screenwriters

Script Magic #346
5 Ways to Bring Back the Romantic Comedy

Script Magic #347
The New Power of “Yes”: Who Actually Has Greenlight Authority at the Movie Studios

Script Magic #348
“Master of None” Co-Creator And “Parks and Rec” Writer Alan Yang On Breaking a Story

Script Magic #349
Top Ten Best Screenplays Ever Written

Script Magic #350
WGA Awards: ‘Moonlight’ & ‘Arrival’ Win Top Film Prizes; FX’s ‘Atlanta’ & ‘The Americans’ Lead TV – Complete Winners List

Script Magic #351
‘To the Bone’: How Marti Noxon Turned Her Anorexia Battles Into a $8 Million Netflix Buy — Sundance 2017

Script Magic #352
Oscar Winner Michael Arndt on Structure

Script Magic #353
The Business of Screenwriting: There’s a green light…

Script Magic #354
Selling My Indie Film | podcast ep08

Script Magic #355
Damien Chazelle’s Guide to Beginnings and Endings

Script Magic #356
What Do Moonlight’s Oscar Wins Mean For Aspiring Screenwriters?

Script Magic #357
The Writer of Hell or High Water Reveals Its Link to Sicario

Script Magic #358
Why Short Stories Make Great Movies

Script Magic #359
Keep ’Em on the Edge of Their Seats: For Lion Screenwriter Luke Davies, Movies Must be Visceral and Emotional

Script Magic #360
WGA Contract Talks Start Monday: Will Strike Threat Force Script Speed-ups – Again?

Script Magic #361
‘Godzilla vs. Kong’ Film Sets Writers Room (Exclusive)

Script Magic #362
Why China’s Screenwriters Are Thriving

Script Magic #363
It is easier than ever to fund an indie film, but harder than ever to get people to see it

Script Magic #364
Your Screenplay: The Sum or the Parts?

Script Magic #365

Script Magic #366
The ‘Jane Test,’ a New Way to Tell if Your Scripts Are Sexist

Script Magic #367
Wails from the Script, How Do You Write Sex Scenes?

Script Magic #368

Script Magic #369
Four Blogs That Will Improve Your Sci-Fi Screenplay

Script Magic #370
Screenwriting Masterclass: How to Write Strong, Hot Female Characters

Script Magic #371
ALTERNATE ROUTES: Becoming a Produced Screenwriter through Self-Distribution

Script Magic #372
15 Steps To Take After You Finish Your Script

Script Magic #373
What is Documentary Writing?

Script Magic #374
17 Must-Read Screenwriting Lessons from Stephen King

Script Magic #375
7 Studio Jobs That Give Screenwriters an Edge

Script Magic #376
How to Become a Screenwriter

Script Magic #377

Script Magic #378
How To Become A Writer For TV

Script Magic #379
Making A Short Film: 5 Tips For New Filmmakers

Script Magic #380
Improvising Screenplays: Three Stagnant Scene Types…and How to Make Them Flow

Script Magic #381
Creating Movie Characters That Jump Off The Page

Script Magic #382

Script Magic #383
Why The Women-Led Horror Anthology “XX” Is Coming Out At Exactly The Right Time

Script Magic #384
Things I’ve Learned as a Moviemaker: Paul Schrader

Script Magic #385
Top 5 Misconceptions Novice Screenwriters Have About Hollywood

Script Magic #386
You Had Us At Hello by Tess Morris
(podcast all about RomComs)

Script Magic #387
The Black List Hopes to Release Survey of TV Pilots for First Time Ever

Script Magic #388
“It feels really good to be recognized.” Winning the Nicholl Fellowship!

Script Magic #389
Script Tip: How to Write a Logline

Script Magic #390
Want to write for TV? Read as many pilots as you can, especially those in the same genre as the one you want to write.

Script Magic #391

Script Magic #392
Harry Shearer: Why My ‘Spinal Tap’ Lawsuit Affects All Creators

Script Magic #393
3 Secrets of Successful People that Work for Writers Too

Script Magic #394
Why Plot Holes Happen and How Screenwriters Can Avoid Them

Script Magic #395

Script Magic #396
How “Prison Break” Helped Wentworth Miller Break Into Screenwriting

Script Magic #397
Frank talk from four female directors on quotas, likability and the gender budget gap

Script Magic #398
Ask a Showrunner
Creators of top television series discuss their shows.

Script Magic #399
50 Quotes About Defiance Every Screenwriter Should Live By

Script Magic #400
Fix Your Pitch

Script Magic #401
Hollywood’s new blockbuster model, as explained by Fast & Furious action scenes

Script Magic #402
Daniel Pyne (Bosch showrunner) on Screenwriting

Script Magic #403
Oscar-Nominated Screenwriters Share Worst Studio Notes: ‘So Where Are the White People?’

Script Magic #404
The Off-Screen Podcast
Off-Screen is a screenplay review podcast. Tune in each week as we discuss the scripts that will become tomorrow’s movies.

Script Magic #405
Things I’ve Learned as a Moviemaker: Terry George

Script Magic #406
Future of Storytelling
Reinventing the way stories are told.

Script Magic #407
Is Your Screenwriting Career a Dream or Goal?

Script Magic #408
Blurbs and Loglines and Synopses… Oh My!

Script Magic #409

Script Magic #410
NASA Wants You To Direct A Short Film Using Their Space Footage

Script Magic #411
Breaking through ‘The Wall’

Script Magic #412
Making Your Protagonist the Antagonist: Robert Siegel on The Founder

Script Magic #413
Writer’s Bone – Episode 184: Screenwriter William C. Martell

Script Magic #414
Does Netflix Need Movie Theaters?

