Rick, the Love Biz and 11 Personal Year

Rick, the Love Biz and 11 Personal Year

I knew this 11 personal year was going to be an emotional ride – but sheesh! I went back and read that post about my personal year and reacquainted myself with what it said. Basically that I was supposed to give of myself while starting in a new direction. Nice to know that my life is limping along exactly how it should.  My intuition will be strong with bunches of visions and insights — with conclusions, rerouting and new beginnings.

In the midst of conclusions and new beginnings I have gotten a slew (yes I said slew) of emails regarding my previous post about Gypsy Advice. Changes only go into affect IF I get a job. I’m applying — but if I don’t get hired. Well….

So no panicking guys. Readings, spells, podcast, radio show and blogs will continue on. I did manage to sell one more reading this week (another special) to bring my grand total of sales for May to $485.

So the universe wants me to shift things — pretty obvious. What am I going to shift to? The obvious is sex and relationships. Which reminds me my Passion Zone show is now available on iTunes if you cannot listen to it live.

As well as the Allie Theiss Show.

So sex and relationships – since 75% of the questions I get from you guys deal with sex, love and relationships – most of you will still like what I’m going to do. Now whatever I do has to have that metaphysical twist to it — because that’s who I am. 

I’ve already thought of a name — but I have to secure a URL close to what I want 1st before I tell everyone. But it’ll come with the tag line: love often.

In this new business I will have:
Advice – it’ll be straight up $.02 with a dash of metaphysical twist.
Advice column
Podcast or radio show
All natural lubes, lotions and oils
Eco friendly adult toys
My own aphrodisiac creations

The goal is to teach people not only about sex, but how to love and invite intimacy into their lives.To take it on the road and do a one woman show.

Eventually I’d like to either grow into home parties and/or into upscale boutiques. We’ll see – got a while to go on this one 🙂

With this whole thing about GA and what I’m going to do about readings and what not – I can hear Joshua tell me not to give up on Rick. I’m thinking – that is no where on the agenda to give up on him or anyone else in the group. So then I hear Joshua say it again. I’m like – I got it! He’s really persistent about it. I know Rick is searching. Searching for what is beyond me. But I do remember that every guy in the group that I connected with was searching — and somehow I helped them find what they were looking for. I’d like to say it was me (in spirit not in person) that they were searching for and my energy finally attracted their soul to me — but I don’t know if that true or just me having wishful thinking.

I know Rick has something to do with the next level of my life. Again – the particulars I have no idea, but I  think it’s a good idea that I do not know too much.

Rick did, however, throw me into a dream/telepathic sex mix

Well it’s after midnight now and I need some shut eye — although I doubt I’ll get much.

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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