The SOUTHWEST sector of the room in which you wish to practice Feng Shui, or your home, is where you encompass love, romance, marriage, and all types of relationships. Many of us learn about relationships from our mothers. This direction is also associated with being receptive.

Different stones you can employ in this sector include: Agate (attract love), Amazonite (partner, relationships), Amber (partner, marriage), Aquamarine (relationships, love), Beryl (communication in relationships), Bloodstone (support in relationships, love), Chrysoberyl (renewal of relationships), Diamond (love, relationships), Emerald (relationships), Garnet (partnership), Herkimer Diamond (bind relationships), Moonstone (mother, love), Rose Quartz (relationships, love), Ruby (love, relationships, loyalty), Sapphire (devotion in love), Sardonyx (communications with partner, love), Topaz (love, partner), Turquoise (partner, love).

Pink is the color of the SOUTHWEST sector. You could employ the power of the gemstones by working with colors. If you choose this route – Rose Quartz is an excellent white stone for this.

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