Script Magic #415
The Best Way to Follow Your Dreams Is by Keeping Your Day Job

Script Magic #416
Infographic: What You Need to Know About Women in Hollywood in 2017

Script Magic #417
How Amazon and Ted Hope Are Trying to Bring Back the ’90s Indie Film Boom

Script Magic #418

Script Magic #419
“Tell the Story Through Jokes.” Chris Spain & Jon Zack reveal How to Be a Latin Lover

Script Magic #420
It’s Not Prestige, It’s Just TV

Script Magic #421
Warner Bros. is Seeking New Writers

Script Magic #422
Let Kubrick and Aronofsky Tell You When (and How) to Break the 180° Rule

Script Magic #423
How A24 is Disrupting Hollywood

Script Magic #424
Wes Anderson’s Style: Watch 10 Iconic Movies That Influenced Him

Script Magic #425
HOLLYWOOD IS SCREWED – But Don’t Blame the Internet, Blame the Stupidity of the Studios

Script Magic #426
Things I’ve Learned as a Moviemaker: James Gunn

Script Magic #427
Scripts & Scribes Podcast: Trevor Engelson

Script Magic #428
Examining the Loglines of the Top 20 RoI (Return-on-Investment) Movies

Script Magic #429
Women Face Long Odds at U.S. Film Festivals, Study Finds

Script Magic #430
‘Show me the money!’: the self-published authors being snapped up by Hollywood

Script Magic #431
The 15 Best Science Fiction and Fantasy Noir Films

Script Magic #432
Want to Be Creative on Purpose? Schedule It

Script Magic #433
The Woman Behind ‘Wonder Woman’

Script Magic #434
‘The Leftovers’ Is the Best Show on Television Because It’s Breaking the First Rule of Storytelling

Script Magic #435

Script Magic #436
Facebook to Pay as Much as $250,000 Per Episode for Originals

Script Magic #437
Original ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Screenwriter on How a Budget Crisis Changed the Villains

Script Magic #438
How ‘Twin Peaks’ Changed TV Forever, from ‘The X-Files’ to ‘Breaking Bad’

Script Magic #439
Get Summer Schooled with Free Online Film Courses from Top Universities

Script Magic #440
Every Screenwriter Should Think About Two Careers

Script Magic #441
Drama Actress Roundtable: Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon on “Rage, Sorrow, Grief” and Sexism in Hollywood

Script Magic #442
Everything Screenwriters Need to Know About Agents and Managers

Script Magic #443
Should Screenwriters Adapt Their Own Screenplays Into Novels?

Script Magic #444
Scene-Writing Discussion with Jim Mercurio

Script Magic #445
Anatomy of a Scene: How to Write a Satisfying Third Act

Script Magic #446
8 Movies Aspiring Screenwriters Should Watch When Studying Character Development

Script Magic #447
How to Adapt the Impossible

Script Magic #448
WRITERS ON THE VERGE: The Simple Things Every Writer Should Know

Script Magic #449
Should Screenwriters Write “Omnisciently”?

Script Magic #450
10 TV Writers to Watch in 2017

Script Magic #451
Top 5 mistakes beginning screenwriters make on their first screenplays…

Script Magic #452
Script Angel: Characters Under Stress

Script Magic #453
David Mamet Reveals Why Movies Don’t Need Dialogue and More No-Nonsense Screenwriting Lessons

Script Magic #454
Why Screenwriters Should Embrace The Heroine’s Journey

Script Magic #455
4 Things Pixar Always Does to Create Memorable Characters

Script Magic #456
‘Rough Night’: How Two Screenwriters Broke Boundaries to Make an R-Rated Female-Centric Comedy

Script Magic #457
Writing a character sacrifice that works

Script Magic #458
Facebook Is Going Hollywood, Seeking Scripted TV Programming

Script Magic #459
Ten Tips To Come Up With Better Movie Ideas

Script Magic #460
Top 10 TED Talks on Storytelling and Filmmaking

Script Magic #461
Attention, Filmmakers: Mark and Jay Duplass Want to Produce Your Movie (And Give You Money)

Script Magic #462

Script Magic #463
How ‘Inside Out’ Teaches Screenwriters the Trick to Writing A Personal Script

Script Magic #464
Why Every Screenwriter Should Embrace “Less Is More”

Script Magic #465|PEOPLE’S PILOT 2017

Script Magic #466
5 Things They Don’t Tell You About Being a First-Time Director

Script Magic #467
7 Reasons Why “Writer’s Block” is BS

Script Magic #468
Six Types of Characters Audiences Love

Script Magic #469
Oscar-Nominated Tony Gilroy’s 7 Guidelines to Writing an Original Screenplay

Script Magic #470
‘Valerian’: How Luc Besson Made a $180 Million Indie That Can’t Fail

Script Magic #471
Screenplay Writing Explained In 7 Infographics

Script Magic #472
Ten Common Screenwriting Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Script Magic #473
The Writers Store in Burbank is Closing – What it Means for Screenwriters

Script Magic #473
Once Upon a Pair of Wheels

Script Magic #474
Hollywood Has a Bad-Movie Problem

Script Magic #475
How to Cut the Fat from Your Screenplays

Script Magic #476
Judd Apatow Explains How Streaming Changes the Way Filmmakers Think

Script Magic #477
Top 5 Things Studio Script Readers Really Want

Script Magic #478
The Director Of Nice Guys Tells You How To Write A Hit Screenplay

Script Magic #479
99 Archetypes and Stock Characters Screenwriters Can Mold

Script Magic #480
Shane Black Interview; Legendary Writer/Director Talks about ‘The Predator’, ‘Iron Man 3’, and Much More

Script Magic #481
10 Screenwriting Secrets from Charlie Kaufman

Script Magic #482
From Script to Screen – The Joker Crashes Bruce Wayne’s Penthouse Party

Script Magic #483
Spec Script Deals: Mid-2017 Report

Script Magic #484
Automatic Movie Script Treatment Generator

Script Magic #485
TV WRITING: Your First Years In The Writers Room

Script Magic #486
Starting a Writing Career? Here are Some Things You Need to Know.

Script Magic #487
What Are Your Real Chances of Screenwriting Success?

