So there’s this guy named Ryan. He pops into my head from time to time. It’s always a surprise when he does because he just pops up. Seriously. There’s nothing that I’m doing or thinking about that would draw him into my energy. Last night he showed up in a dream visit.

He and I were sitting on a couch in our home. It was a tutor style home. The back entrance, which I guess we used all the time, had a built-in mini bar on the right when you walked in. The bar was made from walnut and was hand carved. Beautiful piece. You had to walk under a wooden archway to get to the recessed bar. Then after you grab your drink you head over to the left and there was a nice comfy couch with a big screen TV and a fireplace. If you go right instead – you would hit a mini kitchen for snacks.

I guess this was our unwinding part of the home – to relax and leave the outside world behind before we would go into the main section of the house (which was KILLER BTW). Ryan had his arm around me and we were watching the news talking about our day. It was all so natural feeling.

I have had many people ask me over the years about a person popping into his or her head. For example an ex girlfriend or ex husband. People want to know why — why does this happen?

Two reasons for a person to POP into your head

  1. They are thinking of you
  2. It is a soul connection

and yes, before you ask — it can be both. But it has to be at least one. If a person pops into your head, it is not so random that he or she has no connection to you. For instance, Justin Bieber will never pop into my head because thank god we have no soul connection.

A soul connection can have the two of you as soul mates, twin flames, part of the same soul cluster – group – or family. It can also be a karmic connection. When the person pops into your head, it is what I call a telepathic flash.

For a split second, the two of you have a telepathic connection. You have a choice – you can let It drop or recognize it and strengthen the connection by thinking of them and encasing you both in white light.

Ryan and I have a soul connection. Were we lovers in a past life? Based on how natural it was when we were together, I would say yes. Does that mean we’re to have one in this life? Who knows? I have a soul connection with a lot of people. If I had romantic relationships with everyone I had a soul connection to, I’d wear myself out.

And so would you.

So the next time someone pops into your head, ask yourself are they thinking of you and/or is there a soul connection? Honor the connection, and go about your daily life. If anything were to come of it, it will happen.

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  1. Ceri


    How interesting that I stumbled across this today!

    Cause Last night I was actually dreaming about Ryan Gosling.

    Now, colour me confused!

    I have never even liked him. Actually I never even spared a thought for him. *scratches head*

    Well, he was not the only one I caught glimpses of in last night`s dreams, but still. I`d really never have expected to dream of this guy.

    The dream was set in a time surrounding/ after the French Revolution and had a “Scarlet Pimpernel” feel to it.

    I also dreamed of another guy, from my waking life, whom I for some reason addressed as “Wolfgang Amade Mozart” and even mentioning that he has of course incarnated under a different name now.

    I wished I could remember more than the glimpses of the dreams last night.

    But anyway such a synchronicity to stumble across this post today, and I see you have written it not too long ago.


    1. Hey Ceri!

      Ryan Gosling….very nice πŸ™‚ We encounter so many souls during our lifetimes that we’re bound to bump into them in this life! Ryan G could have showed up in your dream because he stumbled upon your site and/or you two had a relationship in past but it was non-sexual. He could of saw your site and had a twinge of “why does she seem familiar” before he clicked off.

      Synchronicity….isn’t it wonderful πŸ™‚

      Thanks for stopping at the site and commenting!

      Take care,

      Allie πŸ™‚

      1. I had crush who happened to be one of the managers where i am working, we had a mini olympics in the company and the first day of practice i saw her without analysing her face i felt something inside my chest it feels like i feel “calm”..something which i could’nt explain and i told about this feeling to my colleague..she working in the other brach 20 mins drive away from my branch..there is one time i think of her and i feel butterflies in my stomach and when i looked out at the window there she is coming!..and this feeling repeatedly happened..then the olympics begin i feel shy thats why i am not talking to her but then i caught her looking at me many times…days go by i had the chance to work with her there are times if i will come to one place she is coming also…i am thinking why dont i try to do something..i took her pictures from the group and sent it to her saying she is pretty …she is happy when she replied….and from that day she started popping up in my head..there was a time that i need to bug my head saying pls get out from my head stop haunting me…and the reason why a sleepness night is bcoz of her…till this moment i am writing this i feel she is beside me …

      2. Lexi

        Hi! OK so I like this guy who is 4 years older then me, I’ve never met him but a couple years ago I was sitting down at the YMCA and he came in, I didn’t know about him at that time, we didn’t talk cause he is famous and people were surrounding him, and I had to leave but I was able to get his name from someone. Then I looked him up, then I forgot about him. But in april of this year I stumbled upon one of his music videos on YouTube , I scrolled pasted it, then it showed up again, and I scrolled passed it, but then it showed up again and I pressed DO NOT RECOMMEND, then it disappeared, then a couple weeks later it popped up again, so I watched it so it can get out of my recommendations. And that’s how I found out about him. But a couple weeks ago, during school, I didn’t even think about him at all that day because I was focusing on school, then out of nowhere an image of him that I have never seen before just pops up in my mind, and i stI’ll remeber that image. It happend again but thus time I forgot the image. Then it happens a couple more times but those times I saw the image on Google. But all the times he popped up in my mind I wasn’t even thing about him! We’re from the same area but I never met him after the event at the YMCA. My friend said, that he is thinking about me, but there is no way he is cause I don’t even know if he saw me. Why does that happen?

        1. Allie

          Hi Lexi,

          The soul knows a soul connection even if the person does not consciously know it. Your soul and his soul already know that you are connected. Once you acknowledge he is a soul connection – the energy eases up as you now know you are connected and the powers that be (Divine, Universe, God, Goddess, Guides, etc..) do not have to push the person into your energy for you to take notice.

          This has happened with every soul connection I have found so far:
          1. They pop into my head – I ignore them.
          2. They keep popping into my head – I start to take notice.
          3. I have to find everything out I can about them.
          4. I acknowledge that they are a soul connection.
          5. The energy pulls back, so I’m not so obsessed to know more about them – but the energy is always there.

          I hope this helps!
          Take care,
          Allie πŸ™‚

    1. Allie

      Hi There!

      If a person is thinking about you, they pop up in your thoughts – and it’s easy for you to dismiss them. There’s no connection.
      The harder it is to dismiss someone from your thoughts usually (but not always) means the closer the soul connection.

      Hope that helps!
      Allie πŸ™‚

      1. Lexi Schoenstein

        Hi! So I like this guy and he is 4 years older then me, and he is some what famous. A couple years ago I saw him in person while I was waiting for my mom to lock me up at the YMCA (at that time I didn’t know about him). I didn’t talk to him and I domt even know if he saw me. But I was able to get his name from somebody, so when I got home I lokked him up, then I forgot about him until May of this year. I was scrolling through YouTube and his newest music video popped up, and when I saw who it was by I knew that name sounded familiar but I just brushed it off and scrolled passed it without watching it, then it happened again, I also scrolled passed, then it happened again but this time I pressed DO NOT RECOMEND then it disappeared but two weeks later it came back into my reccamondations so I watched it , and that’s how I found out about him again. After watching that video I started liking him and thinking he was cute and stuff, and I would always think about him. But 2 weeks ago I got up in the morning because I had school and that was all that was on my mind, and I didn’t even think about him at all that day, untill I was just sitting there focusing on school and thinking about school and nothing else, then an image of him that I have never seem before popped up in my head, and I still remember that image, then it happened again but that time I forgot the image, then it happens a couple more times but those couple more times I’ve seen the image on Google. But the wierd thing is is that I wasn’t even thinking about him at all I wasn’t even focusing on him I was focusing on school. Why does that happen?

