Is Your Past Ruining Your Present Prosperity?

Is Your Past Ruining Your Present Prosperity?

Last week I talked about how prosperity can elude you. That post concerned itself with why you may be lacking prosperity today based on your present beliefs. But there is more to an illusion of lack of prosperity than just the present thoughts and actions. There is also the past to take into consideration. The past being past lives, not last week, last year, or back to childhood.

When dealing with past lives, we are dealing with soul memory. The soul remembers everything. Even those lives where you did not have a pot to piss in and little food for your belly (we all go through this kind of life). From there it depends how you did in the life after that – did you have a hard time in that life because of the previous life? Or were you able to remember that there is enough to always go around? If you had a hard time in the next life because of the previous life – then the next life was difficult because of the previous two and so forth and so forth.

Do you see how it can all add up? And not in a good way!

Each lifetime pecks away at your energy body depleting it and helping your thoughts turn negative in regard to money.

So how do you stop it?

You have to go back and figure out the source. Then release it.

Going to a past life regressionist would be ideal. But not everyone can get to one.

DIY Past Life Release

  1. Put on music that is soothing, but not so soothing that you fall asleep and not so waking that you day-dream about a person, place or thing.
  2. Make yourself comfortable. Close your eyes.
  3. Allow yourself to BE at a location where you are relaxed. For instance, on a beach or in a log cabin.
  4. Allow the thought of money to enter your space.
  5. The thought of money will release a past life memory. Follow the thought. Example: if by thinking of money, the image/thought of death came up – follow that thought and see where it goes.
  6. The thought you are following is a past life. You’re not making it up – it is not your imagination.
  7. Once you’ve seen the thought through – tell yourself that this is no longer you and you release it.
  8. Bring the thought of money again into your area – follow what arrives and continue the process until nothing surfaces when you think of money.

I had thought that I released all of my past life memories of lack. Yet lack still arrived periodically. I did the above exercise and discovered that I had a life where I was very wealthy – royalty wealthy. The people I served were very poor. Unlike someone else in my family – I helped the poor. But in the end it didn’t matter – they still took me and killed me. A very vicious humiliating death that I did not deserve. My soul kept that guilt and anger with it till now – when it was released.

Give it a try — I think you’ll be surprised what you find. I know I was!

—->Let me know what kind of past lives you encounter in the comments below! <—-

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