…who is in the midst of church-going, bible-toting, Tea party madness.

What the hell?

That’s exactly what this stay-at-home mom turned psychic sex coach said when I moved to my town of Wooster Ohio.

Now to be fair – at the core of the town we have a liberal arts private college and a branch of the state university. The core of Wooster is liberal – while the rest of Wayne county is very much right-winged.

This is still not the place you’d find someone like me.

I was dragged here kicking and screaming by my then 2nd husband in 2001 after the birth of our son & the loss of my business. I felt isolated, alone, forgotten. I was in a place away from my family and friends, depressed, and looking for anyway out of this perceived hell hole. I was in a very bad spot – emotionally, mentally, & spiritually. When we divorced in 2007, I had an opportunity to pack up my son, 6 animals, and get the hell out of Dodge.

But I didn’t.


Because here is where I transformed from the bird with broken wings to the Phoenix.

If it wasn’t for Wooster, my very right-winged neighbor & friend, and the fact that my house sits right in the middle of an energy vortex — I would not be who I am today. I would have instead pursued the path of a CPA.

Can you imagine me in Corporate America as a CPA?

There would be no soul mates – soul clusters – no Soulful Connections. No Ask Allie, Passion Zone, or Allie Theiss Show. No Out of Body Ecstasy or 4 Gypsy Magic Books. No Black Triangle, Dreamers, or Life According to Kyra screenplays. No readings, coaching, or Energy 180. No Joshua & Celina. No Atlantis.

Holy Hell!

People push me all the time to move to CA and are baffled to why I haven’t. I am open to working in CA, having a 2nd house in CA – in fact – both my son and I are both up for the move. However, I will never sell this house.


Because this is where I found the foundation of who I am. I found ME. I reconnected to my SOUL.

Never in a million years did I think I’d be a psychic sex coach who is about to put it all on the line and talk about her soul tribe.

Never Ever!

Just like taking the chance and staying in Wooster, I am about to transform again and allow people into facets of my life that I have kept hidden – tucked away from prying eyes. Talking about my soul mates is one thing – talking about our connections and the feelings they unearth is something totally different. I’m allowing myself to be vulnerable – exposed.

And I’m not going to lie – I’m scared shitess all over again.

But I found ME. I’m connected to ME. Therefore there isn’t anything I cannot do.

My soul connection needs to be strong, unwavering, unbreakable – and it is because of the foundation I found in the most unlikeliness of places – Amish Hell.

People are so stuck on finding the perfect time to make a change – to start something new – to find a relationship – to end a relationship – to have children – to move – to find a job – to quit a job – to start a new business – to open up – to love.

So much time wasted.

All you need is to find the perfect – flawed – wonderful – loving – you.

And you can literally do that anywhere.

I’m proof of that.

Have you found YOU yet? Did it happen where you thought it would? Or were you surprised like me? Let me hear about it in the comments below!

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