Past Life Regression, Will And A Telepathic Connetion!

Past Life Regression, Will And A Telepathic Connetion!

Will has been bothering me since late last night to do a past life regression session with him. No, he didn’t actually call me up and suggest this — it was via telepathy. Started about 10:00 pm Thursday night. I was going my work and he just “popped” into my head. His blue eyes were staring at me so intently. He said then that we should do this, but I was too tired and really didn’t want it. During the night, I remember two distinct dream visits where he wanted to do a PLR right then and there. I told him that the odds of us forgetting what we discover are too great during our dreams. So he said we’d try today.

And since I opened my eyes this morning he was been right there , chatting in my ear about come on. I finally asked him if he was sure – and he said yes. I told him that I’m worried about what we might find as there has been a lot of pain associated with our pasts – hence why he sought me put in this life to make up for it. He agreed, but went on to say he thinks it is needed in order for us to take the next step.

So I finally agreed with him — and here we are. Let me grab my wand and get started….

Okay…now I have to finish crying so that I can tell you what I saw – I’ll be right back. Man that was emotional.


Okay….when I grabbed my wand the 1st thing I saw was Will waiting for me. He gave me a hug and I asked him again if he was sure. He said no – not sure, but he knows that it has to be done. There is a big black hole right on front of us and we jump into it holding hands.

I can see Will as a king or some form of royalty threatening Bill to go away and never come back or his family will die. I recognize this life as a time where I was married to a man (who I now know was Will) I didn’t want to be and I was in love with Bill. He and I were to run away together but he never showed. Now I know why. Will – I can see him try to pamper me, to make me love him, but I don’t. I see me poison myself and die. He’s beside himself.

Will again as royalty – but this time he is the one that give Ted and I the orders to get the children out of the city. This is the life where Ted, myself and the children die horrible deaths by an ambush and where my husband (in my current life) took a dislike to Bill as Bill traded sides and tried to help save us.

Another time Will took a bullet for me and I’m begging him to hold on as help is on the way – he dies in my arms.

Back during the wild west – Will is a Native American, not very old — maybe 16. And I’m a white girl, around 12 and we’re in love. I can see him and his tribe being massacred by the while man because of our love. At age 12 I did not know what happened to him, just that he and his tribe went away and never came back – or so I was told by my family. This is the life where I move forward and marry Bill – whose name is Will in this life and I befriend a Native American woman which has Bill/Will up in arms.

In a different life, no idea of time frame but I believe it to be the middle ages perhaps. Will and I are being led underground through some sort of tunnel system or maybe it is the underground catacombs in Italy or France — not sure. But we each have on a cloak, pulled up over our heads that is a rusty color. We make a turn and we’re captured. Cut to our execution and I can hear people chanting about witches. We are staring at one another and I can hear his thoughts as he says he will find me again. We tell each other that we love one another when we’re pushed into the water – our hands behind our backs, weights on our feet. We turn to look to each other through the murky water as we die.

Will is telling me that I have to get out of here- that I have to go and take some herbs to this woman who is dying. He is in a rush to have me leave, but before I am to go – he kisses me and tell me how much he loves me. He seems panicky and I want to stay. He says he has a lot to do and not to worry – but for me to go now. I know something isn’t right, but I do as he says and I take the herbs to a house where the woman is just fine. I am told that Will has been taken into custody as a witch. I can hear him tell me that the town needed someone, and he was going to protect me, so he sacrificed himself. I am put into the underground – I go into hiding.

On the day of his execution, I arrive at the place in disguise, a cloak on, I have a scarf covering my face – it’s chilly outside. He knows that I’m there and he is looking for me. They offer to blindfold him and he says no — still looking for me. He spots me and our eyes lock. I know that if I cry people will know that I am there and therefore his death would be in vain as I would die to – and our work would stop. I can hear him tell me that our work must go on – I must continue. He says that he loves me and that he will find me in the next life no matter what. I tell him how much I love him too and to please find me. They light the flames and he is burning – but he will not look away from me – nor I him – I must keep looking at him. All I want to do is to throw myself down on the fire and save him – my soul is being ripped out and I am in so much pain I can barely breath. I see the life leave his eyes and his soul leave the body as the pole and his physical self go up in flames and the crowd cheers.

I back out and go into the woods where I throw up. And then I run – and keep running and the tears are flowing so fast and so furious that I cannot breath. His eyes – they are something that I will never forget. And I brought myself out of the session – I didn’t want to know any more. I could feel his pain when he was on fire. I had to mentally cut off the telepathic bridge with him.

And to this day I know those eyes – I have never forgotten them.

Now somehow I have to pull myself together before I go to get my son in 15 min. This was certainly painful, but does explain a few things to me. I hope this means we are ready to move onto the next step. The fact that this was done on the Imbolc where it is my Goddess, Brigit’s day, does not surprise me one bit.

Will just told me that we will finish our work in this lifetime. Our time has come.

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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