Script Magic #488
What Are Your Protected Rights as a Screenwriter?

Script Magic #489
“Mad Men” Creator Matthew Weiner’s Reassuring Life Advice For Struggling Artists.

Script Magic #490
‘Toy Story’ Had An Unwatchable Script Until Joss Whedon Saved It.

Script Magic #491
GAME PLAN: Making The Move To Los Angeles As A Writer.

Script Magic #492
4 Things That Should Never Go in a Spec Script

Script Magic #493
Screenwriting Books You Need to Read – Top Ten List

Script Magic #494
People’s Pilot Contest
Enter your pilot & get FREE feedback.

Script Magic #495
Dunkirk vs. Saving Private Ryan: What is Your Screenplay About?

Script Magic #496
Violent femmes: Atomic Blonde and Hollywood’s new wave of killer women

Script Magic #497
Steven Soderbergh Is Back to Destroy Hollywood

Script Magic #498
Small screen, big ideas: the new wave of narrative TV gimmicks

Script Magic #499
8 Ways Hollywood Writers Can Blow It With Their Agents or Managers

Script Magic #500
7 Apps That Help Deal with Distractions
(so you can write that damn script)

Script Magic #501
Defeat Writer’s Block with These 16 Tips

Script Magic #502
Box office massacre: how Hollywood flopped this summer

Script Magic #503
Facebook Introduces Video Platform and 30-Plus Shows

Script Magic #504
Your Talent Isn’t Defined by the Budget

Script Magic #505
2017 Black List/WIF Episodic Lab for Women Writers: Lab Info & Guidelines

Script Magic #506
Perfecting the Pitch

Script Magic #507
Robert Rodriguez Will Give You $7,000 to Shoot a Feature in 14 Days

Script Magic #508
STORY BROADS: How to Write a Romantic Comedy When You Hate Rom-Coms, Part 1

Script Magic #509
Have a script suitable for international production? The People’s Pilot 2017 Writing Contest has a prize for that.

Script Magic #510
“Don’t be an asshole”: writing advice from the best TV writer you’ve never heard of

Script Magic #511
The Silence of the Lambs: discover screenwriter Ted Tally’s key scenes (part one)

Script Magic #512
10 Screenwriters Who Broke In Late

Script Magic #513
8 Character Development Exercises to Help You Nail Your Character

Script Magic #514
Seven Keys to Writing Historical Fiction From the Screenwriter of Pilgrimage

Script Magic #515
Toronto Film Festival: 7 screenwriting tips from Aaron Sorkin

Script Magic #516
Kelly Jo Brick: Mastering the TV Writing Meeting

Script Magic #517
10 Awesome Tales of Screenwriting Determination

Script Magic #518
“Boyhood” Director Richard Linklater Shares His Keys To Great Storytelling

Script Magic #519
Charlie Kaufman: the 21st century’s ‘mad genius of cinema’

Script Magic #520
Film executives weigh the pros and cons of selling to Netflix versus Amazon

Script Magic #521
Daniel Thomsen’s Approach to TV Writing Success – Part 1

Script Magic #522
Daniel Thomsen’s Approach to TV Writing Success – Part 2

Script Magic #523
Empire Podcast Mega Spoiler Special: Christopher McQuarrie

Script Magic #524
The Screenwriters’ Make-or-Break: Body of Work

Script Magic #525
It’s Essential For Screenwriters To Market Their Screenplays by Gary W. Goldstein

Script Magic #526
AUSTIN FILM FESTIVAL 101: Practical Networking Tips

Script Magic #527
PEOPLE’S PILOT wants to help you get the recognition you deserve. Enter now!

Script Magic #528
4 Steps to Being Your Own Hollywood Agent

Script Magic #529
7 Hollywood Gatekeepers on What They Look for in a Script

Script Magic #530
MINDHUNTER: Writing For David Fincher

Script Magic #531
How They Write a Script: Ernest Lehman

Script Magic #532
4 Writers on the Scripts That Helped Them Quit Their Day Jobs

Script Magic #533
Download the 2017 Awards Season Screenplays

Script Magic #534
How ‘I, Tonya’ screenwriter Steven Rogers reinvented himself by rehabilitating Tonya Harding

Script Magic #535
How to Work with Hollywood: Crossing the Chasm from Book to Film

Script Magic #536
Sitcoms could be better

Script Magic #537
Cracking the High Concept Code

Script Magic #538
How ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ screenwriter (and former pizza guy) Eric Pearson became Marvel’s go-to script doctor

Script Magic #539
Did You Know that ‘Smilf’ Started as a Short Film?

Script Magic #540
BREAKING & ENTERING: I Want To Taste Your Logline

Script Magic #541
BREAKING & ENTERING: I Want To Taste Your Logline 2 – Still Hungry

Script Magic #542
The Reality of Conversations

Script Magic #543
Three Achievable Networking Goals Screenwriters Can Accomplish

Script Magic #544
Christopher Nolan’s ‘Dunkirk’: A Miracle of Deliverance, Within a Miracle of Delivery

Script Magic #545
10 Dialog Mistakes That Make You Look Like An Amateur

Script Magic #546
BUILDING A BRIDGE TO HOLLYWOOD: Story Development is Paramount

Script Magic #547
The Most Underrated Elements of Successful Screenplays

Script Magic #548
Script Classics: Writing a Great Third Act

Script Magic #549
#MeToo’s Impact on Hollywood Writers Rooms: “Maybe That’s a Joke I Can’t Say”

Script Magic #550
Which Hollywood Literary Management Company is Best For You?

