Peter Just — Shows Up!

Peter Just — Shows Up!

I’m getting pulled in early today – not sure why, but I’ve got that chill, energy vibe going. So let’s see where it takes me.

As an observer, I am watching myself and Bill on the beach. I look up and down the coastline and I can see some houses far off into the distance. In front of me is a light house. It has red, black and white on it. Looks old – and east coast like. I can smell that this is the Atlantic, not the Pacific ocean. Bill is waving his hands back and forth as he talks, making big gestures at the light house and then out to the ocean. He is very excited. I take a step towards “us” so that I can hear what he’s saying, but an arm grabs me and pulls me back. It’s Ted:) I ask him- where have you been. He smiles and says – working. We small talk about how each other has been and I comment that the smokes too much. He says that I sound like his girls – I tell him good. I want to hear what Bill and I are saying as we both look pretty excited now about something. I take another step to “us” and this time another hand stops me.

Now I look over and it’s Peter. I tell him that was fast. Ted walks up to him- looking very suspicious and comments – yeah – too fast. I say that it took Ted a couple of years to just show up on this plane. Peter says – I’ve been waiting for you to find me. I shout – why can’t you guys just wear a sign “Allie come find me” and I’ll be there. Peter laughs – he thinks that is pretty darn funny. I’ll give him funny. With the three of them there (although Bill is in “reality”) the energy is a lot and I can feel myself shaking (in the real world) with an energy overload. Grrr….I hate this. I surround myself with a white light to try to balance the energy. It appears to work. I look at “me” and I can see that I was shaking too. Bill asks if I had an energy rush (don’t know why I can hear THAT so clearly) and I tell him yes. He is looking around and says that he can feel it too.

Peter comments that he’s impressed by the way Bill tuned into us being here. Ted comes up next to me and puts his arm around me – pulls me close and territorial like. Something that Peter notices and smiles. He says that he is no threat to either Ted or Bill. I chime in that I agree, that he is in the same boat as Clive – a trusted friend. This helps to ease some of the tension from Ted’s energy. Ted cusses and in a flash he’s gone. In fact – all is gone and Peter and I are standing in the clouds.

I look at Peter and ask- now what? He says – how about a hug? I agree. The hug is warm, inviting and feels very safe. By the intensity of his hug, I can tell he is very grateful that I found him. Now we are both starting to tremble (as I am in real life) with the energy overload. He kisses me on the top of the head and says – I’ll see you soon. He’s gone.

I’m having a hard time with this last shaking bit. The energy surges and trembles will not go away. Archangel Michael arrives and hands me his sword. It’s heavy and takes both hands for me to hold it. There are markings on the blade. Symbols that are hard for me to explain, yet I know it’s a personal message to me. I nod and the symbols disappear and he takes back his sword. In a nutshell, the message was that I’m safe and have the strength of a warrior – fear not type of message. Before I can ask him anything he leaves. I’m standing there – nothing around and no one to talk to. I see a light off in the distance so I move to it. It’s Bill along with Archangel Jeremiel.

Bill says that Cindy sent the angels to find me:) He smiles, puts out this hands and comments – I know, I know…I’ll make the call! Archangel Jeremiel sends a purple light into us both. It is warm, soothing yet invigorating. I can feel doors open up in my mind – yet I can’t se what is beyond the open doorway. Bill looks at me and asks – did you feel that?? I said – yes. He says that he has to go but that he will touch base soon.

And that was it!

I find it interesting that Peter knew I’d find him – wasn’t freaked out about it and embraced the contact.

I took my essence after the session and it helped to chill out any zings of energy.

Man- it is soooooooo cold up here!!

Until Later…

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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