Psychic Stuff, Readings And WTF?

Psychic Stuff, Readings And WTF?

Dang it’s hot. I don’t realize how hot my office is until I go downstairs – wow – what a difference. And where are 3 of my 4 cats -up here with me. They did throw me a look kike – are you ready to put in AC now? Nope – I’m not. So here we are — a bit hot & muggy, but otherwise okay.

My son is so nervous to go to the Cleveland Clinic tomorrow for his EEG (I think I had called it a EKG) of his brain. I had to assure him that all they were going to do was to place electrodes on his scalp – and they’ll ask to breathe certain ways – flash a light in his eyes — all to see if his brain has mini seizures. I’m sure he’ll be fine and the test will turn out perfect. But we’re going cause the doc suggested it. The kid has a thing about anything feeling “pricklely” or sticky on his body. He was almost having a fit when he was thinking about when they remove the electrodes! Sticky stuff in his hair — and there may be pain! The kid was funny. I calmed him down enough. The clinic wants him tired for the test – so I told him he could stay up as late as he wanted tonight — that make him feel good.

Tomorrow is pitch day for Nickelodeon – fingers crossed!

I was tweaking a few things on Liveperson & Keen last night — and I know I shouldn’t have done this — but I started looking around at the prices of other readers again. It made my blood boil. I found one on Liveperson for $20.00/minute – what the hell? AND people are actually paying it! WTF? Come on guys — does anyone but me think that this is in excess? I could see a sex hot line charging that much (like Nite Flirt) because you’re just there to get off, you’re not vulnerable and seeking advice. It just rubs me the wrong way. I pray to the Goddess above that my ego never gets that big that I charge someone $1200/hr for my psychic services.

BTW — I’ve had several people contact me about Cheat Peeps. I’m good — and I’ll be contacting the people I’ve already talked to to chat again about what I need.

New readings – I’m still thinking about adding a few more from what’s been suggested to me – because they’re all good. But I haven’t had time to really give it thought — so later on that one.

I really enjoy giving sexual energy readings. The ones I gave the hosts for the Unexplained World and for The Maria Shaw Show ( were very short. There’s only so much time in the slots I was on air – so I had to scale back a bit on what I wanted to say — but I just love doing this. Any ideas for sexual readings would be appreciated – and if it’s picked – you get one of those readings for free. So put on your sexual thinking caps!

Will, Bill and Ted have all taken a giant step back – I have no idea why. George has taken a step forward. I’m sure there’s something for me to learn here – I just do not know what it is. And if Tracey’s work with the guys is over (which it is) what in the hell happened? I still haven’t gotten that call from Will (Iris is here saying – be patient, you will). It’s not that I’m not patient and it’s not like I want to jump into something with the man any time soon – but I would like to talk to him. George seems just as baffled as I am to why he is right here now. But he’s smooth about it – I guess I could say – reminds me of Frank Sinatra smooth. I know that for the last few days as my headaches have come back and my sleep patterns are screwed up – that it has to do partly with him and maybe the guys somehow. I do know that a big life change is on it’s way. When I throw the tarot cards down to see what — I keep getting the Tower card. Now the Tower I don’t consider to be a bad card – I just see it as being blindsided and your world is drastically shifted into another direction.

But WHAT direction?

Iris and I had a chat the other day about marriage. I asked her if I really had to get married again in this lifetime in order to fulfill a Destiny Marker or my Soul Path? She said no – but that I would be in a committed relationship. I can do that – committed. But I honestly never want to do the marriage thing again. I don’t see the purpose in it. It’s not that I’m against marriage – I just do not see it’s logical purpose in this day and age – especially with the divorce rates as high it is. It’s not the 1950’s any more – women work outside the home, you don’t have to be married to have children. Plus since we all have several Life Partners to help us on our Life Path with our life’s lessons – the odds of getting divorced are astronomically high. Luckily for me – the man I am supposed to be with views marriage the same way I do:)

BTW – Mr. Client Guy – dropped off the face of the earth. I haven’t chatted with him in over 2 weeks. Oh well. I’m okay with that.

Thank you for those who have been my psychic pimp:) Please keep it coming – I have a feeling when I take Brodie to the vet again on Friday – it’s going to be a hefty bill.

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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