  2. Kesha Heeralal

    what if it is just someone that you had a crush on before but he was your bestfriend’s bf so you let those feelings die down and then you really started hating him cuz he probably slapped you infront of his friends for no fault of yours?

  3. beth

    This was the answer to my mind-boggling questions.. I have been struggling for years in moving on and forgetting about my ex. But he just kept on popping on my head and even into my dreams. So does that really mean that he could either be thinking about me too? (although he already has his new gf) or we have a soul connection? Thanks for uploading this blog.

    1. Allie

      Hey Beth! Glad the post was helpful to you! He was thinking of you and yes, you have a soul connection. Definitely difficult to forget about someone when you have a double-whammy like that. But you can forget – if that’s what you want. Each time he pops in your head – imagine yourself pushing out a door and slamming it in his face. His energy will eventually get the hint. Good luck!

  4. Jade

    How would I know for sure? It has been 7 years since I had seen him. And yeah he popped into my mind every once in a while since and I figured it was because I was getting over him. And he popped into my mind the other day after a few months. And he keeps popping up in my mind.

    1. Allie

      The only way to know for sure is to ask & even then you can’t know 100% if he’s telling the truth. See if you can get a hold of him just to see how he is doing.

  5. brookelee

    I have the same thing with my ex. He pops into my head, while driving, while showering. We’ve been broken up now for 3 years January 1st 2013. I used to pray to god that he wouldn’t pop into my head. He’d visit my dreams. We used to be together in them, but now the most recent dream was him and his girlfriend and she was pregnant. I was single for almost the whole time and just recently have begun dating someone, sadly I haven’t had any dreams of my current boyfriend. What could the dream about my ex and his current girlfriend be about?? It was like she was gloating at me. She has been in 3 dreams I think. I’ve had about ten plus dreams about him. Actually I’ve lost count.

    1. Allie

      I hate having dreams about an ex w/their current partner. It’s disturbing! Somewhere inside, you haven’t let go of your ex completely. That’s why he – and she – keep popping up in your dreams. Kind of self-torture. Before you go to sleep state sternly that no more of your energy will be taken up by him or his gf. Say it like you mean it – you don’t want them there! And they will disappear from dreamland. Good luck!

  6. Anna

    I have a guy that keeps popping in my mind too not to often just every once in a while never had that before but i have had people i would all of a sudden think about and call them and they were thinking about me that day or the other day before but not having them keep popping in my mind like this and this person told me that he loved me for the first time since we were in school back in the 80s i used to have a really bad crush on him too back then . So hmmmm

  7. Tenicia

    Hi , this guy I use to mess with keeps popping up in my head. At random times, sometimes its hard to get him off my mind. When we first met we hit it off very well , like there was a instant connection but Just lately he been on my mind a lot . need answers please

      1. CmBr

        I had a summer romance 30 years ago which, ended because I went to NYC for college. Both of us are from Connecticut. We lived our lives he, got married, had kids, and is divorced for over 10 years. I came back to CT 2005 and we communicated via FB when I had my child. He had popped into my head and I reached out. It was pleasant. Had my child artificial insemination born 2010 that is when we communicated. 2016 30 years 1986. He popped in my head again out of no where. I contacted via Facebook gave him my nber and we decided to meet. I have never felt so comfortable and at ease around a man as I did with him on this nite. We had dinner, drinks, open and stimulating conversation. We had a makeout session and it was and blowing experience. No sex he told me that he would not have sex with me because if he did he would not comeback and that he wanted to come back. Yet, he has an on again off again girlfriend? I we texted over the week during elections. I feel nuts he is on my mind and I feel him in my gut l, body etc. Trust me there is no lack of men that I can not date in fact after our meeting I have been getting calls from male friends. But I just cannot get my 30 year later love out of my mind! What is going on with me? Is he my soul connection or Twin flame?

    1. A wondering person

      There’s a friend that keeps popping into my mind consistantly. Every time I’m around him I feel safe and comfortable.
      We laugh and talk and have a great time when we are together. People tell me he’s crushing on me, all the signs are there, I brought it up to him and he denied it. Every time I’m around him I feel a real strong connection, can I be wrong?

      1. Allie

        When two people have a soul connection, two people are drawn together even if one or both does not know consciously that there is a connection. So I don’t think you’re misreading the vibes — I think he’s in denial.

        Hope that helps!
        Allie πŸ™‚

  8. Gina

    hi, i use to talk like more then friends to one of my coworkers & he admitted to liking me but i never did. We ended up not talking or even being friends after a month because of his sons mom. Since then its been almost two years & i now have a son of my own, but i cannot seem to stop thinking of him.. Every now & then he’ll pop up in my head out of nowhere or in my dreams & they’ll feel so real. I need answers please?

    1. Allie

      Hey Gina! He pops up in your mind for no reason because he’s thinking of you at that moment. The reason behind why you two still think about one another probably stems from your past lives together. When you have a past life connection with someone it is difficult to let them go completely. If you’d like to talk more about this – contact me through my contact form and I can let you know about my reading services. Thanks! Allie πŸ™‚

      1. Hi Allie,

        I’m not sure if you are still taking responses but this past summer I worked with this guy and at first I didn’t really know him well, but as time progressed he started asking me random questions, turned into kind of teasing and then he also praised me? He always asked me for help on things and would value my opinions. By the end of our time working together, I had a strong feeling he had a crush on me, then on the last day we exchanged information with each other because I have a feeling we both felt a connection with each other. I also felt really comfortable around him, he was a nice and funny guy and had a good personality. We started snapchatting each other the rest of the summer continuing on, then he went off to college and we still kept in contact but I wouldn’t respond that much, and then he just kind of stopped snapchatting me, I did the same until our streak was lost.

        Even though he was the one who ended it, I still feel he tries to get my attention in some ways I haven’t seen him since the summer and I do miss him a bit. During my school year, I rarely thought of him but now he keeps popping up into my thoughts sometimes and they are always at the most random times. My gut tells me and I have a feeling that he still has feelings for me and thinks of me quite often, but it’s hard to tell because he’s also at a different part in his life-where he’s a freshman in college and I’m a senior in highschool, I think part of the reason he stopped talking to me was possibly he thought I didn’t like him because I remember when I said at work β€œI’ll miss you Noah” he would say something like, oh you won’t miss me and I felt like he had some doubts on how I felt about him or didn’t feel secure, I’m not sure why he stopped contact. After not being in contact for awhile, I realized we had a connection and I miss him at times.

        But he will pop up in my head quite often, does that mean he is thinking of me often then? This situation that we are in is kind of confusing and I hope things aren’t weird between us if we meet again or work with each other.

        1. Allie

          Hi Bella!

          I do answer, but it takes me a looooooooong time to do so πŸ™‚ One line stood out to me, “he went off to college and we still kept in contact but I wouldn’t respond that much.” A person knows when someone isn’t in to them as much as they are into the other person. So he took your delay in responses as you were not interested.

          When he does pop into your head that means, YES, he is thinking of you πŸ™‚ Maybe you guys will have another chance to get to know one another better.