Script Magic #551
Tweetstorm: Jeffrey Lieber on How a Pilot Script Works

Script Magic #552
TV Writing 101 – How Not to Write a Boring Script

Script Magic #553
How to Reveal Your Character’s Backstory Wound

Script Magic #554
Vince Gilligan On The Toughest Jams The ‘Breaking Bad’ Writers Put Walter White Into

Script Magic #555
R.I.P. for the spec script, long a source of some of Hollywood’s most beloved films

Script Magic #556
MoviePass Now Aims to Acquire Films With Distributors

Script Magic #557

Script Magic #558
PRODUCER’S POV: Writing a TV Series (Without Whining)

Script Magic #559
How I made it as a TV screenwriter, by ‘Doctor Who’ and ‘Queer As Folk’s Russell T Davies

Script Magic #560
A Bunch of TV Writers Are Building a Salary-Transparency Database

Script Magic #561
3 Things Screenwriters Must Consider When Writing Films For Global Audiences

Script Magic #562
How Christopher Nolan Develops Story Ideas

Script Magic #563
How to write a phone conversation in a screenplay.

Script Magic #564
Essentials of Having a Complex Antagonist

Script Magic #565
Broken Projector: The Answers to All Your Screenwriting Questions

Script Magic #566
2018 Best Original and Adapted Screenplay Nominees: The Scripts

Script Magic #567

Script Magic #568
What a Great Logline Looks Like: January 2018 Edition

Script Magic #569
In Place of Beautiful – Thoughts on Introducing Female Characters

Script Magic #570
‘Altered Carbon’ Creator Laeta Kalogridis: How I Made It in Hollywood

Script Magic #571
How to Avoid Endless Rewrites by Focusing on the Irony

Script Magic #572
The Screenwriter’s ABCs: An Alphabet of Screenwriting Advice

Script Magic #573
WHY SPEC SCRIPTS FAIL: The Mercedes Test for Your Spec Screenplay

Script Magic #574
The Disaster Artist and The Anti-Biopic

Script Magic #575
Five Things Star Wars Borrowed from American Graffiti

Script Magic #576
How to Navigate the Craft and Business Sides of Your Creative Pursuits

Script Magic #577
A Look Back at Screenwriter Interviews & Reviews of 2018 Oscar-Nominated Films + Download Screenplays from the 2018 Oscar-Nominated Screenwriters

Script Magic #578
Meet the writer from Easton who penned Clint Eastwood’s ‘The 15:17 to Paris’

Script Magic #579
5 Hacks for Writing a Killer Opening Scene

Script Magic #580
OPINION: Why Every Screenplay Needs Urgency

Script Magic #581
10 Best Oscar Speeches From Winning Screenwriters

Script Magic #582
Will Smith, Adam Sandler and How Sony Suffered Through the Collapse of the A-List Star (Book Excerpt)

Script Magic #583
Lessons from 2018 Oscar-nominated Screenwriters

Script Magic #584
Coffee & Content – 7 Tips From Screenwriters & How to Block a Scene

Script Magic #585
20 Little Things That Make Script Readers Hate Your Screenplay

Script Magic #586
British Female Writers Find Support After Urging Drama Commissioners To Order More Female-Penned Series

Script Magic #587
Screenwriters: Are your characters showing us or telling us their stories?

Script Magic #588
Greta Gerwig was rejected by every playwriting program she applied to — now she’s making Oscar history

Script Magic #589
‘I’d Never Seen My Fears as an African-American Man Onscreen’

Script Magic #590
STORY BROADS: Television Director Vanessa Parise on What it Takes to Make It

Script Magic #591
Top 10 Best Character Arcs in Film

Script Magic #592
Writing and Making Night Of The Living Dead

Script Magic #593
Unmasking a Killer with Todd Lindsey

Script Magic #594
ALT SCRIPT: The Screenwriter and Public Domain

Script Magic #595
42 Ways To Avoid Writing A Boring Screenplay

Script Magic #596
The Daily Routines of 12 Famous Writers

Script Magic #597
5 Ways Screenwriting is Like Exorcising a Demon

Script Magic #598
How to Write Better Characters

Script Magic #599
Personal writing coach app.

Script Magic #600
How Lucas, Spielberg & Kasdan Created ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’

Script Magic #601
Selling Screenplays When You Don’t Live in LA

Script Magic #602
Peggy Bechko: Creating Your Best Villain

Script Magic #603
How 50 Famous Female Characters Were Described In Their Screenplays

Script Magic #604
Writing Tips from the Screenwriters Who Wrote Your Favorite Shows

Script Magic #605
3 Storytelling Tips From “Breaking Bad” Creator Vince Gilligan

Script Magic #606
Why Won’t Anyone Read My Script!?

Script Magic #607
10 Things I Did To Land My First PAID Screenwriting Gig

Script Magic #608
Want Complex Female Characters? Put Them in Action

Script Magic #609
6 Essential Screenwriting Tips for Writing Better Movie Dialogue

Script Magic #610
How Writers Can Use the F-Word More Wisely

Script Magic #611
Reader Question: Who is the Nemesis in “character-driven” films?

Script Magic #612
How Does an Aspiring TV Writer Get Discovered by an Agent?

Script Magic #613
How To Write A Query Letter

Script Magic #614
How To Write Dialogue Between Two Characters: The Ultimate Theory Hack

Script Magic #615
19 Annoying As Hell Clichés About Romance That TV Shows And Movies Need To Stop

Script Magic #616
As ‘First Match’ Hits Netflix, Watch Six More Great Shorts That Became Famous Features

Script Magic #617
Optioning My TV Series From Outside of L.A.

Script Magic #618
Launching Your Writing Career, Part I: How to Find Representation

Script Magic #619
The 25 Best American Screenplays of the 21st Century, From ‘Eternal Sunshine’ to ‘Lady Bird’

Script Magic #620
Pitch Off With Christopher Lockhart

Script Magic #621
How the Writers of Avengers: Infinity War Made the Biggest Superhero Movie of All Time

Script Magic #622
Draft Zero (podcast): working out what makes screenplays work

Script Magic #623
Top Ten Debut Screenplays of The 21st Century

Script Magic #624
Why Your Screenwriting Has Been Rejected and How to Cope

Script Magic #625
Dos and Don’ts in Screenwriting: The Best of Meet the Reader

Script Magic #626
From Highly Acclaimed Network TV Series Writer to Web Series Creator…?

