Riding The Rapids And It Was A Test!

Riding The Rapids And It Was A Test!

Bill has been reaching out all morning. I’ve been putting him off seeing that my energy is supposed to be elsewhere – but he is very insistent.

As soon as I start my session I am taken to a fallen log by a river. The water in the river is moving pretty rapidly and there are a series of rapids – starting small and getting larger – down the way a few yards. I can see the rapids end into calm water.

I sit down on the log and listen to the rushing water. It really does sound calming, yet invigorating all at once. Bill arrives and sits next to me. We both sit in silence for a few, just listening to the music of the water. Finally he speaks – how are you? I manage a weak smile – shitty. How are you? He chucks a bit and replies – the same.

I turn to face Bill. Why are you here? Why were you around all weekend? He reaches out to have his fingers lightly caress my left cheek. Because you need me — and no matter what is said, if you need me than I’m here.

What I need is for you to pick up the phone and call me. What I need is to hear your voice – your physical voice.

What about me – will I do? – says a very familiar British voice.

I turn and there is Ted, smiling — he sits down on the other side of me and gives me a hug. I tell him that his voice will always work:)

All three of us sit and stare at the water. I comment – the words ‘Remember The Titans’ are coming to mind. You don’t think that —

Ted says – what can they do?

Bill replies – keep us apart longer.

I bury my head in my hands — I’m thinking to myself that this is all I need, more stress. I’m a pressure cooker as it is. Both guys rub my back.

Jesus appears in front of us, bathed in the most splendid of white lights — he’s almost blinding. We get to our feet immediately. He motions for us to sit back down and we do.

I ask – are we in trouble?

Jesus smiles – no child, he says, there is only love where you three are concerned.

Bill gets that “I get it” look in his eyes and says – this was a test, wasn’t it?

Ted mummers something like a British slang or two under his breath……

Jesus nods. Yes, and you passed. We knew that your love for one another was stronger than anything. But you had to know it too.

I chime in — and now we do.

Jesus smiles (he has the most healing smile that I have ever seen).

I continue — but what about Will?

Jesus gets serious and responds – you need to meet him, that was no test but a must. Too many souls depend on your physical connection. And these two (he nods to Bill and Ted) are to help you by sending connecting energy to the two of you — this will help to facilitate a meeting by the end of the calendar year.

And this water — I ask — who is it supposed to represent?

Jesus says – you. See how the water moves into the rapids and into the calm waters? I nod. This is you now (points to the part before the rapids) over the next several weeks your life will move through the rapids and arrive into the calm. A test for you in the show of strength is among you. You will persevere.

And with that Jesus leaves.

Bill looks at me and asks – did you feel a shift in my energy lately? I reply – yes, as soon as you said that you had to break contact — it was almost as if you had an “ah-ha” moment. He nods – that’s because I did. I had a vision of making a higher connection with you – I saw the energies intertwine around one another.

Ted says – and I had a vision of the three of us in some sort of ancient attire, at an altar and it looked like one person was marrying us to one another.

In the distance I can hear my husband calling me — he needs my help. I tell the men that I will see them later.

And I was done.

I’m drained today — I could really use a nap. Too bad I have no time for one. Off to help the hubby.

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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