Past Life Regression, Ted, Bill And Our Evolution!

Past Life Regression, Ted, Bill And Our Evolution!

I was talking to an intuitive friend of mine today, and she asked me what’s wrong with Ted’s head? She described a throbbing pain at the base of his head/top of his neck and it radiating up the left side of his head to the top. She could feel headaches, dizziness — she asked if he was drinking or what. I told her that she may be concentrating on Ted, but that’s my pain she feels. She couldn’t believe it — feeling my pain through Ted — and I said yes, this is how intertwined we are. This is what happens — something happens to one of us and the other two feel it. But — she says — I can’t feel it in Bill – only Ted. I find that really interesting — to me this means that Ted is more linked to me now — but Bill is more aware. So if Ted could up his awareness (which could be done by Bill talking to him — HINT) and Bill up’d his strength of connection which could be done via practice — then we’d all be on the same page – right?

Wouldn’t that be just @ucking amazing?

Then it dawns on me — what if Bill is that linked yet since he is aware he is able to deflect the pain? Fascinating. I know how awesome it is for me to be able to do this, but one of the guys finally picks up on it too? Wonderful — simply wonderful.

But what’s amazing right now is the amount of pain I’m in. Unreal. Who would have ever though a chair breaking could produce so much agony? Although I do believe it is not as bad as it could be because I’m not letting it get bad — I’m using positive thinking to push the pain away. It’s either this or drug me up — I hate drugs unless I REALLY have to. I’m sure that this pain is another step in my constant evolution – just like the past two years it was the really bad bronchitis – remember?

Hummm…maybe though, this one isn’t for my constant evolution but us 3 and our all over evolution.

I had some flash visions today of Ted looking into the mirror with his face severely burned. It wasn’t in this life – but a past life. His clothes reminded me of a peasant farmer. I did a short session today to try to get back to that life time. From what I could gather, he was a very handsome man who had a voice of silk (kind of like he is now in the present life) but there was a fire and it not only took away his looks and gave him facial scars, but it also damaged his vocal cords and his voice was nothing but a hoarse whisper. I was his wife and because of what happened to him – he pushed me completely away. He was bitter, hateful, self-loathing and very depressed. Bill came in and I left Ted for Bill as I couldn’t take the treatment of Ted any longer. When I reflect on what I saw and study the feelings involved, I can sense that Ted wanted me to go to Bill, that he wanted me to do better for myself. That he loved me enough to push me away. Only I wish he would have realized that I loved him enough that I wanted to stay. But everyone has a breaking point and he pushed me to mine. Of course in his loneliness grew a bitter resentment to Bill because his mind twisted things to look like this was all Bill’s fault.

I want to be a past life regressionist’s guinea pig. I really want to visit my past lives – the good and the bad, I want to dig deep and learn more about Joan of Arc, being a Star Gate princess, Cleopatra, Atlantis, Lemuria, the Atlantis Time Capsule, the 1920’s and so forth. I want someone to jump in a extract all of the information that my soul has stored. Think of the amount of knowledge that is in there? I cannot believe that I cannot find someone to help with this. I’ve been very vocal about my need for someone to regress me. Maybe what I need to do is state it in a reasonable statement:

I want to partner up with a regrssionist to extract the information from my soul’s knowledge bank and place them in a book so that others can learn from what my soul has experienced.

I know that someone knows someone who would do this — word just needs to get out.

And on that note – I am heading to bed. I’m one tired person this evening.

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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