Reverse Spell

Reverse Spell

Did your spells go better than planned – making you feel overwhelmed? Do you need people, places or things to chill back a bit? Try this Reverse Spell!

Best Time: Full or Waning Moon

Supplies: 1 Black Candle, Salt, Olive Oil, 1 fire proof bowl (non metal)


-Carve your name into the Black Candle.

-Anoint the Black Candle with the Olive Oil. Starting in the middle of the candle and rubbing upwards 9 times. Then start at the middle of the candle and apply downwards 9 times.

-Place the Black Candle in the middle of the Bowl. Pour enough Salt around the candle and into the bowl that the candle stands on it’s own.

-As you light the Black Candle recite: Powers the be, hear my plea. Reverse (insert situation) immediately while causing harm to none. Thank you.

-Let the Black Candle burn down -bury the wax/salt into the ground or in a flower pot.

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  1. Anonymous

    I am a gypsy too,but i do not know what to do to save y situation. I struggled all my life(sold house,left job etc) to educate my son as a surgeon and when he got his first job this year in july, a girl without any qualification forced him into a marriage(court) with the help of an old woman,friend of her, who thought that my son is like a diamond and his mother is too poor to have him.
    Since 24 of july this year, when they hid the court marriage, i am no longer a person, Alis turned my son against me totaly, he knows that I am homeless, jobless and that I need him to help me.
    What can i do,please, help me, because i am desperate…I want him to break his relationship with Alis and to come back to me as a mother to help me. There are thousand of girls, respectful and grateful for what I did for him, and not to leave on onthe street, I am old..and lonely.

    Please advise me urgently. My email:

  2. Anonymous

    can this magic reverse spell work to reverse time? i had a great job at publix making 9.25 i was 16 only worked there for a year,all i had to do was cut my hair to kept my job I was happy- i need second chance. i lost my confidentce. i cant buy a car i have walk everwhere walking used to fun for me is there magic time reverse spell? my emil is i made this emil when i got my first job iam flordia please help i have tons of energy but it trapped within me, my dreams say i could do anying fly use energy -my mind only works when iam sleeping i was born in 1989 august 25-

  3. Allie

    Short answer – you can't reverse time. It is what it is. A good way to get your confidence back is to volunteer. Once you're comfortable there – then go back out and apply.

    Magic is a "helper" a leg up if you will. It's not a do all to be all like Harry Potter.

    Allie 🙂

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