Ruby Sphere, Eqypt and A Fork In My Path!

Ruby Sphere, Eqypt and A Fork In My Path!

I’m being called in early today. About 3 hours early. I am standing in what appears to be downtown. I’m in the small town’s intersection – all is quiet. It feels like a Sunday and the whole town is in church. I see the side of a building – there is a design of a sun, painted in black, that stands out on the antique brick. Next to the building is a small park with a white gazebo. I go to the gazebo and sit down – facing the building. My black cat, Samantha, jumps up and sits on my lap. She snuggles in. On the building I can see a light – like a movie projector.

Ted appears, he’s being handed a note. He is in a hotel room, very nice, very posh. He opens the note – his hand covers his mouth in disbelief. He runs his fingers through his hair and swallows. He moves to the separate bedroom of this suite, sits on the bed with a white comforter and dials the phone.

The images move to Bill, he is surrounded by people. His face appears tense – there is a lot of commotion going on around him. He keeps gripping a stone that he has in his pocket. I can see him earlier in either this day or the day previous, packing things. Making labels on boxes and shipping. He is stressed – frazzled and just wants to get this done. This mood carries over to the place where he is surrounded by people.

By the gazebo – my horse appears from a previous vision. He jerks his head and lets out a sound that I know means I am supposed to get on. I put the cat down and climb on. Determined to go with me – Samantha sits at the horses feet and just meows over and over. I get down, sling her over my should and remount.

Without warning, I am not on the horse but in Egypt. Appears to be back in the days of Cleopatra. I know instinctively that I am in Alexandria. I am in a very large place – with white columns and many, many scrolls. I am penning a document. I have a servant girl next to me who is helping. She is at my beck and call. I am writing down in columns – from the left of the scroll to the right. The images I pen are very small and I feel that they are in code. I can remember seeing a man, three suns, squiggly lines like water, a pyramid with a half moon and a star symbol (moon is like a backwards C with the star in the center of the rounded part).

A man approaches me and says that we have to go – now. I tell him that I am not done. He says that it does not matter – we have to go NOW. I finish, sprinkle some sort of white dust on it, roll it up and hand it to the girl. She runs off with it. I see a red ball. Appears to be a large, polished sphere of Ruby. This man is telling me that we have to hurry. We go to this ball and place our hands on it. When we do – it glows and a door opens – like a portal. We leave the sphere where it is and enter the door.

I am back on the horse, like I never left. We are in the south west. I can see painted rock for miles and miles. The horse stops under the eve of a large rock. The cat and I get down. She streaks off into a cave opening. The horse uses its nose and taps me in the butt to get going. I make my way to the cave entrance and the horse turns to leave and fades from view. I enter the darkness and call out to Sam. I can hear her meow echo.

It’s strange because it is dark in here – yet I’m not stumbling over anything. My eyes adjust to the darkness, yet I still cannot see my hand in front of my face. I get to a fork. There is a small stream of sunlight from above, coming through a small hole that allows me to see this. I know instinctively that if I choose the wrong path that I will drop – no, plummet straight down. I close my eyes and try to focus. I’m right handed and I normally go to the right. But intuitively I know that is the wrong thing to do. I step into the left fork – I call out for Sam. I can hear her further down the left side. She is now meowing like there is no tomorrow. I step up my pace until I reach the end and find her.

She is in a massive room full of treasure. There is gold everywhere, jewels, books, scrolls. In the center of it all – sits a round, polished Ruby sphere. I touch the Ruby sphere and I’m done.

Interesting – no? And on a Friday the 13th no less. Which, BTW, has always been a very lucky day for me:) Lets hope my luck carries me through the weekend!

No sleep last night. My son had growing pains – literally. His legs and feet kept cramping up. He came to bed with me around 2:00 as I was tired of getting up. But it didn’t help – he stayed awake and so did I. The kid is at preschool right now and running on full adrenaline. He should crash this afternoon. I wonder if I’ll actually get to nap? I can count the times I napped in 2005 on one hand – sad isn’t it?

I have more writing that I some how have to get done this weekend than I have time in the day to do it. Wish me luck!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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