Powerful Stone Trio, Destiny Markers And Telepathic Connection!

Powerful Stone Trio, Destiny Markers And Telepathic Connection!

Ahh..the start of Spring Break..my son is in heaven – me, while I love having him around, I swear he’s a brain sucker. Are all kids like this? I know at some point in time I had some intelligence, but I swear I can’t seem to find it when he’s around – or any focus. Okay – I think the focus is just me — but the brain power sucking out of…yadda…that’s him:) So for the next 10 days if I don’t make a whole lot of sense (and we’re talking worse than normal here) you’ll know why.

The guides are after me to change my 3 stone pendant again — this time to opal, moldavite and faden quartz. I asked what are they trying to do to me – keep me connected to the everything but where I’m at? Iris said – no. It’s to give that last boost of power to telepathiclly communicate with Will. I reminded her that the stones I have are too big for a pendant and do I have time to find smaller stones? She said no. So…I proposed that I put my faden, moldavite and opal together and when I telepathic connect with Will I will simple put my left hand on all 3 stones and get that extra boost that way. Her reply – get busy. I grabbed my faden & moldavite from my bedroom and held both in my left hand as I was looking through my stones for the opal. The power with just these two stones gave me an instant headache. Wow – what a combo to hold together! I found the opal and placed all 3 on my desk. My faden is quite large – so the other two fit on it with ease. I put the moldavite directly on the faden and the opal on the moldavite – like it would be had I had these 3 in a pendant.

I placed my left hand over the combo (lightly touching the opal). within 10 seconds I could feel this massive vibration going through my left hand – massive vibe. I concentrated on Will, and it was as if I flipped on the TV and he was right there — that’s how quick it was — and it was crystal clear. No fuzziness or working to establish a stronger connection. I could see myself go into his mind and work on any blockages that he may still harbor (and there were quite a few). I “blasted” the blockages away, the took a floor broom and swept up the leftovers. I felt his body twitch like a zing of energy went through it — then that energy went through mine. I took my hand off the stones and closed this intense connection. I didn’t have a headache while the connection was there – but afterwards it came back. He’s going to have that breakthrough tonight — I just know it. Something will trigger one present memory, which will trigger another present memory, then another, then another (4 in all) when BAM it all floods to him. As someone who this has happened to 5 times now — it’s overwhelming and takes some time to adjust to.

Speaking of Will – because of our dream sex last night – pineapple will never look (or taste) the same again!

Tonight is a Friday with a full moon so it is perfect for anyone who wants to do a love spell:) Plus it’s Good Friday and the day after the Spring Equinox (and the Rosicrucian New Year) – added power just doesn’t get any better than this…..

The other night I was talking with one of my clients and I brought up Destiny Markers. We all have certain destinies to reach at specific times of our lives – this is what I call the Destiny Markers. No matter what – we have to end up at certain places in certain time frames. But we have the free will to determine if we take the easy path, hard path or the damn difficult path (otherwise knows as the scenic route). In my life for the most part — it’s all been scenic. That’s because I did not pay attention to the signs and listen to my inner voice. I have always known several things about my current life: 1) I’m a writer – to make movies/TV, 2) I’m psychic 3) A healer 4) An advisor 5) To have one great love (and many minor loves) 6) Success wouldn’t hit until after 40.

Because I am listening to my self and paying attention to the signs – what I knew about my life is now coming to pass. Could I have had an easier time getting to my Destiny Markers if I had listened earlier – definitely. But what happened has happened — and all I can do is be more aware from this point forward. There are more Destiny Markers that I’m not privy to yet — but I can feel that they are right around the corner.

How can you become more in tune and reach your Destiny Markers with less hassle than most? I found the below message several weeks ago and it was relevant and timely.

Adapted from How to Know God, by Deepak Chopra (Three Rivers Press, 2000).

When you assume authorship of your own life, outcomes are never in doubt — you know your Destiny Markers and trust that you will get there. No matter what happens to you, each event has a place and a meaning. You also begin to master the art of manifestation. You just intend a thing and it happens. You co-create with the universe.

When highly successful people are interviewed (because they keep reaching their Destiny Markers), many times they repeat the same formula: “I had a dream and I stuck with it, because I was certain that it would come true.” This attitude is a symptom—one might say the symptom—of co-creation.

The following qualities can be seen in people who have mastered the art of intention:

1. They are not attached to the past of how things should turn out.
2. They adapt quickly to errors and mistakes.
3. They have good antennae and are alert to tiny signals.
4. They have a good connection between mind and body.
5. They have no trouble embracing uncertainty and ambiguity.
6. They remain patient about the outcome to their desires, trusting the universe to bring results.
7. They make karmic connections and are able to see the meaning in chance events.

Of course I do not believe anything is a “chance event” – everything happens for a reason.

Off to see what my son is up to and to do another reading. For those of you who celebrate Easter – Hoppy Easter!

Looking forward to making my Easter ham with the pineapple .

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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