Too Much Red In Your Relationship?

Too Much Red In Your Relationship?

Red. The color of Valentine’s Day. Of lovey dovey hearts and mushy greeting cards everywhere. It’s passion – excitement and down right sexy. Think about it – when a person wears red they have a sexy persona about them and they get noticed. So red is a good thing – right?


Yes and no.

Red is fabulous for invoking passion and sexiness. As well as anger and self-centeredness. It is not, however, the color of love despite what marketing, media, and ad men want us to know. Red will not invoke love. Not within you and not within a relationship.

When you are in a relationship where you argue too much or become frustrated too easily – there is too much red in your environment. Even if the fighting leads to great make-up sex – there is still too much red.

And too much of anything is a bad thing.

So what to do?

Simple – you have to get all that excess red out of your environment and from your personal energy field.

Look around our environment and see how much red is around there. carpets, furniture, walls, blankets, pillows, etc… The only walls that should ever be painted all red are game room walls. A place where you need that competitive edginess to win. Or a hallway since the point of it is to move through it.

Make sure that the only red in your home is what you use to accessorize – and still use that sparingly.

Cut back on clothes that are all red or have a lot of red in it. Take a break from eating red meat or at least cut back. Same goes for eating out a lot or popping frozen foods into the microwave for a quick meal. Eat sensible for at least a week. Goal here is to cut back on additives and preservatives which add heavily to your red energy. Same goes for cutting back on alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs. Prescription drugs add a heavy dose of red energy to a person. But since you should never cut out a medication without first talking to your doctor – try all the other suggestions.

When you can feel the anger or frustration growing in you, imagine that you have a shovel and you are shoveling out the red energy that is around you. I know – it sounds silly – but it truly does work.

Do a few items mentioned for 2 weeks to a month and pay attention to your mood and the mood of your partner. You will notice a difference.

You, your blood pressure & heart – and your relationship will say “THANK YOU!”

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