Robert, Archangels and the Tepee!

Robert, Archangels and the Tepee!

I started today’s session by asking Robert – my guide – to show his face. He is always around – always – yammering at me his $.02..not that I mind his $.02 – I could use the advice:) But I cannot ever remember “seeing” him – so I ask him to step up.

He’s about 5’11” with black hair and the deepest blue eyes that I have ever seen. He says that he does not let me see him much as he does not want me to confuse him with Bill. I said it is possible – but not probable that I would do that. The eyes are different. He laughs. You’ve always been a smart ass he says. I ask – I didn’t think guides were supposed to use foul language. He smiles back and says some charges just bring it out of them! HA! I ask him if he would show his face more often, I like to see who is talking to me and especially when one gives advice.

I mention that he thinks a lot like Bill – over thinking sometimes. He comments that he is not as bad as he used to be. He likes things planned and orderly – I must admit – so do I. He sits down and gets a real thoughtful look on his face and asks me – why am I dragging my feet on the books? How many times do I need the message? I told him I’m not dragging on purpose – maybe because I see the overall picture and it gets too involved – or overwhelming and I shut down. I’m a simple girl who likes simple things – period. He says that I may be simple – but my life will not be that way. Now do I want to set the course on my own and enjoy the ride? Or do I want to be thrown into it and be stressed over the ride? Choice is up to me but the ending will be the same. After all – he stresses – one cannot ignore destiny.

Hummmmm…this I think about and agree that it would be better for me if I enjoyed the ride. So he tells me my goal for the weekend is to get all of book 2 entered into the computer. I ask for the extra energy. Archangel Raphael appears and sends an infusion of white and orange light into me. It helps me feel charged right now – I can tell that I have that boast. I thank him and he leaves. Archangel Gabriel and Archangel Haniel arrive. Robert is still here. I welcome the angels and ask why are they here.

Up to this point, I had been standing and Robert had been sitting on a boulder – I didn’t see any other landscape. When I ask the angels why they are here – the landscape comes into view and behind Robert is a small lake with a wonderful waterfall. I have seen this image before. I look to my left and across the lake and there is the tepee.

I look at the three of them to see if someone will tell me anything. Archangel Gabriel smiles and from her is a white/bluish light that encircles me. Archangel Haniel sends to me a whitish/yellow light. I’m not entirely sure of either purpose – but when they were done they said their good byes and fade from view. I look at Robert, raise my eyebrows. He jerks his head back towards the teepee – they’re waiting – he says. Then he too disappears.

Next thing I know is that I am in the tepee with Bill and Ted. Both men are in there – naked – and in a trance like state. Neither acknowledge that I have arrived. I look down at myself and notice that I too am naked. I join the men and two young women pour a sweet-smelling oil over my body. It’s warm and tingles. It smells like a combination of Lavender, Rose and Rose Geranium. I close my eyes. I can hear the Shaman chant words that I know, but don’t “know”, I couldn’t translate if my life depended on it. What I am sure about is that they are in the Lakota dialect. The three of us – our astral bodies – stand next to our physical bodies. We all seem shocked – not sure why. We stand shoulder to shoulder and the Shaman smudges us – not sure with what because I can’t smell anything. But we each had a flash of fear as we merged into one person. I can’t even describe it except to say that all of our feelings, emotions, thoughts, etc….were transferred to the other two – so all three of us are essentially – one. We are not a man or a woman – just a being of light. A very powerful and centered light. The Shaman utters a phrase and next thing I knew we were finished, back in our physical bodies and we open our eyes.

I was done and back at my computer.

But I’m not done yet – I still want to talk to Robert- so I call him back. I have been told (by him via another) that I need to be more “Oprah” like and less “Sylvia Browne” – that since people naturally come to me for aid – that my energy needs to be more calm, kinder, gentler. I don’t quite understand how I am supposed to do this as I didn’t think I was doing it wrong to begin with. He tells me that I’ve never been wrong being who I am – but that I’ve shut away the kinder side of myself – the empathic side. Okay – any hints on that? He smiles – so I take it that I have to find out on my own. He agrees – he says it is the only way I learn things since I am too stubborn to take the word of another. Sheesh. Anything else I should do? He tells me that I have to make my web site – softer. Huh? And I do that….? He says I’ll know when I find it. I tell him that he’s lots of help. He says he’s a guide, not a worker. I have to try not to force anything, but to let it flow. Do not over think as it will take longer to make the changes I need instead of sooner. Just do what I have to do and stop worrying about the “doing”. Then he tells me to get back to work.

Yesterday I was in such a funk…a stupid self-centered, self-pity funk. I HATE IT when this happens – it never lasts long. But it was long enough until I made myself a new flower essences combo of:

Morning Glory

California Poppy
Pink Yarrow
Indian Paintbrush
Indian Pink

In spring water, some coconut oil and a double-terminated Herkimer Diamond. Now normally I use the non-evasive method of having the crystal in one glass bowl and the water in another glass bowl – place the stone bowl into the water bowl and let the energy transfer that way. But my guide – and it was Robert – told me just to place the whole crystal into the bottle. So I did. I call this combination:

“Get my butt into gear”

Strange name – but fitting. And – WOW – does it work! Immediately I felt the change. It was awesome:) So I ought to be able to keep my focus and work all day long!

Okay – off to work I go! Have a great day!!

Until later…

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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