Robert Pushes: A Dream Visit With Larry!

Robert Pushes: A Dream Visit With Larry!

To be honest, I wasn’t going to post this. But this morning my guide, Robert, is telling me — no good. I can feel the disapproving stare — sigh. This is from last night: So here goes:

I watched the show CHARMED tonight -one of my favorites. This episode was where the oldest sister (Piper) and her husband (the angel Leo) were separated because the powers that be want him to be an Elder while all he wants to do is to be a dad/husband. So they erase his memory and dump him -of all places – TX. They are counting on their eternal love to guide them back together – or have his calling to help other people be it. Either way he’s either dad or an Elder – can’t be both.

In the mean time Cole (who was a demon but is dead now) has sent this demon turned good guy to help Cole’s ex (the middle charmed one) not give up on love. This demon made a deal with Cole to become human for a certain period of time – but he had to show Phoebe not to give up on love – had to convince her that love IS important.


Now this morning when I woke up – I was still in the midst of a dream visit – but for some reason I didn’t remember it until I was watching Charmed.

Larry and I were in a large living room. One side – length wise- has huge floor to ceiling windows – lots of light – the other side – a stone fireplace. Wooden floors, white or beige couches, I can see lots of books, table lamps – if I were to ever walk into this room on the physical plane – I’d know it ASAP. He and I are talking. He grabs my arm and pulls me to him. My face is an inch away from his. He asks = please. I tell him no as I move out from his arms. I remember yelling him that I didn’t want to get hurt again. I couldn’t take it. I went on asking do you know what its like to be rejected by someone you’ve loved for all eternity? I remember the sadness in his eyes and the way he looked at me when he says softly — yes. It hit me there that he was speaking of our past lives. I ask him – what do you know about our past? He doesn’t say anything for a moment – then he says — everything — and nothing. He sighs and then goes on — You didn’t spend every life with them.

I tell him that I hurt and I’m tired of hurting. He says he knows. He is here to remind me about love – how to love – how to have faith. He has me against a wall – his lips are barely touching mine and he asks again –please? I’m shaking – like I have one of those really intense energy surges. I tell him yes and it was an intense kiss.

I then can only remember glimpses of he and I in bed. It’s difficult to describe – but it was as if he was a teacher and I a student (not about sex though, I do not need a teacher) — with him showing me how it is to love and to give unselfishly.

Now – this all unfolded as the drama of Charmed was going on.

I think he was teaching me how to keep the faith about Bill – but it’s all real sketchy except for that scene above in the living room. It was if the good guy/demon and Phoebe was Larry/I while Leo and Piper were Bill/I. It all meshed together in kind of a strange 60’s swirl of vibes.

I checked my blog last night and I BELIEVE that Larry stopped by my blog. I left a comment earlier in the day to him mentioning a thanks for SCR (don’t ask what that means, I won’t tell and Robert says I don’t have too :} )!

So there you go. Robert seems pleased. I’m not quite sure what I am…..

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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