Perception of Change, GypsyAdvice and More!

Perception of Change, GypsyAdvice and More!

Last week went well – I woke up, took care of the animals, got my son up, went out to the garden and then on Thurs had an interview on 91.7 The Bounce. A good week – despite my back hurting. Yes – I messed up again. With 9 litter boxes to change it’s inevitable that this happens every once in awhile.

No Allie Theiss show on Thursday this week. It’s family day at the zoo before my son and nieces all go back to school next week! Still hard to believe that my son goes back next Monday!

There are major plans in store for me and for my site. GA will stay active until MAYBE 2012 (<—- I had May 2012 there before and that was an accident) and then it will be discontinued. Instead will be in it’s place. I have 50 + readings as of today – they are going down to 18-20. Healings/attunments and spells will be discontinued. But new classes and books will be offered.

What classes/workshops would YOU like to see offered online, DIY (email format you do on your own) or in person?

What topics would YOU like to see me covered in new books?

The Ask Allie podcast will slowly fade into cancellation. Instead my concentration will be on the Allie Theiss show. Specials will only be given on FB & twitter with a life span of 3 months, not 6 months. And readings will no longer be able to be broken up so that you use a 10 question reading 1 question at a time over a span of months. Plus – last but not least – prices will be going up.

Everyone will be given warning when the new site will be up and running. Everything bought on GA and OBE will be honored at the old price, with the old ways. Once the new site is up – you have to buy services at the new prices and follow by the new rules.

Also – all communications regarding readings and what not, will go through my assistant Gena when the new site is up. My yahoo emails will no longer work.

I know change sucks. Hell, I’m a Taurus. But if I am to follow my life path, I have to make these changes. Have to. I have been resisting change for a very long time. Being the people pleaser I am, I have always done things for people at the expensive of me. I can no longer do that. It has to be an even exchange.

As scared as I am for the change – I’m excited on the expanded path that my life is about to take. I hope you are also excited for me. I hope you allow yourself to expand and grow with me! What a new exciting adventure we can all be on together!!

As of now – all the blogs are staying. This blog has helped many many people over the years and I can’t toss that aside. Although, I will be turning it into a book along with a lot of items that I haven’t posted here.

Now with the Ask Allie podcast slowly fading from view – no worries – I will still have a topic of the day and it will be open to discussion on the Allie Theiss show. So not only will you hear my $.02, but I hope others will chime in.

The Allie Theiss show will have more of a self-help feel to it.

What would YOU like to see me have on the show? Besides more interviews and guests? Can you suggest any new segments? 

Oh – and The Passion Zone is staying. Why? Because there I can be as sexual explicit with the topics and advice as I want 🙂

What is it about change that makes us nervous? Scared? Is it the jump into the unknown? Where did we learn to be nervous at the unknown?

As babies we leaped in and took the world by storm. Crawling was new – and by our adult standards – was walking, eating solid foods, using the toilet (monster with a big mouth and water), going to school for the 1st time, having a babysitter for the 1st time….you see where I’m going with all of this.

None of the above killed us – we just kept going for more…driving, sex, jobs, etc…

So when did the unknown become such a scary place? Why do we fear it as adults instead of embracing it as we did as children? Because somewhere down the line we learned, from adults, that change was a bad thing. They learned it from their parents, and they from their parents and do forth.

The wonderful thing about being human is that we can choose to stay in a rut or to move forward. It’s all about perception.

If you view change as an exciting challenge into the unknown – then you will roll with the changes and once you emerge in your new life you will be all for the better.

If you view change as an unwanted scary jump into the unknown with you kicking and screaming – then once the change happens (and it always will), you will be so battered and bruised from resisting that you will not see the gift in front of you.

It’s all in the perception.

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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