Quick Dream With Mark

Quick Dream With Mark

Ok – so Mark was in most of my dreams last night. I know this because I kept waking up and thinking – there he was again. Of course I didn’t write any of it down – I was too tired all I wanted to do is go back to sleep.

What I do remember though is him being very agitated. Change was all around him and he wasn’t happy about it at all. He was stressed. He slid behind the wheel of a moving truck – I was in the passenger seat. I knew that because he was pissed that I should put my seat belt on and I did. He didn’t. He drove like a crazy man – way too fast, taking corners at a dangerous speed. Then he slowed down and went at a crawl – not wanting to get to his destination. He looked at me and said – I can’t stop this…what do I do?

Then I woke up.

When he spoke to me – he had this tortured look on his face – like someone who is about to lose a loved one to an illness and they are powerless to stop it. His energy has been with me since I rolled out of bed.

Off to take Brodie to the vet – then it’s time for my son’s schooling.

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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