Patchouly Prosperity Magic

Patchouly Prosperity Magic

Need some fast money and you do not have the time (or want) to do an involved spell? Give this Flash Spell a try! 


  • Patchouly (herb)
  • Powered sugar
  • Dollar bill (any value)
  • Tape


  • Put the dollar bill on a flat surface.
  • As you imagine yourself getting all the money you want, sprinkle: Patchouly & powered sugar onto the center of the bill.
  • Fold the bill over the herbs, creating a small pouch.
  • Tape it shut (last thing you want is the herbs scattering about).

Carry it with you in your wallet, purse, computer, or put in the cash register.

Replace with new herbs every 3 months (you can use the same paper money)


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