Rosicrucian Order, Crazy Dreams And Ouch!

Rosicrucian Order, Crazy Dreams And Ouch!

Okay, so yesterday I wiped out in front of my son’s school – this made it time #6 of Allie’s wipe outs during the school season. This time around my right ankle gave out and down I went. I screwed up my left knee pretty good and my right elbow hurt like hell. This morning I get up and it felt like a freight train hit me. My husband tells me – welcome to your 40’s. I remind the smart ass that I still have 21 days left in my 30’s. Then today I went to the OBGYN for my yearly torture session – ladies, you know what I’m talking about. So about right now I’m feel like complete crap. Add to that the pressure cooker I feel like I’m in and we have a winner! Thank God it’s 20 min and count down to Sawyer.

Last week I decided to become part of the Rosicrucian Order ( as I feel it is something that is in tune with my soul. It has all of the components that I have been looking for including healing and Atlantis. Since I have made that decision – I have been having some difficult dream visits. I can’t pin point much – except that Will is in all of them and they deal with secrets, magic, death and betrayal — with Will and I taking the brunt of things. I do have a flash memory of being in a school again and one of being with Merlin. But with Merlin I remember him saying — you are not going to remember this as your conscious cannot comprehend yet. And I’ll be dammed if he wasn’t right – I can’t remember a thing after that.

With only a couple weeks left until the big screenwriting contests deadlines – I have ripped about The Black Triangle. And I mean ripped apart. I think part of my pressure cooker feeling is the pressure I feel to get it done. I know that it’s a now or never thing and it’s driving me mad. Trying to work it in with all of my obligations is a nightmare in itself. And for taking a short time out to play the Lord Of The Rings online RP game – not a chance.

Will and Ted have been sharing my energy space respectfully for the last several days. Will is who is prevalent right now. This quiet and shy man — I wonder if he will be this sexually intense with me in person as he is telepathically? Telepathic sex seems to be his favorite. Dream or astral I think he can take or leave — but telepathic is instantaneous and something that he knows he can remember and consciously control. And boy — has that man been hot lately! His blue eyes just bore into me — he’s so intense.

There’s much more to write but I’m brain dead right now:)

And on this note I’m going to grab myself a beer and settle in for some serious down time and watch LOST:)

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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