Script Magic #627
Exclusive Interview with A QUIET PLACE Screenwriters Scott Beck & Bryan Woods

Script Magic #628
How to Increase Your Screenplay’s Commercial Appeal

Script Magic #629
A Note to Screenwriters on Finding Their Story: “Comfort will kill you”

Script Magic #630
Writers unblocked? Happy music boosts imaginative thinking, say researchers

Script Magic #631
The Multitasker: How ‘Big Fish’ Writer John August Made Hollywood Work for Him

Script Magic #632
Hollywood & Vine Books: Helping proactive authors self-publish & bridges the gap between its authors and prominent entertainment professionals.

Script Magic #633
Showrunner Summit: 12 Top TV Players Sound Off on Political Storylines, Sex Scenes, and Pay Parity

Script Magic #634
How to Option a Book for Film Adaptation

Script Magic #635
Breaking Into Hollywood – Full Film Courage Interview with Thunder Levin (“Sharknado”)

Script Magic #636
Repetition Is The Key To Good Dialogue

Script Magic #637
Advice To Screenwriters About Selling The First Screenplay

Script Magic #638
10 Screenwriters on Screenwriting: Vol. 2

Script Magic #639
Why the Midway Point of a Screenplay is So Important

Script Magic #640
How to Sell Your First Script Without Really Trying: Telling Chappaquiddick‘s True Story Got My First Movie Made

Script Magic #641
Is Your Script Gender-Balanced? Try This Test

Script Magic #642
The Beat Sheet Calculator

Script Magic #643
What Paddy Chayefsky’s Notes on ‘Network’ Teach Us about ‘Parenting’ a Screenplay

Script Magic #644
Screenwriters Talk Shop: How to Get Audiences to Return for Part 2

Script Magic #645
The Writer Behind Netflix’s ‘GLOW’ Told Me Exactly How She Got Her Job

Script Magic #646
Screenwriting Advice From SOLO Director Ron Howard

Script Magic #647
Beginning Feature Film Writing – Writing to Shoot

Script Magic #648
BALLS OF STEEL: 5 Lessons on Getting Real with Your Writing Goals

Script Magic #649
How to Become a Screenwriter: A Conversation with Derek Weissbein

Script Magic #650
No-Budget Filmmaking: Rise of The Backyard Indie

Script Magic #651
How Marketable is Your Film Idea or Screenplay?

Script Magic #652
How to Edit: Editing Tips to Help you Sell your Script

Script Magic #653
How Screenwriters Can Work in the Film Business

Script Magic #654
Scribes on ‘Handmaid’s Tale,’ ‘Westworld’ and 12 More Shows Reveal Secrets From the Writers Room

Script Magic #655
‘Twin Peaks’: Mark Frost Takes Us Inside the Four-Year Process of Writing a 500-Page Script Over Skype With David Lynch

Script Magic #656
Character Evolution – Finding Your Character’s Wound

Script Magic #657
6 Screenwriting Lessons from Sofia Coppola, Paul Schrader and A24

Script Magic #658
How to Motivate Yourself to Write Every Day & 50 Tips for Filmmakers

Script Magic #659
Story Lessons from A QUIET PLACE Using the Nutshell Technique

Script Magic #660
What Makes an Action Scene Work?

Script Magic #661
Yes, Hollywood Is Still Buying Spec Scripts – Here’s What You Need to Know to Sell Yours

Script Magic #662
How to Pitch a TV Show to Netflix & Networks

Script Magic #663
Ten Ways Screenwriters Can Sidestep Writing for Free

Script Magic #664
6 Tips for Writing a Knockout Fight Scene

Script Magic #665
‘Sleepless In Seattle’ Hits 25: Producer Gary Foster Narrates Evolution From Spec Script To Seminal Romantic Comedy

Script Magic #666
5 Tips to Turn Your Script Into a High Concept Idea

Script Magic #667
Why Screenwriters Should Use A Point of No Return

Script Magic #668
9 Brilliant Lessons from David Mamet’s Writing Staff Memo

Script Magic #669
Screenwriter Terry Rossio: Ten Things TO DO When You Get Your First Writing Deal

Script Magic #670
How Game Night Broke Modern Comedy’s Rules to Win at the Box Office

Script Magic #671
11 Screenwriters Who Hated Their Own Movies

Script Magic #672
10 Best Screenwriting Podcasts for Savvy Screenwriters

Script Magic #673
Endings: The Good, the Bad, and the Insanely Great

Script Magic #674
YOUR TV GUIDE TO Networking Next Steps

Script Magic #675
Flipping the Script: How to Navigate the Ups and Downs of the Spec Script Market

Script Magic #676
7 Ways to Be a More Positive Screenwriter

Script Magic #677
25 Ways To Fuck With Your Characters

Script Magic #678
How Wattpad Is Rewriting the Rules of Hollywood

Script Magic #679
I’m a Showrunner’s Assistant—Here’s How I Broke Into the TV Industry

Script Magic #680
13 Steps to Making Your First Indie Pilot (On a Limited Budget)

Script Magic #681
How to Write a Screenplay with Diversity in Mind

Script Magic #682
How do the Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting readers judge a script?

