Robert Bruce, Hot Hands And Signs!

Robert Bruce, Hot Hands And Signs!

My son and I did a fun experiment today. He thought it was just the coolest thing:) I was trying to explain to him how we are both healers and that we use energy in order to do this healing. He was getting it – kind of – so I told him to put his hands out, palms up. He did. I placed my hands, palms down, on his. I asked if he could feel the hotness from my hands. He smiles and says yes. So I tell him to leave his hands where they were and I moved mine up. He starts laughing. I ask him if he can feel the energy going through our bodies? He says yes and then says — it tickles mommy, right up my back. It freaked him after a bit as our hands were really really hot and they were very far apart. When the tingling in his body got to be too much, he broke the connection.

He asked how this is happening. So instead of going into great details about energy — I simply said that the God (the Divine) gives us energy from above, it passes through the top of our head, travels through our bodies to our hands and the energy from our hands is what heals. He smiles and says – we’re one of the special people – right? I said yes, we are very special because we can help other people. He liked that idea. Then it was back to playing “Lord of the Rings” again:)

My hands are major hot today, they just will not stop heating up. I keep going to my animals and placing my hands on them. The dogs keep coming after me for more:) Normally when the hands are this hot, it’s usually Ted calling me for healing. I grab my wand and get shocked ASAP! However, I quickly fall into a session and see Ted lying on a bed. He’s burning up, crying, has a hard time breathing. He calling out to me to help. I place one hand behind his back and the other on his chest and allow the energy to flow from me into him. He falls asleep in my arms. I let him be and turn to go, but Bill is standing there and extends his arms. He wants me to help him. His face is pale, his eyes bloodshot.

I put my hands on his face, and form a triangle. The energy pours form me into him, pushing out all of the fear, worry, the emotional pain he has burdened himself with for all these years. He is about to fall, but Ted is right there and grabs his hand. I hear a signal from Archangel Raphael that my work is done here. The men I leave are surround by a brilliant white light and I know that they are good for now.

I am getting so many messages for me to start healing again – from other intuitives and their guides. But my guides tell me it is not the time to place the energy healing back. I have other work to do first. But and my guides stress this big BUT….I am to do more with opening up my energy centers. I am to do more to let me fear of failure subside. I have to stop worrying:)

I decided to take a room at the Robert Bruce workshop instead of staying with my friend or driving back and forth. It was something that my guides kept pushing me to do. Why? No clue. But in under a month I’ll know since the workshop is June 17 & 18. You know, think about this — Robert Bruce is a highly advanced soul who is top notch in energy work and astral projection — the two areas I need help in. The man lives in Australia and he is doing two workshops in the states in 2006. One of them just happens to be in of all places — Cleveland Ohio? Cleveland? Really — what are the odds? Especially since I had picked up this man’s books over the years and put them back. I kept hearing for me to buy — but I never did. I finally buy and here he is in Cleveland.

You know me and signs — I think the RB workshop is one hell of a sign. It’s right up there with all of the British signs and Ted.

My dreams last night dealt with me writing. I kept filling up notebook after notebook. Granted, I have six books to get done. I wonder if I can get my astral self to write:) One never knows!

Have a great day!

Crystal Sunshine!

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