          Allie πŸ™‚

  9. Danielle

    There is this guy I was seeing for a while, when we first started talking it seemed like we knew each other for a life time.
    A while ago he told me he didn’t want anything serious & he’s just trying to work on himself & get where he wants to be in life before being in another relationship. Two weeks after that he got a girlfriend. I was very upset. But then I’m like whatever I deserve better. But he still pops into my head on a daily basis & I’m like ugghh whhhyy?

    1. Allie

      He keeps popping up because he keeps thinking of you πŸ™‚ If you don’t want him in your head – then “push” him out every time he shows up. HIs energy/soul will get the hint after a few times and stop showing up. Good luck! Allie πŸ™‚

  10. Monana

    Hey Allie,

    Thanks for writing about this, I got here from a desperate google search for answers. I have this friend, who I’ve known for years and got close to a couple of years or so ago. He was one of those people where I had an instant connection with. It was palpable; I knew I could trust him instantly and he has yet to let me down. We vibe amazingly and yet it’s not sexual – he has a girlfriend. And it’s weird because I’ve never felt this way before. So out of respect, I decided to stop talking/messaging him (we live in different countries atm), even though all our communication was platonic. But since the few months of no contact, he frequented a dream I had one night. He’s been in my dreams before but this one was different. In all past dreams, he was rejecting me in some way or another. In this dream, he kissed me, inaudibly wanting to be together. And I promise you, I was not thinking about him that day. I’ve never been so confused in my life. What is this? We’ve never kissed, or shared any romantic time, all I know is that we indeed both find each other attractive and get along really well. So I don’t know if I’m idealizing what we have or what I should do to stop thinking about him altogether. Help me, please. Thanks in advance.

    PS: This is my first response to a thread, ever. Props to you. πŸ™‚

    1. Allie

      Hey Monana!

      Props on posting your 1st comment – glad I could help πŸ™‚

      There’s no reason to stop thinking about him. The connection you two share is a soul mate connection (we have thousands of soul mate connections – so he’s not your twin flame – but no less of an important connection). This connection is why you two clicked and were able to keep it platonic & then once you backed off, you two started to show up in each other dreams. Also because of the soul connection the kissing came in. Even if the two of you do not have a romantic relationship in this life doesn’t mean you two didn’t have one in a past life. If you’d like to talk more, we can schedule a reading. If this interests you – send me a message through my contact form.

      Thanks for writing! Allie πŸ™‚

      1. Tee

        Hello.. I know this my sound a little weird but I having been talking to this man for about 8 months ups and downs. This morning as I was recording my thought about him his grandma that is passed away and I never met came to my thoughts. I couldn’t shake her in my head so I began talking to her. I know he loved her very much and she raised him. Kinda confused

        1. Allie

          Hi Tee,

          It sounds like his grandmother stopped by to say hi. You might want to investigate your ability for mediumship & talking to the deceased. Gifts can show up in the most unexpected ways.

          Take care,
          Allie πŸ™‚

  11. Rutdy

    Hi Allie, I was reading your posts on Why do people just pop in your head. I had an affair in 11/2011 thru 04/2013 when it ended very bad. I fell in love with this guy who was married but I was committed too but this was the second time around that we had an affair. I really believe he was going to leave his wife for me and we were going to create on our family. But I realized at the end that he was never going to so I told his wife everything on us hoping he would show me he loved me. He never returned to me and we stop talking. I really thought we had a connection together ; he even thought my child was his when we last saw each other in 2005. I was so in love with him that it took me until last year to finally forget him. But he popped into my head yesterday and I’m not sure if its because I thought of him driving to work. I drive by every morning where we used to meet and it hasn’t distracted me in a long time but yesterday he was on mind since I woke up. I was remembering the good times we had and miss him but I know its over and he’s two timer probably with another affair. All I want to know if him popping in my head out of no where means he’s thinking of me because I always felt we had a connection when we were together. That door I had to close shut and not look back because it hurt so much when I broke it off so harsh. Last time he popped into my head he showed up back into my life and I’m wondering if him popping in my head again means he’s thinking of coming back to me? I can’t call him because I’m afraid to call and feel rejected. It’s been since 2013 that I have not seen him and even thought I’m still with my current boyfriend I miss him. Please set some light on all this for me.

    1. Allie

      Hi Rutdy!

      Thanks for writing! Yes – when he popped in your head it was because he was thinking of you. But because you drive by the place you used to meet every day – your soul is sending a “ping” to his soul – so then you pop into his head. Even though it is not a conscious thought on your end – every time you pass that spot, you trigger that energy. If you want to stop thinking of him and if you want him not to pop in your head – stop driving past the spot πŸ™‚ If you’d like to talk more, we can schedule a reading. If this interests you – send me a message through my contact form.

      Take care – Allie πŸ™‚

  12. Ellen

    I meet this guy when we both going threw difficult times, we got along great and enjoyed a lot of the same things, we just clicked! he got all serious then took off, he kept coming back then would jet, i never seemed to get mad or anything as we never did get to serious and hes a good friend, he quickly started seeing other girls but would randomly text me to see how I was doing, I usually hear from him about every 3 months but it’s been about 5 months now and out of no where he randomly popped in my head and won’t get out for a week now! He randomly will pop into my head but usually lasts a day not a full week! I feel like I’m going crazy! I usually don’t get close to someone so quick but it just seemed like an instant connection when we met and so comfortable. So the fact I’m still thinking bout him from time to time blows my mind. When we actually haven’t hung out in over a year or seen each other.

    1. Allie

      Hi Ellen!

      Thanks for writing! The connection is so strong because he’s one of your soul mates (we have thousands of soul mates so he’s not the “one” but the connection is still important). When he does pop into you head – you are correct – he is thinking of you πŸ™‚ If you’d like to talk more, we can schedule a reading. If this interests you – send me a message through my contact form.

      Good luck! Allie πŸ™‚

  13. lia

    Thank you for this! My ex and I have been over for almost a year now but it annoys me whenever he just suddenly pops in my head. It’s crazy to think that he thinks of me after he was the one who let go. But i do realize that you were right, we had a connection. There were we text each other at the same time or even send the same messages. I finally have an answer to why it happens all the time.

  14. Nellie

    Hi Allie,

    I met this guy about 15years ago as i was parternered with him at my cousins wedding. At the time i wasn’t open to anything as i had just come out of a long term relationship and had met another guy a week before. He was calling me and we kept in contact for a few months after the wedding but once i found out he had a girlfriend things just seemed to fizzle out. His name popped up around my wedding day as he just happened to be in town the day i was getting married which was 7 years ago and then last week i was going through youtube and stumbled on a video clip of him. I’m not sure how it happened cause now when i put in the same search phrases i can’t even find the video clip unless i put in the full title of the video. Can you please explain what this might be as we are both married yet i feel a definite connection to him this time around and cant seem to get him out of my mind.

    1. Allie

      Hi Nellie!

      It sounds to me that the two of you are part of the same soul mate group. We all have many soul mates that we’re connected to via our souls. These are the ones we tend to travel with lifetime after lifetime. Sometimes in a romantic relationship – most times not. What soul mates always do whether or not it’s a romantic relationship is soul mates push you somehow – they help you go through a transformation or to learn one of your soul lessons.