Script Magic #683
“Comedy Is Heading into a Very Dangerous Place”: The Comedy Showrunners Roundtable

Script Magic #684
Conflict vs. Resolution: The Importance of Putting Your Characters Through Hell in Your Screenplay

Script Magic #685
Three Times I Failed And Succeeded Anyway

Script Magic #686
Gavin Polone on His Least Favorite Question: ‘No, I Will Not Do You a F—ing Favor’

Script Magic #687
UNDERSTANDING SCREENWRITING: Sometimes the Plot Twists Work, Sometimes They Don’t

Script Magic #688
Screenwriting Veteran Paul Schrader Discusses His Writing Process on Taxi Driver, Raging Bull & First Reformed

Script Magic #689
When Flashbacks Attack – Your Guide To Correct Use In Your Screenplay

Script Magic #690
Scientists uncover formula for box office movie success

Script Magic #691
21 Elements Your Screenplays Should NOT Have

Script Magic #692
From a Producer’s Perspective: How to Give and Take Notes

Script Magic #693
Script Ideas: 5 Proven Ways To Unlock Original Movie Ideas

Script Magic #694
Killing Eve: how my psycho killer was brought to life

Script Magic #695
Hollywood Doesn’t Make Movies Like The Fugitive Anymore

Script Magic #696
‘Atlanta’ Writer Sounds Off: Female Creator Label Suggests “Separate but Equal”

Script Magic #697
TV’s boom-and-bust cycle: why shows are hot … and then suddenly not

Script Magic #698
Peggy Bechko Outlines Her Thoughts On Outlines

Script Magic #699
Is This the End of the TV Writers’ Room as We Know It?

Script Magic #700
“David Duke Called Us Out By Name”: BlacKkKlansman Screenwriters Charlie Wachtel and David Rabinowitz

Script Magic #701
Inside the Short Filmmaking World: From Budget to Festival

Script Magic #702
7 Ways to Crack the Code of TV Writing, from Writers of ‘Transparent,’ ‘Six Feet Under,’ ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ and More

Script Magic #703
What Makes a “Strong” Female Character?

Script Magic #704
Lessons for the No-Budget Filmmaker
Inspirational Writing Advice from Charlie Kaufman

Script Magic #705
Keep It Short: Five Lessons For Crafting Short-Form Serialized Content (aka Web Series)

Script Magic #706
Mission Impossible – Fallout Empire Podcast Spoiler Special Ft. Christopher McQuarrie — Part 1

Script Magic #707
An archive of the work of television writer-producer Daniel Knauf

Script Magic #708
‘No Country for Old Men’: The Coen Brothers and Cormac McCarthy’s Ruthless Examination of Life

Script Magic #709

Script Magic #710
The filmmaker who shoots on laptops and mobiles instead of conventional cameras

Script Magic #711
Eric Heisserer: The Life Of A Screenwriter

Script Magic #712
Telling A True Story? Don’t Let The Facts Get In The Way!

Script Magic #713
Screenwriter POV: How I Met My Manager

Script Magic #714
Where has the romantic comedy gone? To Netflix

Script Magic #715
TRUE INDIE: How to Write When You Have No Free Time

Script Magic #716
The One Page Outline of Se7en

Script Magic #717
7 Things You Can Do Today to Be a Better Screenwriter Tomorrow

Script Magic #718
Screenwriter Expectations vs. Screenwriting Realities

Script Magic #719
Money and Marketing for Creatives: Tips from the Creative Distribution Master Class

Script Magic #720
Answering Basic Screenwriting Questions

Script Magic #721
As Talent Agencies Push to Own Content, Some Creators Cry Foul

Script Magic #722
Female Breakout ‘Captain Marvel’ Screenwriter Is Disrupting The Superheroine Trope

Script Magic #723
Between the Lines | ‘True Romance’
We take a look at two pivotal scenes to see how much was revised from an early draft of Quentin Tarantino’s screenplay.

Script Magic #724
Screenwriting program that works with Google Drive.
Free. Upgrade to Pro for $20/yr. Imports and exports .FDX (Final Draft) for those who wish to collaborate with someone who does not have FD.

Script Magic #725
3 strategies for getting hired in Hollywood from super-producer Charles King

Script Magic #726
SUCCESSION PART 2: How To Write Subtext In Your Dialogue

Script Magic #727
Why ‘Chinatown’ is Considered One of the Greatest Screenplays of All Time

Script Magic #728
Alex Garland on Screenwriting

Script Magic #729
Aaron Sorkin on How to Develop Characters

Script Magic #730
Writing a Dramatic Script: Five Key Techniques

Script Magic #731
The secret to worldbuilding? – More than just fantastic beasts

Script Magic #732
“Introduce Yourself As A Writer & Your Brand.” Sage Advice From Zimran Jacob, Netflix Showrunner’s Assistant On ‘The Punisher’ & ‘Narcos’

Script Magic #733
Ask a TV Talent Manager: Art/Work’s Spencer Robinson on How NOT to Pitch Scripts

Script Magic #734
Do Screenwriters Need To Copyright Protect Every Draft Of Their Screenplay?

Script Magic #735
Screenwriting Career Wisdom From Literary Manager Daniela Gonzalez

Script Magic #736
7 Things Screenwriters Need to Do Before Typing a Single Word

Script Magic #737
If You Want To Write A Screenplay, Don’t Start Writing A Screenplay

Script Magic #738
‘Halloween’ at 40: Their ‘Horrible Idea’ Became a Horror Classic

Script Magic #739

Script Magic #740
Producer Adam Fratto’s Advice To Screenwriters: “No Cowardly Storytelling.”

Script Magic #741
10 Reasons You Should Be Writing 10-Minute Plays

Script Magic #742
3 [Frightening] Writing Fails to Avoid in a Horror Script

Script Magic #743
3 Ways to Create a Stellar Antagonist, Villain, or Nemesis

Script Magic #744
5 Simple Ways to Milk an Intellectual Property

Script Magic #745
Revealing Your Hero’s Wound

Script Magic #746
How ‘Sharknado’ Went From AFM Pitch Session to Global Sensation

Script Magic #747
Can you write a great script?

