Welcome to the Neighborhood Erotica Kindle

Welcome to the Neighborhood Erotica Kindle


The late August night had Cindy annoyed & bothered. Until her trip to the bathroom revealed her new sexy neighbor taking the night’s heat into his own hands. The next morning she decided to welcome him to the neighborhood — and boy did she give a neighborly welcome!

An erotic Passion Break short story.

Keywords: vanilla, voyeurism, heterosexual sex


Sample Pages


It’s 2:00 am. I lie in bed – awake, sweaty, and annoyed. My ceiling fan fights a losing battle to keep me cool as the humidity of the late August night hangs on my skin like morning dew. I snuggle into the sweet spot located in the center of my king-size bed. I figure if anything can help me sleep, this spot will do it. However, I didnt take into consideration the dull, yet stabbing pain of my full bladder.
Damn that wine, I mumble to myself as I roll out of bed.

I trudge down the hall, past my son’s room, to the sound of the downstairs TV and my husband’s earth-shattering snores. The night-light illuminates the bathroom just enough that I can find the toilet without the need to turn on a light or trip over a cat.

My bladder sings the song of relief. I glance out through the half-open blinds into the night. Through the bright light of the full-moon, I see movement in my new neighbors’ house. Up on the second floor, the light from a TV shines through the open window. I can dimly make out the edge of a bed. I see a pair of feet male. They move around as if they try to get comfortable.

His feet hit the floor as he sits up. I can see his muscular legs, erect penis, and firm chest, covered in an array of curly hairs. It’s good to know that my neighbor prefers to sleep in the nude. With what I can see, I hope this trend continues.

Much to my surprise and delight, he firmly grabs his penis with his long, piano fingers and moves his hand ever so slowly up and down the shaft. Immediately, my breath quickens my skin flushes sweat beads on my forehead. I watch his hands move faster, his hips thrust to the rhythm. I don’t remember closing the toilet lid. Next thing I remember is placing my bare foot on top of the toilet. Slowly I slide two of my fingers inside of my throbbing cunt.

The pace of his hand quickens, his manhood rocks to the aroused rhythm, his hips twist as his excitement climbs. His moans whisper through the air pushes my fingers to move faster.

My fingers slide in and out. The wetness slides past my knuckles onto the palm of my hand. I place my left hand on the window frame to steady myself. My heart races, I stifle the moan that escapes my parted lips. Harder my fingers plunge, my excitement difficult to bear. I cannot take my eyes off his penis, even when my eyelids threaten to close as I ride in towards climax.

I watch the long awaited release. His legs shake, his hips jut forward as I marvel to watch as his cum spit into the air. My left-hand grips the edge of the window. My blood races to my pussy as my fingers pound faster and faster I can feel electricity pour through my body, I feel lightheaded as my excitement reaches climax. I see his body relax and hold still. I catch my breath and smile to myself. That is one neighbor I will have to meet!

The next afternoon I find myself on my neighbor’s front porch with a plate of freshly made chocolate chip cookies. I check myself in the reflection of his door, smooth out the shine on my full lips. The red cotton blouse hugs my DD’s with flair. Three buttons open, just enough of a peek to see if I can stir his interest.

I take a deep breath steady my nerves. I don’t even remember ringing the doorbell. But before I knew it…

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