Pietersite And The Hall Of Records – Part Two!

Pietersite And The Hall Of Records – Part Two!

Okay, I’m tired and have a heck of a headache. It was 4:00 am again for me today…I really wish I’d move it to 5:00 am!! So I wasn’t going to go back to the Hall of Records. But then…..I was getting my shoulder tapped by someone…so I thought okay.

With Pietersite in hand, here we go….

My stomach drops like I’m on a roller coaster ride as I zip right to the Hall of Records in super fast motion. I arrive and the same gatekeeper is there. I ask if I have to have another question in order to get in, he says – of course. He asks: why is water…and the rest of this is in French that I don’t consciously know. I answer – because it is on the other side of the equator. He smiles and lets me pass. The doors open and the same two that were there earlier greet me again. They let me step past them and I stop, waiting for them to go ahead of me. That is when a noise off to my left catches my attention.

I see Ted looking at something and then he falls over. I rush to him and he is in a black, long sleeve shirt and jeans – no shoes or socks. All over the front of his shirt is blood. He clutches himself and I can smell the sticky ooze of the blood. He begs me to help him. I look around at the two men and ask what should I do? I hear – heal him. Ted says how much he needs me and as he says that – I feel my hands heat up like a furnace. I place my hands over his wound – the smell of the blood almost makes me sick. In an instant it is all gone. He’s fine. He now wears the same white garb as everyone else. Ted asks where are we – I tell him. I ask if he’s sleeping. He says – passed out is more like it. He asks about me – I reply that I’m in meditation. Just then I can feel my soul being pulled on, called in another direction. I hear one of the people say for me to will him here, not the other way around. I know that they must be talking about Bill. When I will him to come to us, I see him for a split second (so does Ted) and then he is gone. Ted has his hands on his hips and he shakes his head. I hear him mummer – fool.

We now approach our three separate record rooms. I tell Ted lets go in his, but he wants to go in mine. Coming from somewhere I can hear a voice tell me not to be so afraid, to release what I have to. I ask the people we are with if I can read one of the records of the future. He points to an area and tell me to pick. I do and slide out the crystal slab. It’s blank. I think to myself, what kind of bs is this? I hear – you ought to know.

I instinctively place my hand on the tablet and I can see some words appear. What I can remember seeing is that the dates October 3, 2006 and July 17, 2007 are very important dates for me. I can tell that Ted has to go and I can hear him ask — what about us? What can she see about us? One of the guides asks – what do you want and that shall happen. Before either of us could comment, we are released from the area and are done.

Writing it down it seems like I wasn’t there for very long, when this session lasted about 30 min. I must not be supposed to remember it all. My headache was gone during the session – but now it’s back. Time for my shower and some sleep!

Pleasant Dreams!

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