Saw Bill, My Script and a New Way of Thinking.

Saw Bill, My Script and a New Way of Thinking.

I’m still half asleep:) So I hope that this entry makes sense. The flights in last night were rough – much turbulence into both Atlanta and Akron. The flight home had so much bouncing around towards the end that I was saying a prayer to myself!

The meeting went very well. It was informative and I have many good ideas to add and subtract from the script to make it film worthy:) The woman I met with is top notch and simply a wonderful human being. Very nice energy. She supportive, giving and one of the few people I’ve met that deal with H’Wood that is actually sincere. No BS with her – she tells you like it is and that is what I love. She is very metaphysical/intuitive as well and it was fun bouncing around “vibes” with her. So meeting with her alone – was well worth the trip.

I attended a party while I was gone – the room had red velvet, gold leaf, overstuffed couches, a balcony with three bars. All that I’ve witnessed in past visions. Bill was there. He looked great – very handsome. But his eyes showed something very different – irritation, anger and a wish not to be there. His energy was very negative. If you stood back and watched him – as I did – he was gracious to those he spoke with – but if you actually looked at him, you could see that he wanted to be somewhere else. I stood back and watched him (although I did mingle, talk, meet new people…I didn’t just stand there all night) and that was enough for me. I had a letter, something to say to him. But I knew it wasn’t the time – at all. So I was content to be an observer – not a participant. Which – is how most of my visions come across – as me as an observer.

Disappointed that we didn’t speak or nerve had eye contact? Sure I am. I didn’t understand how it was so easy to get there if we were not meant to at least have a conversation. What I think it was is that my energy was needed to counteract the overwhelming energies of greed, self-interest and just a black slog of negativity. I could have followed suit and bothered him – but I couldn’t do it. It was more important to him to have some breathing room than it was for me to invade his space. There will be another opportunity – I’m sure of it.

I was actually very happy to get out of there and move on to the rest of the evening. I could feel my energy shift to a more positive place:) My sister and I moved on to the Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel where she used to work (she is now a personal assistant to 3 different people and loving it). Everyone there was great. Didn’t see anyone famous – but that was just fine by me. A great security guy named Brian gave us a guided tour around the hotel from the famous pool to the bungalows to the ballrooms – it was all very beautiful and expensive:)

I decided on my trip home that I was not going to put the energy into Bill and Ted as I once did. Instead – I’m going to put it into myself. I’m always around for help and support. But they need to be the driving forces behind themselves – just as I need to be for myself.

I’ve got a lot of writing ahead for me. I wanted to get back to doing readings on Oct 2, but now I’m not so sure. I may hold off until the end of Oct. We’ll see how the rest of Sept pans out.

I did have some poetic inspiration on the way home – must of wrote 20 or more poems. Won’t bore you with them all – but here’s one that struck a cord with me:


Rooted in history
Buried within our souls
Violence bleeds,
–It Infects
–It Destroys

Behind the facade of normality
People live in fear

As anyone,
–A Mother
–A Child
–A Teacher

At anywhere,
–A Home
–A Diner
–A Church

At anytime,

Is capable to kill
If pushed

Rooted in history
Fear grips our souls.

Under the calmest of exteriors
Lies our seeds of violence.

I’m so behind schedule today that I can’t even find my schedule!

Until later…

Crystal Sunshine!

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