      My other site has more information about soul mates:

      Best of luck!
      Allie πŸ™‚

  15. anastasia

    It all started when I was scrolling through google and I seen a tumblr picture of a guy who worked as a male model. He was pretty popular on there. All I remember was me thinking this guy thinks he’s so cool and what not. A few months later, I had a dream about this stranger that I hadn’t met before. In my dream, I stood at the bus shelter and I seen the guy but it seemed like he was pretending as if he was just seeing me for the first time. I was trying to figure out who could it have possibly been and then it just clicked. I’ll just call him C. I thought this was pretty weird since I didn’t know him. After the dream, I went on his twitter and told him I had a dream about him ( I know most people would think this was a bad idea but I didn’t care at the time.) He seen my tweet and he liked it so I’m pretty sure he knows he did. Then I tweeted to him asking if he had the same and he didn’t reply. I ended up just leaving it for a while. Then I had another dream where he was at my house and we were sitting beside each other drawing and his friends were there but they were trying to get us to be alone and they did but he seemed like he was showing that he liked me but didn’t want to say anything. I had another dream like this that was a few days ago where he was I think teaching me how to swim and then he was at my house second time and we were watching tv with his friends there of course. He posted a music video on his twitter so I just tweeted to him that I liked it. He immediately liked it and then went on my profile and then liked another retweet of mine. This is the part that’s confusing to me. I messaged him on my twitter because ever since the first dream that I had of him we never talked to each other in real life just liking each others tweets. When I messaged him on twitter saying hey he didn’t reply so I don’t think he got the notification but even if he did I still wouldn’t think he would reply to me. It seems to me that he likes me but doesn’t want people on his twitter to know and prob doesn’t know how to talk to me since he thinks I’m going to think this situation is weird and he’s the one who came to my dream first. I sometimes get random images of his face that pops up and he also considers himself gay. I would like to know if you have an idea of why he’s not talking to me but entered my dream. I’ve never met him before in real life. I know he lives in London and I live in Canada.

    1. Allie

      The thing about famous people in this life is that they weren’t always famous in the other lives. And if you’re not famous in this life, that doesn’t mean you weren’t famous in a past life or won’t be famous in a future life.

      As far as why he popped up in your dreams but he won’t talk to you in real life – his soul sought you out in the dreams, not his conscious self. Souls have a way of reaching out without involving the brain. This usually happens to those who are in the same soul circle. So congrats — one of your soul mates found you πŸ™‚

      Good luck!
      Allie πŸ™‚

  16. JW

    I dated a guy 18 years ago and this year he started to pop in my head all the time and for some weird reason I miss him (scratching head). I also found out we have mutual friends on Facebook so I don’t know why if he is thinking of me why doesn’t he friend me.. This popping in my head is driving me nuts..

    1. Allie

      Yep, I do. But if it’s free advice you’re looking for I only answer that in the comments section of this website or at

      Looking forward to your comment post!
      Allie πŸ™‚

  17. emma tyso

    Hello, i have a weird situation. i had a customer at my store who became a regular several times a week. i got to know him pretty well, and vice versa. the first time i met him we had a instant connection, but never really thought about him. until a few months ago, he just started popping up all the time, no joke. i would be doing the most random things and he would instantly pop up in my mind, so bizarre, then i couldn’t get him out of my head. we have never had a romantic relationship or friendship, he was just a customer. within the last couple months whenever i mention his name outloud, he shows up out of nowhere. i do feel connected to him, not really sure how or why, he’s married, so i would never go down that path, but i literally cannot get him out of my head. i tried meditating and the only thing that cam out of that was a series of number 9346751. which i have no idea what the heck that means, but it kept playing over and over along the thought of him. i literally get these random thoughts that i should feel like i miss him, even though consciously i really don’t. it’s weird. please help. i know we are connected but i dont know how.

  18. Maggie

    Hi well i dated a guy back in high school for a couple of months. After we broke up we lost touch and I would just hear about him from friends. Last I heard was that he was married and having a baby. For the past couple of weeks he’s been popping to mind with a weird feeling and in my dreams that we were going to get together and even have a baby…wierd…so I decided to text him and ask how’s life. He reply saying that he has been divorced for about 3 months and no baby (apparently he has a problem that can’t have kids) what could this mean?

  19. Natalie

    There’s this random guy that used to go to my school (he is now in high school). I never talked to him but he rode my bus. A couple of weeks ago he randomly popped into my head and I can’t stop thinking about him. It’s just been itching at my brain and I can’t get rid of it

  20. Hello my name is Anna I really wanted to ask what dose it mean if u have this one boy in your class who your arguemental with at most of the time and suddenly he just pops on your head but there’s more I don’t notice myself smiling when this person pops in my head but when I stop thinking I then realize I’m smiling as much as😞 I want to deny my feelings I just can’t plz reply .

  21. Clementine

    Hi Allie, thank you for the post you created on this topic however I have a further questions.

    Myself and a boy went through a period where we were both showing signs of attraction however I have not seen him for a while. Various times this particular boy has popped into my head out of the blue. I understand that shows some connection but whenever this happens it becomes verbalised immediately. For example his first name will appear in a book/artical, song, a friend or family will bring him up or his sister (who I am close with) will text me. I was wondering if you could attempt to explain this so I can have a way to handle it.

    Thank you

  22. sarah jane

    Hello so my and my ex havnt been together in 4/5 years we have a 8 year old son together who he sees but recently I can’t stop thinking about him constantly all the good times we had and questioning why I ended the relationship I keep thinking he’s my soul mate its so weird because I’ve never thought it before and am in a 3 year relationship and he’s in a 1 year relationship could this mean anything or am I going mad lol

  23. Renee

    Hi Allie, I’m so glad I came across this thread!! I was sorta seeing a guy who has a live in something or other?! Some times they call each other roommates or brother sister, and other times girlfriend, boyfriend. I guess it depends on their moods at the time. It was more of an emotional affair, you see he is my landlord.. So I know her to. When I first met him I was looking for an apt. And the first sentances that we spoke, we just clicked. We were very close, good friends for about a yr and a half before it got what I call complicated. Which lasted 2 yrs. So 2 yrs ago almost, we had a falling out due to a miss understanding and he said from now on we are gonna be just really good close friends. We never had sex in the 2 yrs, and I tried to put a stop to it a few months before but it didn’t work…But after the falling out I decided that he gave me an out so I took it… Any way it’s 2 yrs later now, I still rent from him but almost never see him… But I get these images of him when he’s not even close to being on my mind, like I was at work and an image of him sleeping kept popping into my head, (I work nights) so when the image wouldn’t go away, I yelled in my head at him to wake up! you gotta go to work! When I got home he was working and normaly wouldn’t have been.. Then I was driving home from work and another image of him poped in, he was sitting down and looked like he was deep in thought. We are not close anymore at all and almost never speak.. He keeps showing up in my dreams and pops in my head at random times.. What’s really weird is that I tried to cut that ethric cord, and more than a yr ago his live in was some how part of the image I would see her sorta next to him, (weird) and now because he keeps popping up in my head I tried cutting the cord again but the image is so different now!! She is at a long distance away from him and he’s so close that I at times can’t find the cord to cut it!! This is driving me nuts!!! So what may I ask is going on??!!

  24. There is this man that I became very close to on a friendship level about four years ago. A few short months later he got married & we were no longer friends because i couldn’t stand this woman he fell for. Well just last summer they split & divorced eventually & he contacted me on fb. He wanted to reconcile & was looking for someone to spend the rest of his life with, so he said. I was engaged at the time so I unfriended him after a few conversations. Recently he has been on my mind so I contacted him after two weeks went by. He didn’t fess up to wanting to have a phone conversation but did message & is going through some PTSD. Can you tell me what’s going on possibly? I did find out that a couple weeks ago when this started that he was visiting in the state where I live. He lives elsewhere in another state. He has been on my mind quite a bit still.

