Gypsy Magic for the Dreamer’s Soul Paperbook

Gypsy Magic for the Dreamer’s Soul Paperbook


Visit with your Spirit Guides or Engage in Astral Projection!

Gypsy Magic for the Dreamers Soul is a powerful collection of magic to achieve and remember your dreams, astral travels, and contact with your Divine Helpers. Based on ancient Gypsy rites, the formulas and spells within allow you to tap into your own innate gifts and transform your life. They are a mix of Allie’s personal secrets along with the successful combinations she uses to help her clients — and now you — succeed.

Gypsy Magic for the Dreamers Soul provides easy-to-understand steps that incorporate ordinary household objects and magical items to help you:

–Create and utilize your dream portal and workspace
–Communicate with your Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides, and Elemental Helpers
–Engage in astral or dream sex
–Construct a dream or astral travel protection pillow
–Strengthen your telepathic connection
–Visit your soul mate
And so much more!

Use your own personal power to harness the energy of the Universe and create the dream realm you desire.




Soul Mate Encounters
The Best Time
Create this sachet when the moon is waxing or full.

Supplies Needed
3 Tbsp. Lavender
2 Tbsp. Rosemary
1 Tbsp. Powdered Sugar
1 Tbsp. Sandalwood
1 Tbsp. Mugwort
A Strand Of Your Hair
1 Clear Quartz Crystal, Garnet or Soul Mate Crystal
1 Non-metal bowl
1 Rose or Pink Pouch or Cloth
1 Thread/Ribbon if Cloth used

Add all the first seven ingredients in a non-metal bowl. Mix with your protective hand (the one you use to write). Pour the mix herbs into the cloth or pouch. Add the stone. Close or tie shut with thread/ribbon. Gently kneed the sachet to activate the herbs. After three months discard the herbs outside your home. Place the storm & cloth in the light of the full moon overnight. Reuse stone & cloth for the same sachet.

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