Script Magic #748
“Don’t Write Scripts, Write Movies” Says Manager Scott Carr

Script Magic #749
‘The Good Place’ Writers Are Getting Actual Forking Philosophy Lessons

Script Magic #750
It’s about EMOTION

Script Magic #751
12 Free ‘Go Into The Story’ eBooks

Script Magic #752
Making a TV Series 1: A Complete Moonshot

Script Magic #753
Moneyball for Movies: Market Research for Screenwriters

Script Magic #754
How Your Brain Can Predict Blockbusters

Script Magic #755
How They Write A Script: Walter Hill

Script Magic #756
Die Hard Owes Its Existence To A Crazy Car Accident, According To The Screenwriter

Script Magic #757
Update: 2018 Award Season Screenplay Downloads — 8 New Scripts, 17 Total!

Script Magic #758
Why do so many animated films have great stories? One secret: storyboarding.

Script Magic #759
For Harvard neurologist, words lead to ‘action!’

Script Magic #760
Debra Granik: ‘It is dangerous to tell a story with no villain’

Script Magic #761
Screenwriters in their own words: The stories behind the stories of ‘Black Panther,’ ‘Tully’ and more

Script Magic #762
35 Common Writing Style Mistakes In Spec Scripts
(And How To Fix Them)

Script Magic #763
Don’t just ask people to read your script and give you their thoughts. INTERROGATE them. Here’s how.

Script Magic #764
“Tell Stories That Matter And Make People Better.” Kevin Willmott On ‘BlacKkKlansman’

Script Magic #765
Steven Spielberg’s year of living dangerously: How he reinvented cinema with Jurassic Park and Schindler’s List

Script Magic #766
6 Tips From Paul Schrader on How to Turn Personal Agony into Award-Winning Scripts

Script Magic #767
“Unfriended: Dark Web” Pins Its Characters and Audience to Their Seats

Script Magic #768
Horror Is Not Defined by What Scares You

Script Magic #769
Free Screenwriting Seminar: Pages 41-50

Script Magic #770
The Two Elements That Create Buzzworthy TV Pilots

Script Magic #771

Script Magic #772
2018 Academy Award Nominated Screenplays

Script Magic #773
Top Screenwriting Competitions of 2019 – Calendar of Dates and Deadlines on Coverfly

Script Magic #774
Why Bird Box is Different from Other Apocalyptic Movies

Script Magic #775
Writing for Harried Readers

Script Magic #776

Script Magic #777
Public Domain Day 2019
Works from 1923 are open to all!

Script Magic #778
Sony Put the ‘Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse’ Script Online

Script Magic #779
Best Screenwriting Tips for Great Dialogue

Script Magic #780
TV Writers: How To Navigate Staffing Season

Script Magic #781
Why Multiple Cliffhangers May Not Work for Your TV Series

Script Magic #782
How Homecoming Made the Jump From Podcasting to Prestige TV

Script Magic #783
10 Things to Delete From Your Dialogue Scenes Right Now

Script Magic #784
3 Ways Writers Can Create Badass Characters

Script Magic #785
Here’s What the Sundance Team Is Looking for In Your Artist Application

Script Magic #786
In the Race for Content, Hollywood Is Buying Up Hit Podcasts

Script Magic #787
How to Create Your Own Alien Species

Script Magic #788
The Script Secrets of Gillian Flynn, John Krasinski, Barry Jenkins and Christopher McQuarrie

Script Magic #789
TV Pilot Season 2019: TheWrap’s Complete Guide

Script Magic #790
How to Write a Calling Card Spec Script

Script Magic #791
2018 Spec Script Deals Analysis: Genres

Script Magic #792
How to Write a Vomit Draft (And Why It’s So Important)

Script Magic #793
“Your Passion Should Flow Through Your Pages.” Wenonah Wilms On Becoming A 2018 Nicholl Fellow

Script Magic #794
An analysis of 12,309 feature film script reports

Script Magic #795
“Show, Don’t Tell”: How To Stop Relying On Dialogue In A Screenplay

Script Magic #796
Can Character Development Get in the Way of Good Movies?

Script Magic #797
From the Over Describer to the Compulsive Recapper: Eight Screenwriting Screw-ups to Avoid

Script Magic #798
What Will Win Best Picture? 20 Oscar Voters Spill Their Secrets

Script Magic #799
How Mahershala Ali Changed Green Book’s Pivotal Scene

Script Magic #800
When is it Time to Hang it Up? A Conversation with Screenwriter Eric Koenig

Script Magic #801
“Being In Charge Of Your Own Story”: Tony Gilroy on the Joys and Embarrassments of Being a Writer-Director

Script Magic #802
Screenwriters: Are You In The Mood For Love? Write A Romcom

Script Magic #803
The Secret Cost of Screenwriting: Rejection, Uncertainty, & Anxiety

Script Magic #804
If You Really Want to Say Something, Make a Horror Film

Script Magic #805
Screenplay Character Arc Demystified

Script Magic #806
Top 5 Mistakes Writers Make With Diverse Characters

Script Magic #807
Do We Write Differently on a Screen?

Script Magic #808
The Rise Of The DIY Screenwriter

Script Magic #809
Script Secrets: Your Own Devices

Script Magic #810
The Writer Of ‘Billions’ And ‘Rounders’ Shared A Story That’s Sure To Inspire Anyone Down On Their Luck

Script Magic #811
Game of Thrones writers break silence on season 7 pacing criticisms

Script Magic #812
Production Jobs for TV, Film, Digital

Script Magic #813
How to Be a Writer and Still Get Really, Really Rich

Script Magic #814
Learn How To Become A Working Screenwriter – Mark Sanderson

Script Magic #815
Five Screenplay Transition Tips to Improve Your Script from John August & Craig Mazin

Script Magic #816
Why Hitchcock’s Kaleidoscope was too shocking to be made

Script Magic #817
Periodic Table of Storytelling

Script Magic #818
7 Steps for Writing Knights & Dragons Fantasy

Script Magic #819
Why are network sitcoms different from streaming sitcoms?

Script Magic #820
Successful Habits of Screenwriters

Script Magic #821
What Can Crime Writers Learn From Screenwriting?

