Persistence, A Sign and More Children?

Persistence, A Sign and More Children?

My God – is Ted persistent. I mean “Holey Toledo!” Bill has never been this head strong. I wonder why?

I have such a headache right now – cause of the session. But here’s what happened….

I entered into a split vision. On one hand I have Bill saying “Send more” – he is in the midst of shredded papers. He’s desperate – screaming into the heavens. Tears – keeps saying – Send more….so if anyone knows what he is talking about – help him out – would you?

On the other hand, Ted is in bed – by himself. He is sprawled out in the middle, on his stomach, the cover barely over his lower half. He rolls over and he’s well….at attention (so to speak). He rolls over to one side and rubs his hand over the bed. He calls out “where are you? why won’t you find me?” in such a wishful and soft voice. He rolls onto his back, stares at the ceiling and says “you are my light”. He then realizes that he needs to take care of something…err…himself.

In the shower – his back to the cascading water. He is calling to me as he “takes care” of himself. I personally can’t believe that I’m standing there watching it. I must admit – it sure revved my motor this morning. I may have to take an extra ice cold shower! Anyways – when he is finished, he turns around to wash down and tears just flow down his face. He comments how tired he is of all this – that he needs something to happen.

He is clothed and sketching a design for a pendant. It looks to be an “S” shape, put vertical – diamonds in the “S” and an round emerald in each curve. It’s very nice. He is commenting to himself “splendid”. One of his daughters comes in – kisses him on the cheek. Glances through the drawing on the table – sees one of me. Comments that her dad is a loon. The drawing of me is dead on – very spooky.

I then see Bill again. He is still saying “send more”.

Next thing I remember is that I’m on the beach. Just sitting in the white sand, staring at the wonderful blue/green water. I sense a presence to my left and it is Ted. He grins. I ask him what is he doing here? He comments that he sensed me earlier. And he wanted more contact – so here he is . We talk about something – not sure what. But he’s pointing out over the water. He is very relaxed, happy – and so am I.

Archangel Gabriel arrives and tells us that we are needed. We follow her to the large tree that I’ve entered in the past. In front of the tree is Bill – he looks happy – a smile on his face. He takes my face in his hands and gives me a very nice kiss on the lips. We enter the tree.

When we go up (like in an elevator) we exit into a blinding light. I cannot see anyone – but I know that there are angels/guides all around us. In the blink of an eye – we three are naked. This takes us by surprise. We are told to hold hands. Then by telepathy, a deep voice tells us that I am to have one child by each. A girl with Bill and a boy with Ted. I’m confused here and I remind the Divine that I’m 38. It doesn’t matter my age. I ask how is this to be? No answer is given. We are told to have faith and to continue to love one another.

I wake up.

I’m having a very hard time concentrating today. Ted is right there – invading my thoughts at every turn. He is purposely there – trying to take center stage. Bill feels to be hanging back today…..

Speaking of Ted – I saw a recent picture. Damn he looks really good – just like in my vision from a few days ago. Scruffy, but handsome with tired eyes.

On Sunday (this may have something to do with Bill in today’s vision), had a dream visit with Bill before I woke up. I must of been in his dream – as he was with some of his work friends. We were in a large hall – wooden, with wood beams and big wooden tables. The room was packed – tables full. He was at the table in front of me with a woman friend and another man. He was talking to the woman – stood up – his back to me. And was complaining “I can’t believe he torn them up” “TORN THEM UP” he was very- very angry. I know that it was his son that he was talking about. A person at my table asked if I was going to talk to him. I replied that right now he is too angry.

Bill storms out of the hall. The woman looks at me and smiles. I go out the door and see Bill at the beach. He is sitting with his head in his hands. He looks up at me – his eyes red from crying – and takes a sharp in take of breath. Like he is in total shock. I slowly approach him and I can hear a cat in the distance. I know that my cat Darin is waking me up.

I can feel myself being pulled away. He jumps up and is just in a panic scream saying “no”.

Then I woke up…..

I felt his pain all day – it’s so suffocating.

But….then yesterday morning I’m thinking to myself as I’m feeding the animals – about the pain, suffering, the intense longing Bill and I share. I question the darkness I feel – the heaviness in my chest. I ask the Divine, if I could have a sign, some light to let me know that things are on track – that it’ll all be okay and Bill and I will be physically together to start on our path.

I’m done with the animals and I turn to enter my dining room and then the living room and my son has a movie on – I see a scene in which I realize that the hall from my dream was the king’s hall in this movie. I turn back to the dining room, and there is a large light circle, that is moving in a circle on the carpet – it alternated between fast and slow.

I smile. I got my sign.

I managed to get Gypsy Girl Press up and running – with a so-so but functional web site:

The edits for the book are arriving today – sending them off and now waiting for the artwork:)

I had my son’s birthday party on Saturday (the one we tried to have in June was canceled due to his illness) – it was a smashing success. Went to my best friends house on Sunday for her twin son’s b-day party (same ages as my son) and then off to mom’s house to celebrate my husband’s birthday.

Today I’ve had to deal with my computer screwing up. 5 hours later and more coffee than I thought possible – it’s fixed.

The bourbon is still safe on the cupboard – but it’s only mid day:)

Until tomorrow…

Crystal Sunshine!

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