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“Being grateful all the time isn’t easy. But it’s when you least feel thankful that you are most in need of what gratitude can give you: perspective. Gratitude can transform any situation. It alters your vibration, moving you from negative energy to positive. It’s the quickest, easiest most powerful way to effect change in your life — this I know for sure.” – Oprah

Finding the grace in being grateful shifts your vibration allowing love, abundance, and prosperity to flow to you. On the days when it’s challenging to find gratitude are the times when you need to see it the most. Days without having an appreciation for the big AND little things are days where your vibration lowers.

Low vibes bring crappy things to you and worse yet – gets you stuck.

It’s time for you to find gratitude and move FORWARD with your life!

This offer contains:

Looking Back


1) 31-page PDF guide to helps you look back on the past year with reflection and appreciation.





2) 127-page PDF workbook to help you reflect and find gratitude.





The Importance of Reflection and Gratitude

An uneventful or even a disastrous day is filled with valued gifts when we take a moment to reflect upon them.

Imagine this scene: A long line of people stands in a checkout line at the new department store in town. A lady with her arms full of items, while holding a toddler on her hip, waits patiently for her turn to check out. A total stranger, who was next in line to check out, motions to her to step in front of him. Her face beams with gratitude as she passes the five other people in front of her and takes his place in line.

Such a small act of kindness, yet her heart was overwhelmed with happiness. She experienced a brief, but a genuine moment of sincere gratitude with such joy, that it altered the course of her day.

Gratitude is one of the essential components for attracting prosperity and abundance.

No matter how brief the experience may be, joy is the accompanying emotion of gratitude. Feeling abundant, prosperous, joyful, enriched with appreciation makes it a reality.

On the surface, you may feel a sense of being indebted in one way or another to the person who took care of you or gave of themselves. Looking deeper that feeling is an advanced awareness of being connected to another human being. From this intimate human connection comes the recognition of being connected to everything in the Universe.

When we break out of our small, self-centered enterprises and viewpoints with all those expectations and control dramas, gratitude flows freely. We appreciate the intentions and even the simplest gesture of kindness. Everything in our world begins to look lighter, brighter and more vibrant.

We are supported in countless ways and by one another through every moment of our lives. For example, think of all those engineers, technical designers, and assembly workers who brought you the computer you are using. When you think of this, you begin to feel a sense of gratitude and appreciation.

Reflect when you woke, go through the day’s events and notice all the luxury of your life. The rich taste of your morning coffee is especially appreciated. Think of the process and the journey the coffee has taken to meet its destination for you to enjoy.

As you reflect on all that is in your world and the life you live, gratitude shines through you. It’s an insight that is humbling and exposes your inner desire to be of service and generous to others.

My guide and workbook offering wants to give you the tools needed for reflection and gratitude. Looking back, combined with appreciation, is a sure way of moving forward with success.

This offer contains:

Looking Back


1) 31-page PDF guide to helps you look back on the past year with reflection and appreciation.





2) 127-page PDF workbook to help you reflect and find gratitude.




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