Role Playing Spices It Up!

Role Playing Spices It Up!

Relationships that is — role playing is taking your relationship into a whole new level of fun. What is role playing you ask? It’s two or more people taking on roles that are different than their actual lives. For instance, when we dress up for Halloween. We’re not actually a zombie or Xena, but a person, in a costume playing a role.

When you role play in a relationship, you and your partner/s are acting out a role where passion, spice and sexual satisfaction is the end game.

Some couples I know like to do this the simple way; at home playing doctor/nurse, cowboy/Indian, teacher/student, criminal/cop. But many like to make the role playing an event. For instance: wife sits at the bar, looking all hot and sexy. She flirts with the men around her. Then her partner walks up and flirts. She blows him off and continues flirting with the other men. But her partner doesn’t give up. He’s in town, on business…eventually charming her into giving in. They both go up to his hotel room – still in their roles – and have wild sex together.

Many couples add in a safe word/s – meaning when it is said, the role playing is over. Doesn’t matter if they are in the heat of things or just starting out. The word has to be something that would not come up in a normal conversation – like Mary Poppins.

By adding a little twist in their lives via role playing, partners are able to bring that spice back into their relationship without having to look outside the relationship for stimulation.

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