  25. Shane

    Hello, so the other day an old friend popped up in my head while I was at work. Her name is Ashley, um we went to elementary together and I’m 22 years old so around the time I was 19 she popped up in my head and I seen her at my job a couple days later it’s been 9 years since I’ve seen her and a few years later (now) again I thought of her. I did have a huge crush on her back in elementary. Even now when she popped up in my head I regained those feelings and I’m in love with her now, I don’t know how or why I am. I’m wondering if she’s thinking of me? When she popped in my head an hour later I really thought about her like how she has been and stuff like that. I want to see her… I feel a strong connection towards her I don’t know why. But I love her

  26. Marian c

    Allie, I cannot thank you enough from your blog , your sharp understanding of this mystery that so many of us experience. Until this evening, I thought I was the only weird one who has experience the type of connection of thinking about someone and sometimes, feeling the person’s presence so strong that my chest will feel warm and uneasy at the same time. My body inside feels tense and the feeling is usually ambivalent. So I’m always left confused , intuitive I gather the person is thinking of me but how my body reacts subconsciously to energy of the person is usually rigid, tense, anxious, and as if the person’s energy was heavy. Is this a bad thing ? Can this person be sending me negative energy? I have only shower this person with love and attention but everything time I hang around this person, I feel the same heavy energy, makes men feel like I want to leave the room z

    1. Allie

      Hi MC!

      This is exactly why I started to write things on this blog (plus my Out of Body Ecstasy site) all those years ago. I knew I wasn’t crazy and I wanted others who experience this to know they are not crazy either!

      If his energy feels very heavy it is because he is carrying a lot of negative energy with him. It might not even be HIS energy that was originally negative. As we go through our day our energy is a magnet for the energy around us. So if we interact with positive people – particles of their positive energy latch onto us. If they are negative – particles of negative energy latch on to us. If a person doesn’t cleanse his or her energy then the neg stuff just stays there. After awhile the person’s energy is heavy.

      So if he’s sending you neg energy I doubt he is aware that he is doing that.

      Hope that help!

      Take care,
      Allie πŸ™‚

  27. Sadie

    I had a weird experience once. I was about 14 and on my way home I saw this guy I knew, but we weren’t friends nor had ever spoke. He saw me too and our eyes met and we continued staring into each others eyes till both of us were out of sight. It was euphoric! We hung around with the same people, but still never spoke, but we’d stare at each other or stand near each other. By 16 I was pregnant, he’d met a girl who he is still with and I very rarely saw him after that. Until…. Iast November (2016). My partner got a new job and started working with him. We saw him at a bonfire night and he said hello to my partner, I turned round and our eyes locked! It took a while to look away. Thankfully neither of our partners saw. We kept looking for each other threw the crowds and staring for a short while before we stopped then did it again minutes later. After that night, he seemed to be everywhere, we locked eyes everytime we saw each other. One time a few weeks ago, I was in town walking behind him. Then he spun around so fast and stared, it was like he sensed me. I couldn’t breath when I saw him, I couldn’t speak when I saw him. I still can’t. He’s always on my mind, he never leaves, he’s in my dreams and my nightmares. I was speaking to him in my mind for hours during a very dark period, last week. He saved me. I feel crazy! I feel like I can’t live without him. He consumes every minute of my waking life and my sleeping life too. He’s like an addiction. I don’t know if I’m crazy or if there is something there. Funniest thing is though, we’ve still never spoken in real life. Not one, single word. What is going on!

  28. Ciara

    hi, my name is Ciara
    i came here hoping to see if i could get answers or possible help. its been almost 9 or 10 months since i last saw or spoken to him and the last thing he said to me was goodbye for good this time after having a falling out with him. and that was a couple days or week after i came back from seeing him in FL where i met him. everything i would like to tell you about us would be too long lol, so long story short. i ended up moving back home to RI where i’m from, i cried ever since i told him i was going home til the time i walked out of his house and his arms. No matter what i did, where i was and when i wasn’t trying to think of him, he always stayed on my mind, always popping in my head, i done had so many dreams of him and his son( so real i felt like i was actually there in real life) i prayed to god to keep him out of my head and to keep myself from thinking of him. because i felt like i was going crazy of how much he popped in my head and how much the same dreams popped in my head about him from when i was out there in FL til the time i moved back home! and still now he pops in head, even when i moved on and starting dating other people, some how he keeps popping in my head and i keep seeing his name everywhere.

  29. Smiles :)

    there’s this guy i hadn’t talked to in awhile, well october of 2016 and we really close in 2015 and the very beginning of 2016, we dated for awhile and then broke up and got over it. we were still very good friends, better.. then oneday he disabled all his social media and i had lost him number and i miss him. the other day i had been lost in my thoughts and happened to think of him and now i can’t get him off my mind, i had cried over him, i feel like we’ll never talk again, but i read this and it changed my perspective. what if he’s thinking of me too? but what if he forgot about me? there’s so many what ifs out there and it just really makes me wonder. aha

  30. Lynn

    So I dated this guy when I was 15 for a year and lost my varginity to him. Well I broke up with him for this other guy who is now my husband and we have children together. So nine years later sometimes my ex pops in my head or dreams. Then they go away for months or years then come back. Sometimes when they come back they stay and pop up everyday for awhile. Making me think that I am not in love with my husband because they keep coming back. What does this mean??

  31. DAJ

    There’s this person I haven’t seen in 8 or more years and randomly ill start thinking about them and I can’t stop. Then once I’m able to stop thinking about them about 2 weeks later I start thinking about them again. I feel like I’m going crazy, what does this mean? I feel like he is thinking of me too but I tried reaching out and I didn’t get a respond

    1. Allie

      Means he’s thinking of you too. It doesn’t mean he wants to talk – just that he was thinking of you.

      It’s aways nice when someone thinks of you!

      Take care,
      Allie πŸ™‚

  32. Sonja Ireland

    Hi Allie,

    When I was 20, he was the love of my life, and I guess he always will be.
    We went our separate ways as happens when you come from different backgrounds and none of the parents are too pleased…but we met up again 12 years later and had a brief fling for a month.
    When we parted that last time, with him announcing he was going to follow a path he could not take me on, I surprised myself by saying emphatically to him “you will still think of me, even in ten years time you know!”
    Your posts here have helped me understand why I made this bold statement, but I had no idea how I knew at the time.

    Many years have now passed – probably about 20 of them – since I last saw him yet it turns out I am the one still thinking of him! He still pops into my mind at the craziest times. Sometimes 3 times a month, sometimes 15 times a week…he is always there.
    Most people I know would say I have not let go of the relationship, or have fixated on him for a lifetime and all this craziness has become habit, so it has been great to have searched google tonight (after yet another sudden thought of him), and found your explanation.
    That soul connection must have been a pretty strong one last time round.

    1. Allie

      Thank you for sharing your story! I’m happy that my $.02 has helped you πŸ™‚

      It sounds like it is a strong connection no matter what lifetime you two are living.

