Perceiving Connections — Compliments Of Bill!

Perceiving Connections — Compliments Of Bill!

Bill has always been good at making me think. He leads me to ponder things when before I wouldn’t have given it a second thought. Tonight is all about perceiving and the connection. Do we have a relationship with those things that we do not perceive? Did Bill, Ted and I have a relationship in this life time before we perceived one another? Until I acknowledged and accepted the two of them, did an actual relationship exist on any level? How can you have a relationship with someone if you do not perceive their existence?

Once that perception and acceptance has been made – who are you then? Are you the connection or are you still you but part of the connection? And once the connection is complete, how do you not become fused with another part of that connection, thereby losing who “you” are at your core? Once us 3 are together, and the connection has been consciously accepted and acted upon — how do we not collapse into one another? How do we not become someone else? Or is all parts of our connection a piece of the one soul and once together we fuse as one yet remain separate?

Will I speak and write more eloquently as Bill? Or will I be able to draw like either Ted or Bill. Could I design jewelry like Ted? Will either of them write more like me? Will they pick up my psychic gifts? How will their gifts change me and visa versa?

Is the why, where or when of things irrelevant with only the what being important? How does one drop the wall of protection and forget the differences and desires that separate or repel us?

We need to love.And to believe. Faith is knowledge with the help of love. -Andrey Tarkovsky

I cannot see us though, losing ourselves. What I see is us enhancing one another. I think that it is possible to be part of something so close, yet be able to remain who you are as long as there is a conscious effort on your part not to collapse into the union. Once that conscious effort is gone, then it is difficult and pain-staking to discover who you are once again.

Also after much thought, I have come to the conclusion that you can have a relationship with someone who you have not perceived yet. As perception is a human condition and the relationship is at a soul level. The soul knows no boundaries. The human mind conjures too many.

This is what occupies my mind this evening.

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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