Does Prosperity Elude You?

Does Prosperity Elude You?

Prosperity is the abundance of money/wealth. People search their whole life for it, but few actually achieve it. Why? Because humans are taught at an early age that there is only so much money to go around. We’re also taught that we are unworthy of having a lot. That someone having money or houses or cars is a bad thing. That money is evil. As humans we are not on Earth to suffer and we are not here to take from others.

We’re here for many reasons – two of them being love and joy. For many people (myself included), part of joy is not worrying about paying the bills and having enough money for the freedom to travel and help others.

What holds you back from prosperity?

  1. Limiting beliefs that you deserve prosperity.
  2. The stranglehold family & the environment (friends, co-workers, media) put on your beliefs on prosperity.
  3. Issues left over from a past life/lives .

Just one of the above puts a serious crimp in your energy. But combine the three (and that is what most people have to deal with) is a serious screw to your prosperity attraction ability.

Correcting your ability to attract prosperity.

  1. Take out a piece of paper and free write your beliefs on prosperity. Free writing means you do not think about what you are writing – you just write.
  2. Look at what you write. REALLY look at it. Give yourself as much time as you need to digest.
  3. After you come to terms on your inherited limiting beliefs, fold the piece of paper 3 x (6 x if it is a big piece of paper).
  4. Take a ceramic or glass bowl and place the paper in it.
  5. As you light the paper, ask whomever your higher power is (or angels, guides) to take these beliefs, that you are done with them. Say it with EMOTION and FEELING. You are DONE with these beliefs.
  6. Bury or flush the ashes.
  7. Say to yourself 3x daily: “I attract prosperity no matter who I’m with or where I’m at. There is enough prosperity for everyone.”

Now that took care of THIS life. Trust me when I say that this was MOST of your problem.

In another post I will continue on with removing blockages brought over from a past life/lives.

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