Sometimes I’m not the brightest bulb in the box – but I try. Because I try the universe is kind enough to give me light bulb moments. This helps me stay in “The Flow”. I’m not a very good flow person either:) I fight, question and want to do things my way. But do I ever win when I fight the flow? Hell no:) More about all of this in a minute.

I LOVED the Universal Light Expo this year. The energy was great – I reunited with a fabo group of people and met some new friends. My talk on “Unleash Your Sexual Energy” did not go as planned. The powerpoint that I worked so hard on was not able to be used. The connection cord that was supposed to be there wasn’t. Bummer. So I tried to do the talk without it. The talk went much faster than it was supposed to:) But I know what not to do next year and what to add in there. So hopefully they will let me talk about the same subject in 2011. If anyone wants the powerpoint I did – email me.

One of the wonderful people I met back up with at the fair was KC. She has a wonderful aromatherapy line called Phoenix Rising that she created. The name of the company is Universal Harmony. I told her I need something to unblock me – I can be a stubborn soul:) She intuitively went through her spritzer line and found one for me. It’s original purpose is to help with your sexual life – but the earthy scents was perfect for me and my situation. The oils include: jasmine, patchouli, sandalwood and holy water. Check out her products – you really can’t go wrong!

Since I came back from the ULE I’ve had bronchitis. Even on antibiotics this illness has been hard to kick. I still feel pretty much like road kill – but at least I have some energy to do more than just sleep.  This is why I haven’t done a podcast or a blog entry in 2 weeks.

For those of you in the Wooster Ohio area – I will be doing in person readings this Friday from 8 pm – 10 pm at SoMar Wine Cellers downtown @ 211 South Market St.

Back in 2006 I was contacted by a couple who wrote a book about their unique experiences. I loved the story – just loved it. But I didn’t have the time to work on it. They went on their way. In 2008 they came back and asked again if I could work on it. Still no time. Now in 2010 they are back again. I am busier than I was in 2006 or 2008 – but now I know that I have to be the one to help.

Being a hard-headed human I have often questioned “why me?” Why is it me that has to help with this book series? There are thousands of writers in the states that could help them out. So what in the world makes me so fricken special?

Lhort, the invisible writer (guide) helping the couple write their books has been beside me for weeks trying to tell me the “why” but I didn’t want to listen. Because you see if I listened and understood – I knew that my world was going to change. For the better mind you – but change it would – and for me I don’t do change well.

I had to first have a light bulb moment before anything about the why and me could sink in. I had that moment this morning after my shower. This is a book not just about the couple. Even though they are the main subject of the books – it is about so much more. It is about the world most humans cannot no longer see – the invisible world – where guides, angels and spirits roam – live – and aid us. It’s about the unknown – what is hidden – and to let the world know that we are never truly alone.

These stories involve soul mates and eternal love, death, life after death, reincarnation, angels, spirits and guides. Once i understood the scope of the project and how I wasn’t picked by them per say – but picked by the invisible world – I knew that this could not be delayed any longer.

Besides getting the experiences and knowledge out to the world – enabling others to tell their stories – this process will bring to me the one person who has eluded me in this life – Rick. Is he my soul mate? I honestly do not know. Nor will I know until we physically meet. This first book will set things in motion so that we do meet. Rick and I have to come full circle. There is something unfinished from our last time together. What it is? Besides love I don’t know.

Rick’s love life in  this life has been as — rocky — as mine has been. He did a lot of stupid things when he was younger (as did I) and continued to be hard headed until 12 years ago. This was when his daughter was born. He has one child, this daughter. I have one child, my son.

I am doing everything in my power not to overthink things – not to try to question the how. I’m just trying to stay within the flow.

At the ULE from 2 readers and from another reader outside the fair – plus my own intuition tells me that I will not be going to graduate school. Something happens in March that makes it so I do not have to go. That said – I am still doing what I should be doing to get into grad school starting next year. For if I didn’t know the information that I know now I would be working towards getting in for my masters. Things will progress as long as I do not deter from my current flow. I change things – it could change the outcome. Since it is a good outcome, I would like to keep it.

Last Wednesday was Bill’s birthday. Hard to believe he’s 51 now:)  Even though I don’t post “Happy Birthday” to all the guys, I always remember to wish them well on their special day.

I’d better close this out now and get to the podcast. Have a fabo day!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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