Color is everywhere affecting our moods and reflecting our personalities. Color can help draw someone close to you or push them away. It can help set the mood for love or kick it to the curb.

Pink – pink is the universal color of love as love extends from the heart chakra which radiates pink & green energy. Surround yourself with pink – it is the perfect comolr to make you more loving, both to yourself and to others. Love creates and attracts love, and the romantic personality that emerges will ensure that you soon find the love you are looking for.

Red & Purple – red can arouse passion, but it can also raise anger. So you want to use red sparingly. Purple can bring out spiritual passion and allow the area to exude sexiness and a lusting for sex.

Yellow – yellow can bring the one you want to you. Yellow is the color of communication, charm, confidence, and attraction. Wear it and it will give you courage and banish any shyness that’s keeping him or her from noticing you. It’s a color that radiates pure energy.

Orange – orange can excite sexual longing and a desire to get close to the one you want! Wear orange to wake up sexual energy (and creativity to boot). Orange can also mend a broken heart and help remove any left over ill feelings that prevent you from moving on to a new relationship.

Green – green helps guide the one you love to make a secure commitment to the relationship. Green is the color of unconditional love, compassion, and generosity. No wonder it is with pink energy in the heart chakra! Green can heal the heart and teach a lover to give of themselves unconditionally, so its influence in your life will encourage the giving, as well as the taking, of love.


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