Psychic Vampire 911

Psychic Vampire 911

Have you ever been around a person and after the meeting, felt drained? Zapped. Tired. Maybe a bit fuzzy in the brain. If so, you’ve been zapped by a psychic vampire.

A psychic vampire reverse polarities their inner energy. Instead of projecting out to heal and uplift – they “tractor-beam” your energy to heal & uplift themselves.

Many don’t know that they do this — so we can’t blame them 100% of the time. But it is usually those who complain and huff & puff about life. The ones who are always mad, frustrated, & depressed who are doing nothing to change their lives.

And if you go into a room full of psychic vampires (think horrible holiday family gatherings) you will want to sleep for a week.

So what can you do?

Luckily – I have some suggestions for you.

Psychic Vampire 911

1) Protective Shield – If you think you’re about to head into dangerous territory, take along two stones: Black Tourmaline & Labradorite as they both provide a shield of protection. Plus, the Black Tourmaline reflects back to the source what is trying to be sent to you. So a Psychic Vampire vamps themselves!

2) ER Defense – Think you already entered into a Dead Zone? Rosemary offers quick relief. You can drink rosemary tea or make a strong infusion (pour boiling water over fresh or dried rosemary) or add rosemary to your bath.

3) Repair – Flower essences can repair any damage you couldn’t get to fast enough to fix. They will also shift your energy & allow you to create new patterns of behavior so that you are not so vulnerable the next time. A few that work well for repair: Fringed Violet, Garlic, & Rue.

Remember, no matter how much you like someone or how long you’ve known them, if when you leave their presence you feel exhausted & drained, he or she is a psychic vampire.


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