Radio Shows, Life Lemonade And Readings!

Radio Shows, Life Lemonade And Readings!

Before I forget – two things:

1) I was on at 9:30 am today and not in the 10 hour. We had fun – as usual.
2) I will be on “The Unexplained World” this Sunday (7/13) at 9:00 pm CDT (10:00 pm EDT) at: phone lines will be open. These guys seem like a great bunch of people – I’m looking forward to being on!

Okay — so my Mini died. Yep – the Cooper blew God knows what last night. So it’s just sitting in my garage right now. I hope to have it fixed today so that I can drive my son to his eye therapy tomorrow. I have no idea where the money will come from in order for me to fix it -but since the universe has my back, I’m sure something will come up.

My son — the neurology appointment went well. There’s nothing that is not firing the way it should be. But since he tends to shriek out (doc called them vocal tics) we’re going to make sure that he’s not having any seizures when that happens. Next Thur we’ll be up in Cleveland for an EKG on his brain – a week after that, up at the Cleveland Clinic for some evaluations.

I’m doing my best to make Life Lemonade out of the lemons I’m being thrown, but I’m still a bit stressed. It’s nothing too insurmountable – but I’d like a short break from my challenges. I’m sure many of you know how I feel.

But to be able to pay for my car, the vet bills and now my son’s doctor bills – I’ve had to go back to Keen & Liveperson to do readings. I’m going to arrange it so that I am on Keen – Mon, Wed & Fri with Liveperson on Tues & Thurs. When school is back in session – Keen Mon – Fri during the day and Liveperson in the evening. I like Liveperson because I can do readings via chat and my client will not hear my son in the background. He doesn’t disrupt me when I do a reading since I do not go into a meditative state or anything – but it’s unprofessional in my eyes to have my client hear him during the reading. Now the podcast is different – it’s free – so that’s why I’m not such a stickler on him being on that podcast. So on the front page of Gypsyadvice are two icons for both services that will let you know when I’m on. I may put them here on the blog as well.

Any help that you can give me to improve my ratings on either Keen or Liveperson is appreciated. With Keen I can give you free minutes. Email me if your are interested and I can send you the minutes to use. Also with Keen, when you use that service and give me feedback, I will give you free minutes for a follow up. As soon as Liveperson adopts the same policy of give away free minutes (although every session is started for free) I will give away more minutes.

Be my Psychic Pimps guys — tell your friends and family members about me. I really need the business – thanks.

For the OBE Book the title: Out of Body Ecstasy! (sub title) The Anywhere, Anytime Orgasmic Experience! Thanks to everyone that voted! I’ve had to put the book on the back burner again — but I hope to still have done in 2008!

I’m going to be adding a “Specialty Reading” category to the Psychic Advice page. Readings tailored for: Soul Mates, Soul Clusters, Destiny Markers, Relationship Compatibility, Lifetime Partners and more! Look for that next week. If you have any suggestions fort a specialty reading – email me and let me know!

There’s a guy named Tim that has been showing up in my dreams. I cannot remember anything but his name – Tim. I have no clue what happened or what we chatted about — just his name. Very strange.

Will is around me more often – which is really nice. He’s not in my face, but he’s not too far away either. He does seem a bit on the sexual side – and I ALWAYS like that:)

And on that note – I have to go and get some more work done.

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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