Psychic Fair, Dream Reality and Finding Home!

Psychic Fair, Dream Reality and Finding Home!

Dreams have stayed at a steady WTH this week. What about you guys? Are you finding that you are dreaming more lately? When I’m awake I feel like I’ve been run over by a train and it keeps going back and forth over me. I have a feeling there is a lot of energy shifting going on. Not the tiny stuff that happens every once in awhile as our soul’s grow and mature. But the WHAM bang your head against the wall – get – ready – for – it – to – all – change – type of energy shift. Any one else feel along the same lines?

My $.02 about a dream reality on the podcast garnered a lot of downloads. If our dream reality and physical reality are separate – do I have a separate house? Am I married or dating in Dreamville? Do I have the same friends there that I do here? I’m curious to what I have or don’t have there. I know I still have my son – and my animals (all of them – no one has “died” – which gives me 20 cats and 4 dogs).

Because I keep trying to figure it all out – I’m attempting to remember my “home”. So far I can’t. No matter how much I try to figure out where I live I can’t find a dwelling that I say is mine. I show up places with people & animals that I know – but it’s never the same place twice in a row. It’s always a big house with water – either the ocean, lake or a pool. It’s always white and it always has a grand staircase and a kick ass master bathroom. Other than that – everything switches.

It’s tough to try to get to the house in the dream world without accidentally creating it first before I get there.  Like I teach people if you want to meet up with someone in the dream world think about them as you fall asleep. If it’s a place or an activity – think about it as you fall asleep. But with this I don’t want anything to be predetermined – so I have to fall asleep concentrating on the feelings & emotions associated with being at home; comfort, safety, security, love, etc… It’s a tricky dream entrance.

I know that most of my clients are scattered all over the world. But I was thinking about getting together with a couple of local healers/mediums and putting together a psychic fair in Ohio. Probably in Akron. Would any of you be interested in it? Either showing up as a participant or being a reader/healer? Just something I’m thinking about for later on in the year.

Want to boast your psychic sense? Place a drop of Mugwort oil on a Moldavite and hold on! No Moldavite around? You can also use Apophyllite or Cat’s Eye. No oil? Then place the stone in some Mugwort herbs for 24 hrs before use.

Time to go help my son with his homework!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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