Sex is important. I’m sure you’ve read that in an article on Huffington Post or Web MD. Perhaps on your last check-up your doctor mentioned the health benefits? However this information has trickled to you doesn’t matter – what matters is that you listen to it.

Would you ignore a drug, green smoothie, or herb that could improve your heart, mind, and spirit?


So why would you ignore a natural human need that doesn’t need to be manufactured by anyone but you?

Think of it as filling your organic quota for the week.

How do you add SEX back into your life – as something IMPORTANT?

Schedule it in?

Put it on a list and check it off?

Tell your friends to remind you?

Just do it?

No, no, no, and sadly – no.

The one and only thing that will have you wake up and want an active sex life is WANT. Yes — you have to WANT IT.

desire_womanYou have to want:

– to feel the rush of excitement pump through your body.

– to feel your breath catch right at the moment of orgasm.

– to melt with pleasure.

– to wrap yourself up in the goodness of preventive medicine that no pharmaceutical company can manufacture.

– to feel relief as you lift your emotions to a new high.

– to allow freedom to arrive as your mind escapes the fog.

– to experience a flow of power as your vibrational energy increases.

– to feel love radiate from you as you improve a romantic relationship.

– to feed the fuel of attraction for the RIGHT relationship.


That’s all.

And sex will be back on your “to-do” list.

(you can thank me later)

Need some help with the want? Try one of these:

1. Read an erotic story. Try a story over at Ellora’s Cave or Literotica.

2. Fantasize about your favorite celebrity.

3. Wear a sexy bra and/or panties without anyone knowing but YOU that you have them on.

Need a sex life tune-up?

Let’s chat to see if you and I are a good fit for coaching. You will take away at least one actionable step you can use today!


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