Psychic Scams and Ethics

Psychic Scams and Ethics

Code of Ethics And Psychic Scams

Back when I had I posted my code of ethics and also warned people of psychic scams. Just because I no longer use Gypsyadvice doesn’t mean that there are no more scams from so-called psychics. So I decided to post here a page I had on my site – all of which still holds true.

I follow my own Code of Ethics when it comes to doing readings and giving advice on all levels. I do not belong to any organization that makes me develop these ethics in order to join. I do so of my own free will. I believe that every reader/advice giver should have their own Code of Ethics.

Allie’s Code of Ethics:

  1. I recommend that you seek the advice of a competent physician, attorney, or financial advisor before you make any life changing decisions. I am not an expert in any of these fields and therefore cannot give a professional assessment of your situation.
  2. I do not suggest that you consult me about every decision you make. I encourage you to think for yourself.
  3. I remind you that nothing in life is set in stone – your life is not “predetermined”. You are of your own free will to change your life. I only point out how your past and present actions, attitudes and beliefs have a baring of where you are and where you are headed.
  4. All advice is done in confidence – your name and your situation stays with me. I may consult from time to time an opinion from another person – but in no shape or form do they know who you are.
  5. All advice is done without bias towards race, gender, creed, color, or sexual orientation.
  6. Advice given during a session is not meant to be positive or negative but insightful. How you choose to accept or deny any information is solely at your discretion. How you use the information given to you is also totally up to you. You are responsible for your own actions.
  7. I have the right to refuse any client or reading/advice that I am not comfortable with and the client has that same right.

Psychic Scams

Unfortunately there are “psychics” who are con artists and are only after your hard earned money. Of course, many of these psychics are fake do not know what in the heck they are doing – so make sure you check the readers feedback before you consult them for a reading! Maybe times, the fakes read from a script and their sole purpose in life is to keep you on the line so they can make more money.

Now there are those who have psychic abilities and use their talent to rope you in — and then they go for the kill. If you want to go to a reader/psychic/spell caster — please get a referral from a friend/family/co-worker and check out their feedback on their site/listing. Plus – make sure you have more than one way to contact them — email & phone are two excellent ways – plus if they have a mailing address, that’s great too!

Here are some suggestions for you to consider to see if you are involved in a psychic scam:

  • There is negative energy around you and for $XXX I will remove it! This is also applied to curses and if they “see” a bad event about to happen to you and you can pay them to stop it.
  • There is a curse on you and your family – bring me all of the money you have. It is the money that is cursed and I need to do a spell on the actually money to make the curse disappear! All that is going to disappear is your hard-earned cash!
  • Another popular one is that they will contact someone who is dead for you and then in the middle of their “conversation” they lose touch and it will take $x to bring that person back into focus. Oh – and I love when they say you better be quick because there is an important message for you.
  • They tell you something’s that are relevant and true about your life. Then they throw in some sort of curse that will take $XXX to remove.
  • They tell you not to make a decision without consulting them first!
  • When you try to break away from the scammers – they either tell you some horror story (and maybe give you a discount) to stay and pay or they tell you that they will put a curse on you.
  • The reader or spell caster will not return your phone calls or emails after they have taken your money.
  • No candle or oil should cost above $55 and no stones above $150 (all depends on the type of stone).

It is important to note that if you get a reading or spell from someone and it either didn’t click or work — this IS NOT a scam. When a person keeps after you for money — THAT IS a scam.

What to do if you discovered you’ve been scammed:

  • Stop all communications with the scammers. Change your email and phone if you have to. Cancel all credit cards that you used to pay them with and close your checking account (if you paid by check).
  • File a police report if it’s a local scammer.
  • File a complaint with your State Attorney’s office.
  • If the scammer is out of your state: file a complaint with their State Attorney’s office PLUS contact the FBI and report it to them.

If you are in one country and the scammer is in another country, it is difficult to get any help — BUT — if the FBI gets enough complaints against someone, there may be some recourse.

The odd of you getting any money back is slim, but not impossible. What you are doing by reporting the scammers is saving someone else the heartache that you went through and it helps you sleep at night.

Psychic Scam Forum

I know, there used to be a forum where you could view the different scams and the scammers. After the forum crashing for the 10th time and the spammers had a major field day with the forum – I closed it down. Enough is enough.

That said, I am STILL very interested in hearing if you have been scammed. Please contact me to send me your information.

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