Robert Bruce, PLR And Happy Birthday Bill!

Robert Bruce, PLR And Happy Birthday Bill!

I can’t even begin to tell you how tired I am. Plus it really was a piss poor day. I should be in a rotten mood – especially since the Indians got hammered and it’s raining. But surprising, I’m in a really good mood. Oh – and did I mention I’m getting sick (and so is my son)?

No – I haven’t done the podcast yet. Probably not until tomorrow afternoon or maybe Wednesday – all depending.

There’s so much I want to chat about – but let me try to tell you as much as I can in a short period of time so that I can go to bed.

1) I’m getting a past life regression tomorrow! I met the woman, Cindy, at the ULE. Something told us both to go to Ted Andrews booth – and we did. Now I’m going back down to the Columbus area tomorrow about 11:00 am in my appointment. I’m really excited to go. My hope is that I can go se her once or twice a month and draw out what we can about my past lives. This way I can document them in a book. My goal for Tues is to go to Atlantis and to go back to when I was a princess of the Star Gate. Very curious about both.

2) For those of you who have been here a while know how much I love Robert Bruce. He’s a good guy, honest and can laugh at himself. Plus, his energy methods are top notch. Last weekend I went to his workshop and had a fabo time. Next year when he’s in the Cleveland area he’s going to have a workshop for kids – which I will take my son to – as well as certifying teachers to teach his energy method – I will be there for that. The venue in Hinckley was great, the people there were very nice and it was a very uplifting weekend. If you don’t have his book “Energy Ways” you really should get it – no matter whose energy method you have learned in the past.

3) Happy birthday to Bill on Oct 20th! I didn’t forget – even sung the man happy b-day — but had no time to jot it down in the blog. Happy 49th Bill — XXOO!

4) Ted — he has been struggling to get through to me. I can feel him right there and then getting yanked back. It’s the she devil. That evil woman – -God I wish he would just wake up and dump her ass. Even if he and I never speak a word to one another — she is toxic to his soul. Yucky ka-ka-poo!

5) Back to Bill. He’s right here -and then gets yanked away. I get tired of trying to connect with him so I pull back a bit and it is almost as if his energy arms reach out frantically and pull me back. He’s overworked and very stressed right now. All he wants to do is to go off on his own and be creative.

6) May 2008 I’ll be in Paris France – November 2008 – Venice Italy and Greece. I’m beyond psyched for both! More as both times get closer. But if you are in the UK or France -let me know and maybe we can chat while I’m there! For Venice and Greece — I will be in Venice for a couple of days and then I hop a cruise ship for Greece. So if you can make it to Venice – let me know. We are also stopping at all of the Greek islands — again, let me know:)

7) I may have found an agent for my metaphysical stuff. Ask and you shall receive:) We’ll see.

8) I am also going to write a book on psychic scams – what they are – how to spot one and what to do. Along with actual happenings. So now I’m working on: OBE sex book, psychic scam book, past life book and my DREAMERS script. Although the only actual writing I’m getting done is on DREAMERS. I need two of me.

9) Speaking of which — I have the email from fricken hell. If you have sent me something and it’s been over a month – resend the email as it is way way lost. Everyone else hang in there.

And that’s about it for now. I know I have more — like Bill being in my dreams every darn night — some he is in my dreams other times I am in his. Oh – and I am going to do an OBE sex board/community.

I need to go to bed……

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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