The Idea Formula Guide

The Idea Formula Guide


In this useful 30 page PDF guide you will learn several ideas for coming up with your next best idea + helpful mindmapping products. You never know where your next idea with come from!


A great idea could be worth billions!

The generation of powerful ideas has moved us forward as a civilization from the Stone Age to the Digital Age. If primitive man hadn’t started carving his ideas on cave walls, there’s little chance we would have accomplished anything we needed to accomplish to survive and thrive as a race.

Ideas like fire; cave drawings; the wheel; writing; broadcasting; the Internet.

With every idea we develop as a species, we drive the world forward in technology – and in business. Every modern technology brings its own requirement for fresh solutions to manage it – just as every new idea drives new technological advances.

It’s a self-fulfilling process.

Ideas make old things new, prevent or solve problems, and create products and services that make our lives easier and more fulfilling.

If we failed to think of new ideas, we’d have difficulty building happy relationships, novel methods of entertainment and ways to create financial income. It becomes obvious that ideas aren’t just limited to the “nice to have” department of our lives – they’re an essential component at the heart of our lives.

People get passionate about their ideas. The passionate ones dedicate themselves to making those ideas a reality. And those passionate people have been from all walks of life and encompass all aspects of idea generation – spiritual, emotional, physical and financial.

If you take the time to examine Gandhi, Richard Branson, Steve Jobs or Eddie Izzard, you’ll see people with radically different approaches to life except for one thing – at their core, they had ideas that obsessed them. Ideas that drove their behavior to achieve important things in their lives that had far-reaching effects on everyone around them.

Ideas are like seeds that grow into diverse types of trees depending on how they are nourished. Weak ideas will fail. Innovative ideas without adequate nurturing will also wither and die over time. But an innovative idea nurtured properly can change the world!

This guide concentrates on generating great ideas for business, however, these suggestions can be implemented for the creative soul looking for his or her next story idea.

Do You Know Your WHY? Knowing your WHY helps to give your life meaning. Finding your why + your personal life purpose creates a life of happiness and fulfillment. Check out the guide + workbook today!


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