Pietersite And The Hall Of Records – Part One!

Pietersite And The Hall Of Records – Part One!

There are tears just pouring down my face – what a session I just had! I was called to sit with the stone spirit – Pietersite – a spirit I have not sat with, I don’t believe, since I adopted him over three years ago. He sits in the back corner of my desk, in the wisdom part (feng shui) of my office.

I help him in my left hand, closed my eyes and away I went. I was taken to a city of white. In front of a huge white structure, looked to be made of marble, moonstone and crystal, stood a man with a long rod. He stopped me from going any further close to this expansive structure (could not see where it would end). He asked me if I am worthy to step through into the Hall of Records. I can feel a pang of fear in my chest, but I push it aside. I tell him yes I am. He then says, to pass you must answer this question: what happens when the canary flies backwards to its roost? Simple – I say….canaries do not fly backwards so nothing happens. He smiles and lets me pass.

I arrive at the massive doors and they just swing open. I have the strangest feeling being here – my trance like state was immediate when I grasped the Pietersite and my soul flew free. Hard to describe. But greeting me are two people clothed all in white. White gowns, something white on their heads. It’s strange because I cannot see either of their faces, it is almost as if an actual body under the clothes does not exist. They tell me that they have been waiting and that I am to follow them.

Inside this building is row after row after row of what looks like crystal tablets placed on shelves like a library. We veer off and wind up in a room. The room appears to be longer than it is wide. At the far end is a massive crystal that lets off a brilliant light. On the walls there are rows of those crystal books as far up as the eyes can see. In the center there is a table. By the crystal there is a photograph. I go and look at the photo and it is me, Bill and Ted. Just like we look right now – and we three look very happy as this picture was took. I ask the two that I am with, where am I? In your hall of records is the reply. But I thought the records were out there – why aren’t I with everyone else? One says – because you are not like everyone else. This is what you refuse to see. You have a special task, you three. Before I can reply, I am taken back outside of the room and told to look up. I see symbols above the door in this order: a horizontal wavy line, triangle, one straight line, circle with a diagonal line through it, 5-pointed star, a man facing to the right – arms out with a rod or wand laying on his arms horizontally, two wavy lines – horizontal – one over the other. And all of this was over a triangle.

I am told that this is my name – what I am known as in the Divine. I ask how to pronounce it or what does it say?? All I can hear is a C-note. Crystal clear. I am told, that is my name.

Taken back into the room, I now see at the other end – on both walls, are two doorways. I go to the left and I discover this is Bill’s room, I run to the other and it is Ted’s. But in Ted’s room there is also a photo. I grab it and it is of him and me, smiling, as we look today. I ask when was this taken? I am told it has not been taken yet, but very soon. I am then told that I need to do something to move things along. What – I ask? I am to place a crystal into one of these clear cylinder things that are by the picture. Also, on this back wall, he has a large crystal. But I take a crystal from a layout of crystals near by and place it in the cylinder. I am told that it is done.

They tell me that it is time to go. I tell them that I haven’t had time to go through any of my records yet. I will come back later today and that is when I will know more.

With that I was done.

Now the tears I felt starting to fall when I grabbed the picture of Ted and I. Not sure what to make of any of this. I will go back later today and see if I can arrive at the same point when I left off. What kind of help does a Pietersite offer: it propels release, acts as a catalyst to change, provides the key to the kingdom of heaven, dispels illusion, opens intuition, helps to access akashic records, grounds one to their etheric body and provides a “whoosh” of energy to be in a meditative state. Wow – and I’m supposed to communicate again with this spirit when I visit the Hall of Records later!

I guess I’ll have more to report!

Crystal Sunshine!

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