Peppermint Revenge

Peppermint Revenge

Need to get back at someone? Give this spell a try — but 1st really make sure you want revenge. Karma always has a way of catching up to you.

1. Write your target’s name and what you would like see happen to him or her. If possible – use black ink on brown paper (a piece of a brown paper bag works).

2. Carve their name into a black candle.

3. Hold the candle in your projective hand (hand you write with) and pour your feelings about this person into the black candle.

4. Place a few drops of peppermint oil into olive oil – mix.

5. Dress the black candle with the oil combo – starting in the middle of the candle and going up 9 times – back to the middle and go down 9 times.

6. Put the black candle into a candleholder and place it over the brown paper.

7. Burn the black candle. Once out – bury the melted wax & paper.

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