Script Magic #822
On the Page (Podcast)

Script Magic #823
“Find The Movie In The Story” Oscar Winning Screenwriter Julian Fellowes Talks ‘The Chaperone’

Script Magic #824
How to Succeed the Steven Spielberg Way

Script Magic #825
The Ultimate Screenwriting Terms Glossary

Script Magic #826

Script Magic #827
How to Pitch a TV Show to Netflix, Networks and More Like a Pro

Script Magic #828
MEET THE READER: Act I — Getting Your Protagonist Off to a Good Start

Script Magic #829
How a Teenaged First-Time Director Won Tribeca With His No-Budget Feature

Script Magic #830
From CHERNOBYL writer Craig Mazin does all new writers a service. Download and read all the scripts from this extraordinary mini-series at

Script Magic #831
“You’re Not Gonna F***in’ Tell Me What My Story Is”: Sam Esmail, Nic Pizzolatto and The Hollywood Reporter Drama Showrunner Roundtable

Script Magic #832
“Editing Is The Battleground.” Screenwriter Mike Flanagan Talks ‘The Haunting of Hill House’ & ‘Doctor Sleep’

Script Magic #833
‘Good Omens’ author and showrunner Neil Gaiman explains why TV’s fantasy and sci-fi ‘gold rush’ is just getting started

Script Magic #834
Movie Shot On iPhone By Oscar-Winning Director Premieres At Cannes

Script Magic #835
Writing a Logline for a Character Driven Drama

Script Magic #836
3 Life-Changing Steps to Proofreading Your Screenplays

Script Magic #837
How do the Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting readers judge a script?

Script Magic #838
Showrunners on the Realities of Writing: ‘It’s A Continual Cycle of Panic and Fear, It’s Super Fun’

Script Magic #839
Sex is disappearing from the big screen, and it’s making movies less pleasurable

Script Magic #840
What Silent Film Taught Me About Storytelling

Script Magic #841
“Effective Feedback: The Little Known Secret To Pixar’s Creative Success”

Script Magic #842
12 Powerful Principles of Story Structure

Script Magic #843
How Women Showrunners Are Changing TV

Script Magic #844
The Different Lifestyles of Feature Screenwriters and Television Writers

Script Magic #845
Top Lit Reps Advise: Don’t Make These Screenwriting Mistakes

Script Magic #846
‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ Writers Explain Samuel L. Jackson’s Standout Line

Script Magic #847
Writing for Theater and Film

Script Magic #848

10 Insider Strategies to Sell or Set Up Your Screenplays or Television Pilots

Script Magic #849

How to Create the Ultimate Screenplay Pitch Deck

Script Magic #850

How to Write a TV Pilot Script: The Ultimate 8-Step Master Plan

Script Magic #851

Writers on ‘Ozark’ and ‘The Good Place’ Break Down Key Season Finales Right on the Script Pages

Script Magic #852

The Hero’s Journey Breakdown: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Script Magic #853

5 Screenwriting Takeaways: Ted Lasso is The Coach We Need And Likely Never Had

Script Magic #854

15 Screenplay Examples From Each Genre to Download for Free

Script Magic #855
Creating Tension To Make Your Readers Notice

Script Magic #856
How Do You Write an Isolation Thriller When Everyone Is Connected All of the Time?

Script Magic #857
So You Want to Become a Working Screenwriter

Script Magic #858
Read Charlie Kaufman’s ‘I’m Thinking of Ending Things

Script Magic #859

Script Magic #860

How to Tell the Story Without Telling the Story

Script Magic #861

5 Famous Screenplays That Hollywood Rejected

Script Magic #862

Monica Beletsky on Writing a One-Hour TV Drama Script

Script Magic #863

We Are What We Watch: Movie Plots Predict the Personalities of Those who “Like” Them

Script Magic #864

How Toy Story helped Pixar change cinema

Script Magic #865

10 Insider Strategies to Sell or Set Up Your Screenplays or Television Pilots

Script Magic #866

The Queen’s Gambit: The Hidden Depths of Netflix’s Word-of-Mouth Smash

Script Magic #867

2020 Spec Script Deal List

Script Magic #868

Why you should watch Body Heat, the best erotic thriller ever made.

Script Magic #869

Meet the Reader: “But it seemed like such a good idea…”

Script Magic #870
Why ‘Willy’s Wonderland’ Was a Last-Ditch Effort for Writer G.O. Parsons

Script Magic #871
8 Upcoming Fellowships for Diverse Emerging Screenwriters

Script Magic #872
Dealing With The Big Leagues FREE Webinar Series

Script Magic #873
How I Hijacked Hollywood or: How To Sell A Screenplay

Script Magic #874
Do We Really Need Endless Film Reboots & Remakes? (Part 1)

Script Magic #875
Read the 2021 Golden Globes Nominated Feature Screenplays

Script Magic #876
The Secrets of Successful Scriptwriters in Hollywood

Script Magic #877
How Marielle Heller Conquered Hollywood One No at a Time

Script Magic #878
The Ultimate Film Grants List for Every Filmmaker in 2021

Script Magic #879
Oscars 2021 Nominated Screenplays: Read The Scripts

Script Magic #880
Screenwriting competitions aren’t worth the money

Script Magic #881
What Talent Agencies Look for in a Screenplay with Christopher Lockhart

Script Magic #882
We’re in a Time Loop of Time-Loop Movies

Script Magic #883
The secret weapon of ‘Star Wars’ was George Lucas’s ex-wife Marcia

Script Magic #884
Where to Watch Every 2021 Oscar-Nominated Film

Script Magic #885
Despite Solitude, Lockdown Wasn’t A Creative Boon for Screenwriters

Script Magic #886
Want Diversity? Start Streaming.

Script Magic #887
What I Learned About Writing from Making Sound Effects for Movies

Script Magic #888
8 Screenwriters Tell Us Which Movies Inspired Them to Write Their Own

Script Magic #889
Breaking-In the Biz: How to Protect Your Intellectual Property


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