      Take care,

  33. LeeAnn

    I haven’t seen this guy I use to talk to in about 3-4 years maybe longer, besides bumping into one another one time. We didn’t speak just swapped smiles. I haven’t thought of him since then it was awkward so I carried on about my business. Well, here recently he popped into my head out of the blue while I was working and he’s been on my mind since then and I don’t know why he won’t leave my mind, been dreaming of him some too. In one of my dreams he was trying to tell me something but I woke up. We both moved on since the last time we hung out some years back.

  34. Laura

    Hi I hope you can help me with this but I joined a gym a few months back and they have all the staff members photos and names on a wall and I walked past it one day and I saw a photo of a guy and he has an uncommon name and i thought aw he’s cute and kinda baby faced. I thought no more of him then i went to a psychic two months back and she told me that my partner will be sporty and loves the out doors and to keep going to the gym that I go to. So setikes when i walk past the gym or anywhere else his name will randomly pop into my head and I didnt have strong feeling for him then. I went to the gym one day to make an appointment for nutrition advice and he was behind the counter and i made an appointment with him. I went to the appointment and he seemed really nice and he had a cup of coffee with him and on the cup it said something about camping and i got a jolt and thought is this the guy the psychic was talking about? He then said during the appointment oh what are your goals? You are slim, I see you running in and out of here and he kind of blushed. I was like oh my god. I was actually shaking after the appointment. I found out that he is engaged and i saw someone thank him for an invite when i was talking to him and he said nothing about it back to that person. But his name keeps popping into my head and it did before i the apoointment. What could this mean? Any help would be sincerely appreciated.

    1. Allie

      Hi Laura,

      It probably means a past life connection & the person you are to meet is still set to arrive. Past life connections can pop into our head especially if we see a picture of them or meet them in person.

      Hope it helps!

      Allie πŸ˜‰

  35. Gwen

    Hi I recently broke up with this guy and we have been together for a few months but when we were together it was fireworks we both decided to end it and though I know it’s fresh but it’s like I have the urge to be close to him and he pops in my head. When we both come together it’s like we just can’t be away from one another. Distance isn’t helping I feel because it’s like he’s always in my head. What do I do about this. I’m wondering is that him thinking of me or what is it.

  36. Kimberly Sifuentes

    Me n my ex bf broke up but latley it’s like hes stuck in my mind and i cant get him out of my head even when i dnt think bout him its strong and my chest tends to hurt sometimes what does that mean

  37. Valary sams

    I left my ex about four years ago, we were very passionate and deep right from the start we were together for about 16 months. Not long honestly but o it’s been something I can’t forget. Over the past 4 years I have thought of him often and at times I could stop for days on end. Yet recent I mean for the past two weeks consistently I can’t stop thinking about him. After not being able to stop thinking about him for a week I looked him up on fb and seen he is supposed to be getting married next year. Idk now whether I can’t stop thinking about him now because I seen this or because I honestly miss him or maybe he is thinking about me to. But I have tried so hard to stop thinking about him with work kids not to mention my current husband yet nothing works. NOTHING!!! I remember so much so vividly all of a sudden. His smile his eyes his lips damn even his voice, why is this happening all of a sudden? I don’t want to make a move only to either ruin his life let alone mine….

  38. Crystal

    Hi Allie!
    This is my first time reading your blog(s) and can i just say i am so intrigued!!
    I go to this swimming pool with a couple lifeguards there, and there is this one lifeguard who i spoke to like once and i thought he was really cute. Come a couple days after learning his name and age, hes 1 or 2 years older than me but he keeps popping up in my head, i’m not sure what to do >_<
    He seems really friendly and nice.
    I'm not sure if this means anything but i've only talked to him once but this past week he keeps on popping up in my head, i was wondering if it could mean anything?
    A couple months back i did have a very vivid dream with me in a swimming pool and befriending a stranger (male) there who was also a swimmer (who was also half the same race as the lifeguard) i was wondering if my dream could be possibly linked to this person?

    1. Allie

      Hi, C!

      Thanks for stopping by and reading the blog! Him popping up in your head could mean a link with him. There’s more information about connections and energy over at my sister site: If you’d like to look at this further, I can look at the situation via a readings – and that info can be found at the other site under “Work With Me.”

      Have a fabulous day!
      Allie πŸ™‚

  39. Tracy

    i’m 44 years old, married and have a 19 year son from a prior relationship. In the last few weeks I cannot stop thinking about a boyfriend I had at 18-21. I became pregnant and we terminated the pregnancy. We eventually broke up and went our own ways. I still have some pics and even old videos of us that I’ve watched from time to time and laughed with absolutely no feelings whatsoever. Honestly. Yes, I do have guilt about the terminated pregnancy, but it’s not something I tie to him. I know that sounds weird, but it’s different thing entirely. But, it’s not something I think about all the time and with any intense emotions. But… recently this guy has been in my dreams and I cannot stop thinking about him and us. It’s crazy. I look at my son and think I was your age when I dated this guy! This is so crazy. I have cried and cried. I know he is married and with kids of his own now. But I absolutely cannot get him off my mind and I am severely depressed over it. Of course, I cannot share this with the people closest to me. I did confide with my best friend and we just decided it’s a mid life crisis of sorts. I do not want to ruin marriages- his or mine. But, I long to see him. I daydream about running into him and riding off on his motorcycle and talking about old times. I feel horrible about these feelings, but they are so strong. I have a very heavy feeling in my heart, and the best I can describe it is that it feels like I’m grieving the death of a loved one. It’s that intense. What is happening?!

    1. Allie

      Hi, T!

      I can understand why this would drive you nuts! The two of you have a soul connection & it’s so strong right now because he keeps thinking of you. It doesn’t mean he wants to rekindle the romance, just that you are on his mind. More about energy, soul connections, & to get a deeper insight, please visit my sister site at

      Have a wonderful week!
      Allie πŸ™‚

      1. Tracy Harris

        Thank you for the response! I will check out your sister site for sure, but wanted to share a couple more things because I can’t really share it with anyone else. The big hurricane that just hit; his middle name (which isn’t exactly common). The other thing is that this place we hung around had a counter top that everyone wrote on and I drew a pic of a heart with clouds around it and wrote “TOTAL ECLIPSE of the heart” under it about 20 years ago. And, well you know we just had the first total eclipse in the US since 1918. There’s other small things which I’ve dismissed, but couldn’t ignore these two!

  40. Nicole

    I met this boy on the internet and we haven’t even met but we talked on Skype and communicated in alot of different ways.
    At first I only thought of him as a friend because I had no feelings for him at all, but now looking back at it all I realised he liked me and maybe possibly still likes me. The thing is I kind of had a fight with him one day and let’s just say I didn’t have contact with him for a few months after that, the weird thing is that at first I didn’t care, I honestly didn’t think about him at all but them a few months after that fight he randomly popped up in my mind and I started missing him so much that I actually cried, I don’t even know why I was crying, it was all just so weird.
    Then he randomly followed me on Instagram ( he unfollowed me when we had the fight) and I smiled so much when I opened up Instagram and saw that he followed me, I was just so happy…
    After time passed I didn’t really communicate with him much.
    We only communicated a few times on Facebook groups.
    Then again it went silent… No contact… Nothing…
    Then like 2 month’s ago I opened Instagram and saw him with a girl on a photo… I wanted to cry but I didn’t, I isolated myself from from him, deleted him from all my social media.
    It wasn’t easy forgetting about him to be honest, but I kind of actually did forget about him at some point, then he popped up in my dream and said ” I love you” he was crying saying that, I know it was just a dream but I feel like it ment something. Then after a while ( a month after that ) it was my birthday and on the day of my birthday straight away when I woke up he popped up in my mind. All I could think when that happened is “he’s still thinking of me” I just don’t know why I feel this connection with him, I have never even met him but I think I fell in love… I need some help, I can’t even look at his Instagram photos anymore… It hurts so much.

