Psychic Phenomena, Bill And The Beach!

Psychic Phenomena, Bill And The Beach!

I had a really nice chat today with Dr. Solensky at The College of Wooster. I’m looking forward to talking to her class on Oct 19th about psychic phenomena. It’s rather neat (I know – who uses that word now a days) that two other professors were wondering if their classes could join hers for that chat or if I would go talk to their classes. I’d be more than happy to go chat:) I’ll be faced with a room of skeptics, which I think is great. Being skeptical means that questions will be asked – the more they ask, the more – I hope – they’ll learn. Or at least open their mind to the possibilities. Dr. Solensky would ask me one question – which would snowball into another subject – which would lead to something else — you know me, once I start. We decided not to plan anything for that class, except starting with Numerology, and we’ll let it roll from there. I’ll let you know how it goes:)

I keep forgetting to mention: September 10th: Catch Allie as she is a guest on the show “Angels On Air” by Carol Manetta at 6 pm PT/Arizona, 9 pm ET. We’re going to talk about my Gypsy Magic books:)

The 1st day of “No Appointment Day” readings went pretty well! I was surprised to how many people took advantage of getting a reading on the spot instead of having to wait for an appointment. I’ll be doing this every Monday and Thursday as long as time/work load permits.

I keep seeing the same vision repeated today. No matter if I’m doing dishes, sitting at the computer or walking – it keeps showing up. It’s just about time for the sunset, Bill and I are in a pick-up truck driving on a paved main road – looks to be a state route. We have jackets on, jeans, sweaters. I keep asking where are we going? He tells me to stop asking and quit guessing. He turns off to the right, onto a dirt road. It’s rough going – this road is a well-traveled road, but it’s fun going through all of the trees, not knowing what is round the next bend.

We stop and I can see a large boulder up ahead. We walk between two boulders and come to a beach. On this beach is a blanket, food, a pit fire (with fire blazing), and wine. I’m shocked, but I cannot stop grinning. I can’t believe that he did all of this for me. I know (even though it is not brought up) that I told him that this is what I would consider a perfect date. Dinner on the beach enjoying the sunset. And here we are. I’m overwhelmed with emotion as he makes sure I’m comfortable on the blanket – and pours me a delicious glass of white wine. He tells me that he fell in love with this wine when he was in South America.

And that’s where it stops.

To me that truly is a perfect date. I’ve never had a date like that – and I know that I would love it. If not at the ocean, then at a lake or a river – up in the mountains. I’m a sucker for the outdoors. Sure, would love a great restaurant – either a 5 star or a ma and pa joint – as long as the food is good, I love movies, amusement parks (I’m a roller coaster junkie), sports: football, baseball, basketball, European football (or soccer as Americans call it) — and going to any of those and maybe a pub (cause I do like my drink) is also excellent. But the topper is the dinner on the ocean. You never know — I may still get that perfect date:)

And on that note -it is time to pick up my son from kindergarten!

Have a great weekend!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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