Pop Rocks, Ted and my Third Eye!

Pop Rocks, Ted and my Third Eye!

The last couple of day shave been a whirlwind of activity that hasn’t given me any chance to promote spiritual growth – let alone anything else creative. In the process I’ve run myself down with no sleep and the exercise schedule I put myself on. So I made a promise to myself this evening to go to bed early and I’m skipping swimming this afternoon. It isn’t helping me that it has been 80 the last few days in Ohio and now it’s 47. Extra vitamin C and healing energy coming my way – for my son too.

Ted had another breakthrough yesterday. With all of the stuff going on – I could at least sense that. He really didn’t give me a choice though as he was centered in my thoughts whenever my mind had a still moment. It was of odd as when he was “right there” in front of me – my third eye felt as if has pop rocks in it. Do you remember pop rocks? They are the candy that when you stick the “rocks” in your mouth they pop and fizzle. Anyways, it was a very cool feeling. I kept unconsciously scratching the middle of my forehead. He was very prominent in my thoughts all day long – even the songs I heard on the radio are the ones that I already own that remind me of him. I’m thinking he had a big breakthrough and is able to reach out and connect to me easier now – even on a conscious level. The sexual impulses I kept feeling from Ted were…wow…so strong. It was very difficult to think of anything else but him in the buff!

I think I spent what sleeping/dreaming time I had being a “releaser” (for lack of a better term) for either Bill, Ted or both as they worked through issues. I can remember them and a lot of darkness – but that’s about it. When I finally got out of bed this morning at 6:00 am – I felt very sick to my stomach – had body shakes. It was very strange. I wish I could remember something else as I feel it was importnat work last night – but I’ll be darned if anything at all comes up.

I wish I could figure out how everything comes together. How Bill and Ted fit into my life or visa versa. The headaches I keep getting indicate something major is about to happen in Allie World.

I really need to get back to writing my “Ask Allie” column. Since I’ve been on hiatus – there have been numerous copy cats spring up. Looks like I started a advice trend:)

School just called – seems that my son is having a overly emotional day. Off to get the little dude from school!

Until tomorrow…

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