    1. Allie

      Hi N,

      I know how painful this is for you. The two of you have a soul connection with multiple past lives together. When you meet a soul connection in this life it doesn’t mean the two of you are supposed to be in a romantic relationship. Most soul connections arrive in each other’s lives for soul lessons or to tie up karmic ties.

      If you’d like to explore this further, my readings are here:

      Have a good weekend!
      Allie πŸ™‚

  41. jp

    i have this friend, he keeps popping in my mind out of nowhere even if im not thinking of him. he is one of my closest friend. and when i think of him suddenly he is coming towards me. i tried to keep him out of my mind but i just cant. does it mean that we have soul connection or he also is thinking of me?he even pops out of my dreams.

  42. L

    I had an on and off relationship with this guy and he often pops into my head. On more than one occasion, after popping into my head I’ll cross paths with him and he’ll give me a smile. I feel like we’re meant for each other. But we’ve both moved on and don’t have any way to contact each other.

  43. J

    I have an x of over 15 yrs now and he still pops up in my head when i least expect it. it’s usually when i have a lot going on and my mind is always busy. It’s very frustrating. I’ve moved on and I’m even married with children. I don’t get it why him and does this mean I am his soul mate if he is supposedly mine? Does this mean he thinks of me as well? I’m happily married and feel so guilty when this happens which is way too often. He is still on and off with different woman all the time. I only know this because we know some of the same people but never run into each other. I ran into him once while out for a girls night out but he did not speak to me. I didn’t care because i am happily married but it was like why does he pop up still?

  44. Kyra Collins

    Heyyy there’s this guy from my past of last year 2017 and just a couple of weeks ago he just popped up in my head for no apparent reason and he wouldn’t go away at all and suddenly I see him at a gas station 2 weeks later but I still can’t stop thinking bout him it’s like I’m in a fog and that’s all I see is him

  45. Autumn

    So I used to like this guy (let’s call him Bob) but I mostly got over him and started hanging out with and liking this other guy. But one day I was just sitting on my bed on my phone and Bob just randomly popped into my mind and I couldn’t get him out! I thought I was over him but now I’m confused. Can you help?

  46. Vero

    I love this post. I am here looking for answers. I met this guy almost a year ago. He worked with me. From the day I saw him I knew he was going to be mine. I loved him. Like, love at first sight I never believed it. I swore one day he would love me. A month went by and he finally asked me out we got so close in a little over 6 months. He told me he loved me and something about me was everything he ever dreamed of. About two months ago we got into a huge argument I quit my job and he quit his. We went our separate ways. But there are times when I am doing nothing and he pops into my head and it’s almost as if I cannot stop thinking of him. I almost feel like a stalker.. it’s very annoying and very overwhelming feeling. Other times I think of him and I am like ah this restaurant just reminds me of him. But when it comes on with no warning and no reason it feels over bearing. I can not control my thoughts. At times I have dreams and they are so vivid I can almost smell him. What does this mean?

  47. Calvin

    This guy keeps popping into my mind, and I have done as you’ve said, observe it.
    How ever now he’s asking to hang out with me but we are both with someone else. (He’s married and I’m living with someone)

    Can you deny a soul connection or is it just some type of us just vibrating on the same frequency and that’s why we are attracted to one another?

    Urg. Help?

    1. Allie

      Hey Calvin!

      You can deny a soul connection. Soulmates are drawn to one another – but we all have hundreds if not thousands of soul mates. Not all soul connections are supposed to be a love interest in each life. Can you imagine being in a romantic relationship with 1000+ soulmates in your lifetime? I’d be exhausted!

      If a person doesn’t understand energy and soul connections he or she might mistake the pull he or she feels towards another thinking that it must be romantic (in this life) when it was romantic in a past life.

      Because you are soul connections already you already have some energy vibrations in common – that’s how you find one another to start with.

      I talk more about soul connections at and over at my new site where I have a sow on Friday nights.

      Hope this helps.
      Allie πŸ™‚

  48. Victoria Castellano

    This guy keeps poping up in my head. I was separated from my husband and I started messing around with him. We would only see each other to fool around. The fooling around lasted from 2014 to 2016 then we reconnected after seeing one another from 2018-2019. We really connected at one point but once he had seen my loyalty to my husband and the the fact that I’d go back to him he slowly backed off. Till this day he still pops in my thoughts. He has a girlfriend and everything what could be the cause?

  49. Mike

    The person popped inside my head and then my chest started hurting and I felt drawn to them. Like I literally had to just get in the car and run to the store so my system to calm down. Why is that. And this person is my ex.

    1. Allie

      Many exes still think of former bf/gf. Your ex misses you — but that doesn’t mean they want to get back together. Maybe you two had some loose ends that still need tied?

      Hope this helps!
      Allie πŸ™‚

  50. Abby

    I have a crush on this boy I go to school with and even when I’m not thinking about him he pops up in my mind every now and then. The one little extra thing I think he likes me too so it would make sense for that to happen.

  51. Caroline

    Hi Allie,

    My Dad is the only person who has popped into my head like that & I always assumed it was because he was thinking of me at that moment. Since he died 2 months ago he hasn’t popped into my head at all. I’ve had other signs that he’s still around me though. Any ideas why he doesn’t pop into my head any more?

    1. Allie

      Hi Caroline!

      I’m sorry for your loss. Your dad has other ways now to get your attention & to let you know he’s thinking of you. One place where he will pop up often is in your dreams. If you don’t keep a dream journal yet – start – and keep track of what you remember of your dreams.

      Hope this helps!
      Allie πŸ™‚

  52. Mint

    Hey Allie, Tonight I was doing something and out of no where this dude that I used to like but got over cause he’s immature and rude just randomly popped into my head and I tried to deny the connection but I couldn’t and it’s just making me really stressed out and it’s really irritating as well considering he’s a jerk

  53. Hello I have two questions for you one is I had a freind who recently stop talking to me and she would always pop in my head and she still is even though she stopped talking and it don’t know why and I still miss talking to her and I sometimes I still feel like we are freinds sometimes even though we aren’t and I want to know how I can make it hurt less and why this is happening my other question was a new freind I have she is always on my mind and I think of her alot I don’t know why it what it means but some times I think I’m also losing or annoying her or doing something wrong that she doesn’t want to talk so if you can tell me why this is happening and how to help it out anything that would be amazing thank you so much

  54. Shaylee

    So basically. I’m a highschooler. I had this class my Sophomore year with this Freshman. I’m now a Junior and he’s a Sophomore. Well. During that class I never really thought of or about him. He kinda acted dumb at times and would make jokes and that was about the only times I’d pay attention to him. Well. Fast forward to now. Before our break (After Exams) this same guy just popped into my mind. I can’t stop thinking about him. Throughout the weekend I was confused and still thought of him. If I’m doing something like watching a video he’s still in my mind but not my first priority. Anyways. I keep trying to get a glimpse of him at school in hopes it’ll help. It hasn’t. I’ve seen things online about a spiritual connection but I don’t know if that’s the case. This all started (I believe) one day I walked into school and saw him staring at me. Ever since then I can’t get him out of my head. (Ya, I’m use to being stared at by random people, especially in the mornings while everyone is coming in as people are normally looking for their friends.) So basically. I’m just so confused. (My name on the post is different from IRL to remain a little more private.)

