What a new love or to improve a current one? Give this easy cure a try!

To attract or bring a NEW love/romance into your life:

  • Place a RED flower without thorns into a WHITE vase and place it in the LOVE/ROMANCE area (South West section) in your BEDROOM as you IMAGINE a new romance coming into your life.
To improve a CURRENT LOVE:
  • Place TWO PINK long-stemmed roses without thorns in a WHITE vase and put them on the bedside table of the side of the bed you sleep on while you IMAGINE your love growing stronger. 
  • Replace the roses with fresh ones every THREE DAYS for a total of NINE DAYS (or three changes).
  • If when you change out the roses they are not yet wilted – place them someplace else in your home until they are wilting.
Repeat either cure as needed!

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