Need some extra cash? Give lotto a shot!

Find out the range of NUMBERS that represents the choices that you can pick to win (1 – 10, 1 – 49, etc..).

Cut out as many pieces of PAPER that there are numbers. Size of paper does not matter. On each paper write one number.

Put the NUMBERS into a GREEN SACHET or BAG (if not green bag/sachet can be found – a pillow case or just a paper bag will do – no plastic).

Over the NUMBERS sprinkle some PATCHOULI and either some ORRIS ROOT or POWDER SUGAR – plus a dash each of BASIL & CINNAMON.

Shake up the BAG/SACHET and place it under your pillow. Sleep on it for a night.

In the morning draw out as many NUMBERS as you need to play (3 numbers for pick 3, 5 numbers for pick 5, etc..).


Want to pull some different numbers at a different time? Place the SACHET/BAG overnight in the moonlight – add some fresh HERBS and use it again!

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