  55. hi Allie,
    I went to Dallas a few months ago. There was this cute guy, but he had to be a few years older than me. I was feeding the birds and he said “be careful, if you feed them to much they will start being mean.” That’s all he said and I don’t even know his name. I just remember looking at him randomly and finding him attractive. He left after that and that was all that was said. Today at work he just popped into my head. I just kept imagining things that could happen between us, but honestly we will probably never see each other again. I don’t even know if you still reply, but it’s worth a shot. Thanks!

    1. Allie

      Hi Brooklyn!

      I try to respond when I can πŸ™‚

      He was thinking of you and that’s why he popped in your head.

      Sometimes a soul within our soul circle shows up to help in some way. That’s their only purpose to meeting up with you in this life was to offer a bit of advice. Because you have a soul connection and the two of you met, exchanged energy (by him talking to you), the two of you will think of each other from time to time.

      The romantic “what might of been” is a connection (with him) from one of your past lives.

      If you ever want to jump in and talk more about soul connections or past lives, you can find my readings here:

      Take care,
      Allie πŸ™‚

  56. Red

    Hi I was reading your comments… for some months now my brother in law has been popping into my mind out of nowhere and I even have dreams about him? Can you help me out? What does it mean?

  57. Sara

    I was close friends with a male co-worker. Nothing ever became physical because we were both married to other people, but I felt/feel the strongest connection to him. About a year ago, I moved away and stopped talking to him. He appears still in my dreams, like he did when I was living near him, and his name randomly pops into my head. The dreams and the name dropping happen in waves, but when it is occurring, it happens a lot. When it is on the slower side, the dreams will stop but his name will still pop into my head, just not as much.
    Is it fair to say that he and I share a soul connection? If he is thinking about me and his name pops into my head, can the reverse happen to him when I am thinking about him?

  58. Sam

    I love that I came across this when I have been dealing with this subject! I’ve been interacting with a guy at work, the interactions are brief (about 10 minutes a day.) Only recently did things get more interesting. He made some comments that I took as flirting. I had a small crush on him that quickly went away. The day I thought I was done with it, I had a dream about him, followed by 3 more in about 10 days. Since that first dream, periodically he would just pop into my head. These would stop me in my tracks, I felt like I had been hit by a semi with thoughts of him. While these thoughts of him continue, I’ve noticed around the time he typically shows up, I notice a shift in the energy. Hes made comments about putting my stop before others knowing I’ll be there. More recently, those urged thoughts of him have fizzled out some, but now he’s just in the back of my mind. Today, I ended up on a country drive and the entire time I could only think about how much he would l have enjoyed that view. Like I said it wasn’t an urged thought, but he was there.

  59. Aria

    I hope you still respond. But I met this guy back in February 2020, and we clicked instantly. I did an awful thing and got with him knowing he had a girlfriend, and I tried to back off and be friends, but we could never do that! We were that into each other and every time I felt awful, but couldn’t be stern in saying no. Well.. we fell in love ( at least I did) and he said he loved me first, but said he wanted to keep his distance because I don’t deserve what he’s giving me. I think he cares about me, but if you loved someone, wouldn’t you want to be with them and not hesitate? His reluctance scared me because when I love, I love intensely and I don’t fall out of love easily.

    Anyways, I just felt always hurt and scared, like this was a gamble, and so I blocked him- didn’t even tell him. I felt awful after a week and unblocked him, but now I get waves of sadness thinking about him, and he’s on my mind at least twice every hour. I think about him all the time and I’m so hurt that I fear this might be it. That we will never speak again.

    I’ve tried to convince myself that it’s for the better, that I deserve better, but if I’m being honest, all I want is him. Why am I always thinking about him? Why do I get waves/rushes of sadness and then I think about him? Why would he say he loves me but then say he wants to keep his distance?

    **I’m not a bad person, I promise. I think that’s why I haven’t reached out because I know if I was his girlfriend, I’d be shattered. It’s just so strange that I believed him when he said he loved me. When we were together, I was so happy.. Just awful that I was so selfish to do that to someone else.

    1. Allie

      Hi Aria,

      Thank you for sharing your experience. You’re not a bad person. IMHO I feel you did the right thing. It takes much more than love to make a relationship work, no matter how intense the feelings are for one another. From what you described it sounds like he is a soul connection and the two of you have a soul/past life history.

      If you’d like to know more, I’d be happy to look at it with a reading. Here is a link to find out more:

      Take care,
      Allie πŸ™‚

  60. Victoria.

    I have this ex that I dated only 2 weeks because I cheated on him for no reason by being too nice to his cousin. Then we got back together for a day but then he broke up with me because he made something up about me flirting and it wasn’t true. So we been hanging out but only with my group of friends and one day I got in the car and then I was thinking of my new bf and then he randomly invades all my thoughts and ever since I just been missing him but then I remember all the crap he said to me and it hurts. What should I do? Email me please!!

  61. Amber

    So tonight on the way home my high school best friend popped up in my head randomly and nothing I seen triggered it. All of a sudden that is all I can think about and thought of him for at least 20 ish minutes. And songs were just popping that made me feel odd like not in a bad way just strange. I might add he is gay. But there had always been some different connection with us. I just found it odd that he randomly just popped up in my head and just wouldn’t go away for a little bit. We spent a lot of time together for several years before getting to where our lives just consumed us and we drifted apart. The thought of him has never been as strong as tonight though and it baffles me a little bit.

  62. Ethan Duckett

    (Before I start this, I do admit this is kinda weird, considering who I’m talking about is related to me.)

    But one day, I was hanging out with friends and family, and out of nowhere I started getting thoughts of my cousin. To this day, I’ve been working on trying to get the thought of her out of my head, and was successful for a month, then the thoughts started to come back.

    Adding that me and my female cousin have hang out before, but we only see each other once a year, so, yeah, kind of weird.

    It’s very weird to me, considering what I said earlier, (That she is related to me.)

    1. Allie

      We usually reincarnate with the same group of people especially if they are part of our soul group. But it’s in different roles each life. In one life you guys could be siblings, another married, in another life enemies, and still in another life cousins. So while it feels off to have thoughts about her popping in your head, it’s probably because of past lives together and you two were in different roles.

      If once the thought pops in you “push” it back out — eventually the thought will stop.

      Take care,
      Allie πŸ™‚

  63. sally

    Hi Allie, so, I’ve been thinking about someone for 3 months but at some point I forget him it didn’t take long so I remember him and feel I need him to be in my life. This has happened to me many times, and I can’t get him out of my mind. also we haven’t communicated with each other. Nor is he my ex-boyfriend or boyfriend. You can see he’s my teacher.

  64. Marlena

    For the past couple of weeks a past student I had during my first year of teaching kept popping in my mind. She was very special to me as she used to confide in me about her struggles with her first love. She was an 11th grader. She and I had a definite teacher-student connection
    I finally decided to research her and thought I could reconnect with her in case she needed something.
    Sadly, she passed away. I was heart broken and cried. She was too young to go. All I can think is that she wanted me to know she passed and that I could send prayers.
    Heart breaking

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