Runes, Atlantis And A White Book!

Runes, Atlantis And A White Book!

I keep having that nagging feeling, you know the one. That something is around the corner and I have blinders on. So I decided to do something that I haven’t done in a while – give myself a Rune reading. Runes are great for finding out what you are going through – what cycle – and what you need to do to make it through this experience. They can also give you a glimpse into past lives or help you make a decisions. The answer of the Runes is always very timely. What they cannot do is foretell the future – this isn’t why they were created.

So my question was: What cycle will am I traveling through from now until April 30th?

I drew:

Isa (standstill) – Present
Ansuz (signals) – Attitude to take
Sowelu (wholeness) – Consequences derived from the attitude

Right now my plans appear to be frozen. To me nothing is happening and will stay this way until I realize what keeps me attached to the situation and cut myself away from the old. The attitude to be had is to expect the unexpected – there are changes on the horizon. I am to explore my inner self – my soul as well as be sensible and use my power of observation. The result from taking on the attitude is victory and success – to finally have admitted to myself what has long been denied and then achieve that desire. Can also involve successful life changes to achieve balance.

This message to myself is of course – timely. I certainly do need to find balance as I’ve concentrated so much on the spiritual side that I completely neglected my physical side. I am sorely out of shape. I was just thinking this over last night, I have to get up and start walking again – it’s a need, not a want.The hard part is deciding what keeps me attached to the current situation I find myself in. It can be a multitude of things – fear of success (hard to believe, but yes true…I LIKE staying in the background) which I am working on, an attachment to what I’m used to which has brought more unhappiness than anything else – cutting that attachment has proven to be harder than I thought. I’m a Taurus after all — although I like change and I know it is unavoidable, there’s that big chunk of me that likes the same old routine – predictability.

At least now I know what I am meant to focus on for the next 17 days:)

My hands have been burning up today – and I always know what that means..someone needs my help. I have a feeling it’s Ted. I sat with my wand – the power or energy that ran through it was strong — very strong. My hands vibrated or tingled as they held on – it felt as if small sparks were zapping my hand. I’m immediately taken to Atlantis. I am in a long violet robes, simple yet elegant – nothing on underneath. I look and there is Bill – dressed the same in a violet robe. We each have something atop our heads – I didn’t pay much attention to it. Bare feet. Our conversations are all telepathic. I ask him, why are we both here? He says Ted. We both spot Clive who is a distance away. He says – Ted needs you both. We follow Clive (who – BTW is in a white tunic and trousers) to Ted, who is on his back on a slab of crystal – he is dressed in today’s clothes, which I find very odd now, but during the vision did not. Bill moves around behind Ted and we get him turned on his right side so that he is facing me. He is trembling – I place my hands on his face and he is burning up. He has fresh blood on the corner of his mouth – like he spit it up. I instruct Clive to run and get some cool water.

Bill places his hands on Ted’s back – over each lung. I place mine over his chest. Bill and I direct very powerful rays of light into Ted’s lungs. Ted’s coughs as we are doing this and Clive arrives with a crystal bowl, full of water. He cools off Ted’s face with a wet cloth. When all of the energy available to travel through us – did. Ted sits up and drinks from the bowl. His green eyes look so tired and blood shot. With the only words actually spoken in Atlantis – at this time – Ted grabs hold of me and lays his head on my chest. I hear him say — Don’t let me die without you. I wrap my arms around him and kiss him on the crown of his head. The next thing I know he is lying back down and Clive tells us that we have to hurry.

Bill and I are walking down a path towards a cave – I can feel it’s immense power. I stop and tell him that I cannot do this — I cannot go in there with Ted lying back there. Bill assures me that Ted will be fine. I tell Bill – I can’t leave him, not like this — and neither can you. But he’s not like us – Bill goes on to say — he’s not your eternal partner, I am. I touch Bill’s cheeks and reply – then we have more time — don’t we? He gives me that look – you know the one that screams I can’t believe you said that followed by damn you’re right. I know that we were to enter the cave to get married.

We move back to Ted who is slumped over on the slab. Bill on one side – me on the other – we wrap our arms around him and all fades from view.

For a brief second, I’m in nothingness — but I see a man in all white robes. He reminds me -in a way – of Moses – but it is not him. I see the silver/gold container that is at the bottom of the lake in the crystal cavern. I hear his voice say – I’m waiting. I ask – who are you? He smilles and replies – Erzal. All fades and now I am in the present (so it seems) at a park.

There is a lake and a white slab of marble that I take as a park bench and I sit down. I can see ducks on the water and people feeding birds. A very tranquil setting – must be late spring, early summer by the blooms of the tress/plants. Bill sits down next to me. He has on a dark t-shirt with some sort of flag or flags on it, jeans and tennis shoes. I look at him and say — you know I’ll send it in a few weeks. He says – what? I reply — I don’t know…but whatever it is I’ll know when I know and then I will send it to you. So if you get a package with nothing but the object inside – it’s from me. Any idea what it is – he asks. No, no idea — except I keep seeing a white rectangle – maybe a book. So it may be a white book – although I don’t know what as I don’t have a white book right now. I guess I know when I see it and you’ll know when you get it.

How will you get it to me Bill inquires. Your publishing company is my reply as I do not know of any other way. He nods his head in approval. You won’t throw it out — will you? He shakes his head and gives me a chuckle — no, I won’t though it out. I find it interesting though, that you know you’ll send something but you don’t know what it is and I know that you will send something but I don’t know what it is. But it’s an object that we’ll both know – WHY – when we see it.

I nod my head and that’s all there was to it. Not permitted to see another item.

My take is this object is what Archangel Gabriel was talking about – at least know I know who I’m sending something to, but I still don’t have a what. Time will tell – won’t it?

I best bust a move!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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